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April 2014In Search of the Armington Elasticity
with Philip A. Luck, Maurice Obstfeld, Katheryn N. Russ: w20063
January 2014Restoring the Product Variety and Pro-competitive Gains from Trade with Heterogeneous Firms and Bounded Productivity
July 2013The Next Generation of the Penn World Table
with Robert Inklaar, Marcel Timmer: w19255
August 2012International Prices and Endogenous Quality
with John Romalis: w18314
March 2012Evaluating Estimates of Materials Offshoring from U.S. Manufacturing
with J. Bradford Jensen: w17916
January 2012Contractual Versus Non-Contractual Trade: The Role of Institutions in China
with Chang Hong, Hong Ma, Barbara J. Spencer: w17728
Who Shrunk China? Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP
with Hong Ma, J. Peter Neary, D.S. Prasada Rao: w17729
April 2011Exports and Credit Constraints Under Incomplete Information: Theory and Evidence from China
with Zhiyuan Li, Miaojie Yu: w16940
August 2010Report on the State of Available Data for the Study of International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment
with Robert E. Lipsey, Lee G. Branstetter, C. Fritz Foley, James Harrigan, J. Bradford Jensen, Lori Kletzer, Catherine Mann, Peter K. Schott, Greg C. Wright: w16254
February 2010Globalization, Markups and U.S. Welfare
with David E. Weinstein: w15749
December 2009Effects of Terms of Trade Gains and Tariff Changes on the Measurement of U.S. Productivity Growth
with Benjamin R. Mandel, Marshall B. Reinsdorf, Matthew J. Slaughter: w15592
Measuring the Gains from Trade under Monopolistic Competition
February 2009Introduction to “China’s Growing Role in World Trade”
with Shang-Jin Wei: w14716
December 2007Optimal Choice of Product Scope for Multiproduct Firms under Monopolistic Competition
with Hong Ma: w13703
November 2007Pass-through of Exchange Rates and Competition Between Floaters and Fixers
with Paul R. Bergin: w13620
October 2007China's Exports and Employment
with Chang Hong: w13552
June 2007Outsourcing and Volatility
with Paul R. Bergin, Gordon H. Hanson: w13144
December 2005Contractual Versus Generic Outsourcing: The Role of Proximity
with Barbara J. Spencer: w11885
November 2005Buyer Investment, Product Variety, and Intrafirm Trade
with Yongmin Chen: w11752
January 2005World Trade Flows: 1962-2000
with Robert E. Lipsey, Haiyan Deng, Alyson C. Ma, Hengyong Mo: w11040
November 2004Estimating Real Production and Expenditures Across Nations: A Proposal for Improving the Penn World Tables
with Alan Heston, Marcel P. Timmer, Haiyan Deng: w10866
October 2004Re-Assessing the U.S. Quality Adjustment to Computer Prices: The Role of Durability and Changing Software
with Christopher R. Knittel: w10857
Export Variety and Country Productivity
with Hiau Looi Kee: w10830
January 2004Ownership and Control in Outsourcing to China: Estimating the Property-Rights Theory of the Firm
with Gordon H. Hanson: w10198
Should Exact Index Numbers Have Standard Errors? Theory and Application to Asian Growth
with Marshall B. Reinsdorf: w10197
December 2002U.S. Imports, Exports, and Tariff Data, 1989-2001
with John Romalis, Peter K. Schott: w9387
November 2002The Value of Information in International Trade: Gains to Outsourcing through Hong Kong
with Gordon H. Hanson, Songhua Lin: w9328
November 2001Technology in the Great Divergence
with Gregory Clark: w8596
July 2001Global Production Sharing and Rising Inequality: A Survey of Trade and Wages
with Gordon Hanson: w8372
March 2001High-Frequency Substitution and the Measurement of Price Indexes
with Matthew D. Shapiro: w8176
January 2001Intermediaries in Entrepot Trade: Hong Kong Re-Exports of Chinese Goods
with Gordon H. Hanson: w8088
April 1999Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in China: A Political Economy Approach
with Lee G. Branstetter: w7100
March 1999Pricing to Market, Staggered Contracts, and Real Exchange Rate Persistence
with Paul R. Bergin: w7026
November 1998Undertstanding the Home Market Effect and the Gravity Equation: The Role of Differentiating Goods
with James A. Markusen, Andrew K. Rose: w6804
June 1998The US-China Bilateral Trade Balance: Its Size and Determinants
with Wen Hai, Wing T. Woo, Shunli Yao: w6598
April 1998Staggered Price Setting and Endogenous Persistence
with Paul R. Bergin: w6492
June 1997Productivity Measurement and the Impact of Trade and Technology on Wages: Estimates for the U.S., 1972-1990
with Gordon H. Hanson: w6052
May 1997Testing Endogenous Growth in South Korea and Taiwan
with Dorsati Madani, Tzu-Han Yang, Chi-Yuan Liang: w6028
April 1997U.S. Exports, 1972-1994: With State Exports and Other U.S. Data
March 1997Putting Things in Order: Patterns of Trade Dynamics and Growth
with Andrew K. Rose: w5975
January 1997Business Groups and Trade in East Asia: Part 1, Networked Equilibria
with Deng-Shing Huang, Gary G. Hamilton: w5886
Business Groups and Trade in East Asia: Part 2, Product Variety
with Maria Yang, Gary G. Hamilton: w5887
World Trade Flows, 1970-1992, with Production and Tariff Data
with Robert E. Lipsey, Harry P. Bowen: w5910
March 1996Protectionist Threats and Foreign Direct Investment
with Bruce A. Blonigen: w5475
U.S. Imports, 1972-1994: Data and Concordances
January 1996Globalization, Outsourcing, and Wage Inequality
with Gordon H. Hanson: w5424
May 1995Foreign Investment, Outsourcing and Relative Wages
with Gordon H. Hanson: w5121
Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Wages: Evidence from Mexico's Maquiladoras
with Gordon H. Hanson: w5122
March 1995Estimating the Effects of Trade Policy
Exact Hedonic Price Indexes
August 1994Bias in U.S. Import Prices and Demand
with Clinton R. Shiells: w4841
Passthrough of Exchange Rates and Purchasing Power Parity
with Jon D. Kendall: w4842
November 1993Market Structure and International Trade: Business Groups in East Asia
with Tzu-Han Yang, Gary G. Hamilton: w4536
July 1993Market Share and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in World Automobile Trade
with Joseph E. Gagnon, Michael M. Knetter: w4399
Measuring the Welfare Effect of Quality Change: Theory and Application of Japanese Autos
July 1992Accounting for Growth With New Inputs
with James R. Markusen: w4114
September 1991Trade Adjustment Assistance and Pareto Gains From Trade
with Tracy R. Lewis: w3845
March 1991Exchange Rate Volatility and International Prices
with Jon D. Kendall: w3644
February 1991New Goods and Index Numbers: U.S. Import Prices
March 1990Trade and Uneven Growth
Distributing the Gains from Trade With Incomplete Information
with Tracy R. Lewis: w3277
February 1990Designing Policies to Open Trade
with Tracy R. Lewis, John McMillan: w3258
August 1989Distance, Demand, and Oligopoly Pricing
with James A. Levinsohn: w3076
February 1989Auctioning U.S. Import Quotas, Foreign Response, and Alternative Policies
December 1987Quality Upgrading and its Welfare Cost in U.S. Steel Imports, 1969-74
with Randi Boorstein: w2452
Symmetric Pass-Through of Tariffs and Exchange Rates Under Imperfect Competition: An Empirical Test
August 1987Negotiated Trade Restrictions with Private Political Pressure
with Tracy R. Lewis: w2374
July 1986Incentive Compatible Trade Policies
Gains from Trade in Differentiated Products: Japanese Compact Trucks

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