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February 2014Effects of Prescription Drug Insurance on Hospitalization and Mortality: Evidence from Medicare Part D
with Cuiping Long, G. Caleb Alexander: w19948
June 2013The Effect of Medicaid Expansions in the Late 1980s and Early 1990s on the Labor Supply of Pregnant Women
with Dhaval M. Dave, Sandra L. Decker, Kosali Ilayperuma Simon: w19161
August 2012Do Higher Tobacco Taxes Reduce Adult Smoking? New Evidence of the Effect of Recent Cigarette Tax Increases on Adult Smoking
with Kevin Callison: w18326
July 2012Does Seeing the Doctor More Often Keep You Out of the Hospital?
with Anthony T. Lo Sasso: w18255
July 2010The Child and Adult Care Food Program: Who is Served and What are Their Nutritional Outcomes?
with Rachel A. Gordon, Sanders Korenman, Kristin Abner: w16148
June 2010Health and Health Insurance Trajectories of Mexicans in the US
with Neeraj Kaushal: w16139
May 2010Medicare Part D and its Effect on the Use of Prescription Drugs, Use of Other Health Care Services and Health of the Elderly
with Nasreen Khan: w16011
February 2010Self-Selection and International Migration: New Evidence from Mexico
with Ofer Malamud: w15765
The Business Cycle and Health Behaviors
with Xin Xu: w15737
October 2009Effects of Urban Sprawl on Obesity
with Zhenxiang Zhao: w15436
Long Term Effects of Minimum Legal Drinking Age Laws on Adult Alcohol Use and Driving Fatalities
with Benjamin Yarnoff: w15439
June 2009The Effects of Consumer-Directed Health Plans on Health Care Spending
with Anthony T. Lo Sasso, Lorens A. Helmchen: w15106
May 2009Effects of Weight on Adolescent Educational Attainment
with Michael Grossman, Benjamin Yarnoff: w14994
April 2009Adolescent Cognitive and Non-cognitive Correlates of Adult Health
December 2008Re-examining the Effects of Medicaid Expansions for Pregnant Women
with Dhaval M. Dave, Sandra Decker, Kosali I. Simon: w14591
January 2008Effects of Weight on Children's Educational Achievement
with Michael Grossman: w13764
January 2007Prescription Drug Insurance and Its Effect on Utilization and Health of the Elderly
with Nasreen Khan, Swu Jane Lin: w12848
December 2006Health Insurance and Ex Ante Moral Hazard: Evidence from Medicare
with Dhaval Dave: w12764
October 2006Methodological Issues in the Evaluation of Parental Involvement Laws: Evidence from Texas
with Silvie Colman, Theodore J. Joyce: w12608
March 2006Effects of Title IX and Sports Participation on Girls' Physical Activity and Weight
with Xin Xu: w12113
May 2005An Investigation of the Effects of Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Policies on Youth Risky Sexual Behaviors
with Sara Markowitz, Michael Grossman: w11378
December 2004An Investigation of the Effects of Alcohol Policies on Youth STDs
with Michael Grossman, Sara Markowitz: w10949
August 2004What Did the "Illegitimacy Bonus" Reward?
with Sanders Korenman, Ted Joyce, Jennifer Walper: w10699
January 2004Family Cap Provisions and Changes in Births and Abortions
with Ted Joyce, Sanders Korenman, Stanley Henshaw: w10214
October 2003Changes in the Welfare Caseload and the Health of Low-educated Mothers
with Elizabeth Tarlov: w10034
Welfare Reform and Health Insurance Coverage of Low-Income Families
with Neeraj Kaushal: w10033
June 2003The Effect of Welfare Reform on Prenatal Care and Birth Weight
with Won Chan Lee: w9769
May 2003Do Minimum Wages Affect Non-wage Job Attributes? Evidence on Fringe Benefits and Working Conditions
with Kosali Ilayperuma Simon: w9688
April 2003Alcohol Abuse and Suicide Attempts Among Youth - Correlation or Causation?
with Pinka Chatterji, Dhaval Dave, Sara Markowitz: w9638
December 2002Welfare Reform and Non-Marital Fertility in the 1990s: Evidence from Birth Records
with Theodore Joyce, Sanders Korenman: w9406
September 2002Get High and Get Stupid: The Effect of Alcohol and Marijuana Use on Teen Sexual Behavior
with Michael Grossman, Sara Markowitz: w9216
May 2002Has Welfare Reform Changed Teenage Behaviors?
with June O'Neill: w8932
Medicaid Managed Care and Infant Health: A National Evaluation
with Lisa Dubay, Genevieve Kenney: w8936
February 2002Substance Use and Suicidal Behaviors Among Young Adults
with Sara Markowitz, Pinka Chatterji, Dhaval Dave: w8810
October 2001Immigrant and Native Responses to Welfare Reform
with Neeraj Kaushal: w8541
Migration Consequences of Welfare Reform
with Neeraj Kaushal, Gregg Van Ryzin: w8560
Alcohol Taxes and Labor Market Outcomes
with Dhaval Dave: w8562
January 1999Does Publicly Provided Health Insurance Improve the Health of Low-Income Children in the United States
with Theodore Joyce, Andrew Racine: w6887
April 1998Medicaid Expansions and The Crowding Out of Private Health Insurance
with Esel Y. Yazici: w6527
February 1998Does Drug Use Cause Poverty?
April 1996Are Brothers Really Better? Sibling Sex Composition and Educational Achievement Revisited
Drug Use and AFDC Participation: Is There a Connection?
January 1996The Effect of Maternal Drug Use on Birth Weight: Measurement Error in Binary Variables
with Theodore Joyce, Hassan Wehbeh: w5434
November 1995State Reproductive Policies and Adolescent Pregnancy Resolution: The Case of Parental Involvement Laws
with Theodore Joyce: w5354
September 1995The Impact of Child Health and Family Inputs on Child Cognitive Develop-ment
with Hope Corman: w5257
February 1995The Effects of Cocaine and Marijuana Use on Marriage and Marital Stability
October 1992The Effect of Illicit Drug Use on the Labor Supply of Young Adults
September 1991The Effects of Child Health on Marital Status
with Hope Corman: w3850
December 1990The Effect of Illicit Drug Use on the Wages of Young Adults

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