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December 2012Solomonic Separation: Risk Decisions as Productivity Indicators
with Nolan Miller, Alexander F. Wagner: w18634
June 2012The Returns to Education in China: Evidence from the 1986 Compulsory Education Law
with Hai Fang, Karen N. Eggleston, John A. Rizzo, Scott Rozelle: w18189
August 2011The "CAPS" Prediction System and Stock Market Returns
with Christopher Avery, Judith A. Chevalier: w17298
July 2011The Behavior of Savings and Asset Prices When Preferences and Beliefs are Heterogeneous
with Ngoc-Khanh Tran: w17199
September 2010Variable Temptations and Black Mark Reputations
with Christina Aperjis, Yali Miao: w16423
May 2010The Online Laboratory: Conducting Experiments in a Real Labor Market
with John J. Horton, David G. Rand: w15961
April 2010Jobs and Kids: Female Employment and Fertility in Rural China
with Hai Fang, Karen N. Eggleston, John A. Rizzo: w15886
August 2009The Trouble with Cases
with Frederick Schauer: w15279
July 2009Selection Stories: Understanding Movement Across Health Plans
with David M. Cutler, Bryan Lincoln: w15164
September 2008Demanding Customers: Consumerist Patients and Quality of Care
with Hai Fang, Nolan H. Miller, John A. Rizzo: w14350
Policymaking for Posterity
with Lawrence H. Summers: w14359
Simple Humans, Complex Insurance, Subtle Subsidies
with Jeffrey Liebman: w14330
February 2008Schedule Selection by Agents: from Price Plans to Tax Tables
with Erzo F.P. Luttmer: w13808
September 2007Custom Made Versus Ready to Wear Treatments; Behavioral Propensities in Physician's Choices
with Richard G. Frank: w13445
October 2006National Survey Evidence on Disasters and Relief: Risk Beliefs, Self-Interest, and Compassion
with W. Kip Viscusi: w12582
May 2006Private Investment and Government Protection
with Carolyn Kousky, Erzo F.P. Luttmer: w12255
December 2005The Perception and Valuation of the Risks of Climate Change: A Rational and Behavioral Blend
with W. Kip Viscusi: w11863
June 2005Generic Scrip Share and the Price of Brand-Name Drugs: The Role of the Consumer
with John A. Rizzo: w11431
April 2003Collective Investment Decision Making with Heterogeneous Time Preferences
with Christian Gollier: w9629
September 2002A Renaissance Instrument to Support Nonprofits: The Sale of Private Chapels in Florentine Churches
with Jonathan Katz Nelson: w9173
August 2000Enrollee Mix, Treatment Intensity, and Cost in Competing Indemnity and HMO Plans
with Daniel Altman, David M. Cutler: w7832
June 2000Controlling Stocks and Flows to Promote Quality: The Environment, With Applications to Physical and Human Capital
with Nathaniel O. Keohane, Benjamin Van Roy: w7727
September 1999Congressional Vote Options
with David C. King: w7342
June 1999The Anatomy of Health Insurance
with David M. Cutler: w7176
February 1999Can Market and Voting Institutions Generate Optimal Intergenerational Risk Sharing?
with Antonio Rangel: w6949
January 1999The Profits to Insider Trading: A Performance-Evaluation Perspective
with Leslie A. Jeng, Andrew Metrick: w6913
October 1997Horizon Length and Portfolio Risk
with Christian Gollier: t0216
September 1997Restraining the Leviathan: Property Tax Limitation in Massachusetts
with David M. Cutler, Douglas W. Elmendorf: w6196
July 1997Adverse Selection in Health Insurance
with David M. Cutler: w6107
February 1997Reinsurance for Catastrophes and Cataclysms
with David M. Cutler: w5913
August 1996Price versus Quantity: Market Clearing Mechanisms When Sellers Differ in Quality
with Andrew Metrick: w5728
September 1995Organizational Form and Insurance Company Performance: Stocks versus Mutuals
with Patricia Born, William M. Gentry, W. Kip Viscusi: w5246
February 1993Demographic Characteristics and the Public Bundle
with David M. Cutler, Douglas W. Elmendorf: w4283
July 1992Robin-Hooding Rents: Exploiting the Pecuniary Effects of In-Kind Programs
with Steve Coate, Stephen Johnson: w4125
August 1991Information Handling and Firm Performance: Evidence from Reverse LBOs
with Francois Degeorge: w3798
July 1991The Australian Pharmaceutical Subsidy Gambit: Transmuting Deadweight Loss and Oligopoly Rents to Consumer Surplus
with Mark Johnston: w3783
June 1991Nonrational Actors and Financial Market Behavior
with Jayendu Patel, Darryll Hendricks: w3731
June 1990Hot Hands in Mutual Funds: The Persistence of Performance, 1974-87
with Darryll Hendricks, Jayendu Patel: w3389
July 1987Treasury Bill Futures as Hedges Against Inflation Risk
with Jayendu Patel: w2322
December 1986Amnesty, Enforcement and Tax Policy
with Herman B. Leonard: w2096
Assessing Dynamic Efficiency: Theory and Evidence
with Andrew B. Abel, N. Gregory Mankiw, Lawrence H. Summers: w2097
March 1984Pensions and the Retirement Decision
with Barry Nalebuff: w1285
December 1980The Choice of Health Policies with Heterogeneous Populations
with Donald S. Shepard: w0612

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