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October 2004Estimating the Expected Marginal Rate of Substitution: Exploiting Idiosyncratic Risk
with Andrew K. Rose: w10805
August 2003Financial Integration: A New Methodology and an Illustration
with Andrew K. Rose: w9880
January 1998Perspectives on the Recent Currency Crisis Literature
with Nancy Marion: w6380
October 1996Speculative Attacks: Fundamentals and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
with Nancy P. Marion: w5789
October 1995Collapsing Exchange Rate Regimes: Another Linear Example
with Peter M. Garber, Charles Kramer: w5318
December 1994The Size and Timing of Devaluations in Capital-Controlled Developing Countries
with Nancy Marion: w4957
November 1994Fixes: Of The Forward Discount Puzzle
with Andrew K. Rose: w4928
September 1994Issues Concerning Nominal Anchors for Monetary Policy
with Michael Mussa: w4850
October 1993Fixing Exchange Rates: A Virtual Quest for Fundamentals
with Andrew K. Rose: w4503
November 1991Speculative Attacks and Models of Balance-of-Payments Crises
with Pierre-Richard Agenor, Jagdeep S. Bhandari: w3919
December 1990An Empirical Exploration of Exchange Rate Target-Zones
with Andrew K. Rose, Donald J. Mathieson: w3543
June 1989Risk Neutrality and the Two-Tier Foreign Exchange Market: Evidence from Belgium
with Nancy Marion: w3015
April 1989The Linkage Between Speculative Attack and Target Zone Models of Exchange Rates
with Peter M. Garber: w2918
Simple Rules, Discretion and Monetary Policy
with Peter Isard: w2934
March 1989Testable Implications of Indeterminacies in Models with Rational Expectations
with Robert J. Hodrick: w2903
December 1988Asset Prices and Time-Varying Risk
November 1988Monetary Policy Strategies
with Peter Isard: w2770
July 1986An Evaluation of Recent Evidence on Stock Market Bubbles
with Robert J. Hodrick, Paul Kaplan: w1971
June 1986Money and the Open Economy Business Cycle: A Flexible Price Model
with Robert J. Hodrick: w1967
March 1986Asset Price Volatility, Bubbles, and Process Switching
with Robert J. Hodrick: w1867
April 1985Real Aspects of Exchange Rate Regime Choice with Collapsing Fixed Rates
with Robert J. Hodrick: w1603
March 1983Optimal Price and Inventory Adjustment in an Open-Economy Model of the Business Cycle
with Robert J. Hodrick: w1089
1982Two Notes on Indeterminacy Problems
with Peter M. Garber, Louis O. Scott: w0841
June 1981A Systematic Banking Collapse in a Perfect Foresight World
with Peter M. Garber: w0691
February 1981Explanations of Exchange Rate Volatility and Other Empirical Regularities in Some Popular Models of the Foreign Exchange Market
A Model of Stochastic Process Switching
with Peter M. Garber: w0626
Process Consistency and Monetary Reform: Further Evidence and Implications
with Peter M. Garber: w0635
September 1980Gold Monetization and Gold Discipline
with Peter M. Garber: w0544
July 1980The Transmission of Disturbances under Alternative Exchange-Rate Regimeswith Optimal Indexing
with Nancy Peregrim Marion: w0500

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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