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December 2015Historical Origins of a Major Killer: Cardiovascular Disease in the American South
with Garrett Senney: w21809
March 2012Engines of Growth: Farm Tractors and Twentieth-Century U.S. Economic Welfare
with William J. White: w17879
December 2010Height as a Proxy for Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Ability
with Andreas Schick: w16570
November 2010Property Rights and Financial Development: The Legacy of Japanese Colonial Institutions
with Dongwoo Yoo: w16551
December 2009Droughts, Floods and Financial Distress in the United States
with John Landon-Lane, Hugh Rockoff: w15596

Published: Droughts, Floods and Financial Distress in the United States, John Landon-Lane, Hugh Rockoff, Richard H. Steckel. in The Economics of Climate Change: Adaptations Past and Present, Libecap and Steckel. 2011

December 2008Heights and Human Welfare: Recent Developments and New Directions

Published: Steckel, Richard H., 2009. "Heights and human welfare: Recent developments and new directions," Explorations in Economic History, Elsevier, vol. 46(1), pages 1-23, January. citation courtesy of

December 2004Fluctuations in a Dreadful Childhood: Synthetic Longitudinal Height Data, Relative Prices and Weather in the Short-Term Health of American Slaves
February 2004The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Health and Nutrition in Pre-Columbian America
March 2003What Can Be Learned from Skeletons that Might Interest Economists, Historians and Other Social Scientists?

Published: Steckel, Richard H. "What Can Be Learned From Skeletons That Might Interest Economists, Historians, And Other Social Scientists?," American Economic Review, 2003, v93(2,May),213-220. citation courtesy of

October 2001Health and Nutrition in the Preindustrial Era: Insights from a Millennium of Average Heights in Northern Europe
February 2000Wealth Inequality Trends in Industrializing New England: New Evidence and Tests of Competing Hypotheses
with Carolyn M. Moehling: h0122
January 2000Childhood Mortality & Nutritional Status as Indicators of Standard of Living: Evidence from World War I Recruits in the United States
with Michael R. Haines: h0121

Published: Haines MR; Steckel RH. 2000. "Childhood mortality and nutritional status as indicators of standard of living: evidence from World War I recruits in the United States." Jahrbuch Für Wirtschaftsgeschichte. no. 1. (January 1): 43.

August 1999Industrialization and Health in Historical Perspective
December 1998The Tallest in the World: Native Americans of the Great Plains in the Nineteenth Century
with Joseph M. Prince: h0112
November 1995Long-Term Trends in Health, Welfare, and Economic Growth in the United States
with Dora L. Costa: h0076


October 1995Percentiles of Modern Height Standards for Use in Historical Research
August 1992Tall But Poor: Nutrition, Health, and Living Standards in Pre-Famine Ireland
with S. Nicolas: h0039
Wealth Mobility in America: A View from the National Longitudinal Survey
with Jayanthi Krishnan: w4137
April 1991Stature and Living Standards in the United States


December 1989Poverty and Prosperity: A Longitudinal Study of Wealth Accumulation, 1850-1860

Published: Steckel, Richard H. "Poverty And Prosperity: A Longitudinal Study Of Wealth Accumulation, 1850-1860," Review of Economics and Statistics, 1990, v72(2), 275-285.

June 1987Household Migration, Urban Growth, and Industrialization: The United States, 1850-1860

Published: Published as "Household Migration and Rural Settlement in the United States, 1850-1860", Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 26, no. 2: 190-218. (1989)

July 1985Dimensions and Determinants of Early Childhood Health and Mortality Among American Slaves

Published: "A Dreadful Childhood: The Excess Mortality of American Slaves", Social Science History, vol. 10, no. 4, pp427-465, Winter 1986.

June 1985Estimating Neonatal Mortality Rates from the Heights of Children: The Case of American Slaves

Published: Steckel, Richard H. "Birth Weights and Infant Mortality Among American Slaves." Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 23, No. 2, (April 1986), pp. 17 3-198.

1985Determinants of Slave and Crew Mortality in the Atlantic Slave Trade
with Richard A. Jensen: w1540

Published: Journal of Economic History, vol.46, no.1, pp57-77, March 1986.

May 1982Changes in American and British Stature Since the Mid-Eighteenth Century: A Prelimanary Report on the Usefulness of Data on Height...
with Robert W. Fogel, Stanley L. Engerman, Roderick Floud, James Trussell: w0890
April 1982Height and Per Capita Income

Published: Steckel, Richard H. "Height and Per Capita Income." Historical Methods, Vol. 16, No. 1, (Winter 1983), pp. 1-7.

The Economic Foundations of East-West Migration During the Nineteenth Century

Published: Steckel, Richard H. "The Economic Foundations of East-West Migration Duringthe Nineteenth Century. Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 20, (1983),pp. 14-36.

Contact and additional information for this authorAll NBER papers and publicationsNBER Working Papers onlyInformation about this author at RePEc

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