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June 2013Economies of Scale in Nineteenth Century American Manufacturing Revisited: A Resolution of the Entrepreneurial Labor Input Problem
February 2013Technical Change and the Relative Demand for Skilled Labor: The United States in Historical Perspective
with Lawrence F. Katz: w18752
January 2011White Suburbanization and African-American Home Ownership, 1940-1980
with Leah Platt Boustan: w16702
Race and Home Ownership from the Civil War to the Present
with William J. Collins: w16665
August 2010The Economic History of the American Economic Review: A Century's Explosion of Economics Research
November 2009Agricultural Improvements and Access to Rail Transportation: The American Midwest as a Test Case, 1850-1860
with Jeremy Atack: w15520
January 2009Did Railroads Induce or Follow Economic Growth? Urbanization and Population Growth in the American Midwest, 1850-60
with Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman, Michael Haines: w14640
October 2008Railroads and the Rise of the Factory: Evidence for the United States, 1850-70
with Jeremy Atack, Michael R. Haines: w14410
October 2007Race, Segregation, and Postal Employment: New Evidence on Spatial Mismatch
with Leah Platt Boustan: w13462
July 2006Railroads and Local Economic Development: The United States in the 1850s
with Michael R. Haines: w12381
January 2006Steam Power, Establishment Size, and Labor Productivity Growth in Nineteenth Century American Manufacturing
with Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman: w11931
November 2004The Impact of the Civil War on Capital Intensity and Labor Productivity in Southern Manufacturing
with William Hutchinson: w10886
May 2004The Economic Aftermath of the 1960s Riots: Evidence from Property Values
with William J. Collins: w10493
January 2004The Labor Market Effects of the 1960s Riots
with William J. Collins: w10243
August 2003Capital Deepening in American Manufacturing, 1850-1880
with Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman: w9923
June 2003Historical Perspectives on Racial Differences in Schooling in the United States
with William J. Collins: w9770
March 2003Historical Perspectives on U.S. Economic Geography
with Sukkoo Kim: w9594
February 2002The North-South Wage Gap, Before and After the Civil War
October 2000Rising Wage Dispersion Across American Manufacturing Establishments, 1850-1880
with Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman: w7932
June 2000Race and the Value of Owner-Occupied Housing, 1940-1990
with William J. Collins: w7749
August 1999Race and Home Ownership, 1900 to 1990
with William J. Collins: w7277
October 1998Labor Market Integration Before the Civil War
July 1998Labor Market Integration Before the Civil War
June 1997Wages in California During the Gold Rush
September 1996Explaining the Rise in Antebellum Pauperism: New Evidence
with Lynne L. Kiesling: h0092
August 1996"Location, Location, Location!" The Market for Vacant Urban Land: New York 1835-1900
with Jeremy Atack: h0091
July 1996Compulsory Schooling Legislation and School Attendance in Turn-of-the-Century America: A "Natural Experiment" Approach
with T. Aldrich Finegan: h0089
December 1995Changes in the Distribution of Wages, 1940-1950: The Public vs. the Private Sector
with T. Aldrich Finegan: w5389
August 1995The Farm-Nonfarm Wage Gap in the Antebellum United States: Evidence fromthe 1850 and 1860 Censuses of Social Statistics
November 1994The Price of Housing in New York City, 1830-1860
April 1993Added and Discouraged Workers in the Late 1930s: A Re-Examination
with T. Aldrich Finegan: h0045
March 1993Explaining Black-White Wage Convergence, 1940-1950: The Role of the Great Compression
September 1992The Labor Force in the Nineteenth Century
Employment and Unemployment in the 1930s
August 1991The Great Compression: The Wage Structure in the United States at Mid- Century
with Claudia Goldin: w3817
July 1991The Labor Force Participation of Older Americans in 1900: Further Results
May 1991The Decline in Black Teenage Labor Force Participation in the South, 1900-1970: The Role of Schooling
with T. Aldrich Finegan: w3704
December 1990The Microeconomics of Depression Unemployment
Wages and Prices During the Antebellum Period: A Survey and New Evidence
October 1990Segregated Schools and the Mobility Hypothesis: A Model of Local Government Discrimination
August 1990The Competitive Dynamics of Racial Exclusion: Employment Segregation in the South, 1900-1950
December 1989Wages, Prices, and Labor Markets Before the Civil War
with Claudia Goldin: w3198
January 1988Schooling and the Great Migration
October 1987The Poor at Birth: Infant Auxology and Mortality at Philadelphia's Almshouse Hospital, 1848-1873
with Claudia D. Goldin: w2525
May 1987Accounting for Racial Differences in School Attendance in the American South, 1900: The Role of Separate-But-Equal
October 1985The Antebellum "Surge" in Skill Differentials One More Time: New Evidence
with Georgia C. Villaflor: w1758
May 1985Education Achievement in Segregated School Systems: The Effects of "Separate-But-Equal"
September 1983Accumulation of Property by Southern Blacks Before World War I: Commentand Further Evidence

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