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October 2011Adverse Selection and Incentives in an Early Retirement Program
with Kenneth T. Whelan, Kevin F. Hallock, Ronald L. Seeber: w17538
December 2009Do Trustees and Administrators Matter? Diversifying the Faculty Across Gender Lines
with George H. Jakubson, Mirinda L. Martin, Joyce B. Main, Thomas Eisenberg: w15606
August 2009Do Expenditures Other Than Instructional Expenditures Affect Graduation and Persistence Rates in American Higher Education
with Douglas A. Webber: w15216
June 2007Diffusion of Common Application Membership and Admissions Outcomes at American Colleges and Universities
with Albert Yung-Hsu Liu, Jesenka Mrdjenovic: w13175
March 2006Program Design and Student Outcomes in Graduate Education
with Jeffrey Groen, George Jakubson, Scott Condie, Albert Yung-Hsu Liu: w12064
Inside the Black Box of Doctoral Education: What Program Characteristics Influence Doctoral Students' Attrition and Graduation Probabilities?
with George Jakubson, Jeffrey Groen, Eric So, Joseph Price: w12065
June 2005Crafting A Class: The Trade Off Between Merit Scholarships and Enrolling Lower-Income Students
with Liang Zhang, Jared Levin: w11437
August 2004Do Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Matter?
with Liang Zhang: w10695
April 2003Who Bears the Growing Cost of Science at Universities?
with Michael J. Rizzo, George H. Jakubson: w9627
February 2003Resident and Nonresident Tuition and Enrollment at Flagship State Universities
with Michael J. Rizzo: w9516
August 2002Why Do School District Budget Referenda Fail?
with Randy A. Ehrenberg, Christopher L. Smith, Liang Zhang: w9088
May 2002Studying Ourselves: The Academic Labor Market
March 2002Collective Bargaining and Staff Salaries in American Colleges and Universities
with Daniel B. Klaff: w8861
February 2002Within State Transitions from 2-Year to 4-Year Public Institutions
with Christopher L. Smith: w8792
May 2001The Sources and Uses of Annual Giving at Private Research Universities
with Christopher L. Smith: w8307
September 2000Paying our Presidents: What do Trustees Value?
with John L. Cheslock, Julia Epifantseva: w7886
July 1999The Impact of US News and World Report College Rankings on Admission Outcomes and Pricing Decisions at Selective Private Institutions
with James Monks: w7227
February 1999Do Indirect Costs Matter?
with Jaroslava K. Mykula: w6976
June 1996Does It Pay To Attend An Elite Private College? Cross Cohort Evidence on the Effects of College Quality on Earnings
with Dominic J. Brewer, Eric Eide: w5613
April 1996The 1995 NRC Ratings of Doctoral Programs: A Hedonic Model
with Peter J. Hurst: w5523
June 1995Would Reducing Tenure Probabilities Increase Faculty Salaries?
with Paul J. Pieper, Rachel A. Willis: w5150
March 1994Do Teachers' Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Matter?: Evidence from NELS88
with Daniel D. Goldhaber, Dominic J. Brewer: w4669
May 1993Do Historically Black Institutions of Higher Education Confer Unique Advantages on Black Students: An Initial Analysis
with Donna S. Rothstein: w4356
March 1993Did Teachers' Race and Verbal Ability Matter in the 1960's? Coleman Revisited
with Dominic Brewer: w4293
May 1992Do Doctoral Students' Financial Support Patterns Affect Their Times-to-Degree and Completion Probabilities
with Panagiotis G. Mavros: w4070
September 1991School District Leave Policies, Teacher Absenteeism, and Student Achievement
with Randy A. Ehrenberg, Daniel I. Rees, Eric L. Ehrenberg: w2874
June 1991How Would Universities Respond to Increased Federal Support for Graduate Students?
with Daniel I. Rees, Dominic J. Brewer: w3741
January 1990Faculty Turnover at American Colleges and Universities: Analysis of AAUP Data
with Hirschel Kasper, Daniel I. Rees: w3239
August 1988Econometric Analyses of the Empirical Consequences of Comparable Worth: What Have We Learned?
June 1988Advance Notice Provisions in Plant Closing Legislation: Do They Matter?
with George H. Jakubson: w2611
Do Tournaments Have Incentive Effects?
with Michael L. Bognanno: w2638
May 1988An Economic Analysis of the Market for Law School Students
July 1987Comparable Worth in the Public Sector
with Robert S. Smith: w1471
1987Compensation and Firm Performance
with George T. Milkovich: w2145
June 1986Merit Pay for School Superintendents?
with Richard P. Chaykowski, Randy A. Ehrenberg: w1954
October 1985Employment While in College, Academic Achievement and Post-College Outcomes: A Summary of Results
with Daniel R. Sherman: w1742
Workers' Rights: Rethinking Protective Labor Legislation
1985Workers' Compensation, Wages, and the Risk of Injury
May 1984Optimal Financial Aid Policies for a Selective University
with Daniel R. Sherman: w1014
The Social Security Student Benefit Program and Family Decisions
with Rebecca A. Luzadis: w1357
October 1983Economic and Statistical Analysis of Discrimination in Hiring
with Robert S. Smith: w1222
August 1983Public Sector Labor Markets
with Joshua L. Schwarz: w1179
October 1982Cost-of-Living Adjustment Clauses in Union Contracts
with Leif Danziger, Gee San: w0998
December 1981Compliance with the Overtime Pay Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act
with Paul L. Schumann: w0815
Estimating Wage-Fringe Trade-Offs: Some Data Problems
with Robert S. Smith: w0827
November 1981Compensating Wage Differentials for Mandatory Overtime
with Paul L. Schumann: w0805
July 1981The Effect of Unions on Productivity in the Public Sector: The Case of Libraries
with Joshua L. Schwarz: w0717

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