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February 2014Collaborating With People Like Me: Ethnic co-authorship within the US
with Wei Huang: w19905
January 2014Why and Wherefore of Increased Scientific Collaboration
with Ina Ganguli, Raviv Murciano-Goroff: w19819
October 2013Failing the Test? The Flexible U.S. Job Market in the Great Recession
August 2013One Ring to Rule Them All? Globalization of Knowledge and Knowledge Creation
July 2013How Does China's New Labor Contract Law Affect Floating Workers?
with Xiaoying Li: w19254
January 2012Does Linking Worker Pay to Firm Performance Help the Best Firms Do Even Better?
with Douglas L. Kruse, Joseph R. Blasi: w17745
Adjusting to Really Big Changes: The Labor Market in China, 1989-2009
with Wei Chi, Hongbin Li: w17721
August 2010To Join or Not to Join? Factors Influencing Employee Share Plan Membership in a Multinational Corporation
with Alex Bryson: w16292
Variation in Educational Outcomes and Policies across Countries and of Schools within Countries
with Stephen Machin, Martina Viarengo: w16293
May 2009What Does Global Expansion of Higher Education Mean for the US?
March 2009Labor Regulations, Unions, and Social Protection in Developing Countries: Market distortions or Efficient Institutions?
August 2008Complementarity of Shared Compensation and Decision-Making Systems: Evidence from the American Labor Market
with Arindrajit Dube: w14272
with Douglas Kruse, Joseph Blasi: w14227
Creating a Bigger Pie? The Effects of Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing, and Stock Options on Workplace Performance
with Joseph R. Blasi, Chris Mackin, Douglas L. Kruse: w14230
Do Workers Gain by Sharing? Employee Outcomes under Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing, and Broad-based Stock Options
with Douglas Kruse, Joseph Blasi: w14233
How Does Shared Capitalism Affect Economic Performance in the UK?
with Alex Bryson: w14235
May 2008Searching for Optimal Inequality/Incentives
with Anders Björklund: w14014
March 2008Helping Workers Online and Offline: Innovations in Union and Worker Organization Using the Internet
with M. Marit Rehavi: w13850
July 2007The Same Yet Different: Worker Reports on Labour Practices and Outcomes in a Single Firm Across Countries
with Douglas Kruse, Joseph Blasi: w13233
Labor Market Institutions Around the World
January 2007Adoption and Termination of Employee Involvement Programs
with Wei Chi, Morris M. Kleiner: w12878
October 2006Optimal Inequality/Optimal Incentives: Evidence from a Tournament
September 2006Is A Great Labor Shortage Coming? Replacement Demand in the Global Economy
June 2006Searching for the EU Social Dialogue Model
Worker Needs and Voice in the US and the UK
with Alex Bryson: w12310
People Flows in Globalization
March 2006Learning from Other Economies: The Unique Institutional and Policy Experiments Down Under
November 2005Why Don't More Puerto Rican Men Work? The Rich Uncle (Sam) Hypothesis
with Maria Enchautegui: w11751
September 2005Supporting "The Best and Brightest" in Science and Engineering: NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
with Tanwin Chang, Hanley Chiang: w11623
The 2004 Global Labor Survey: Workplace Institutions and Practices Around the World
with Davin Chor: w11598
July 2005Does Globalization of the Scientific/Engineering Workforce Threaten U.S. Economic Leadership?
June 2005What Do Unions Do?: The 2004 M-Brane Stringtwister Edition
May 2005Labour Market Institutions Without Blinders: The Debate over Flexibility and Labour Market Performance
From the Webbs to the Web: The Contribution of the Internet to Reviving Union Fortunes
June 2004Where Do New US-Trained Science-Engineering PhDs come from?
with Emily Jin, Chia-Yu Shen: w10554
December 2003Motivating Employee-Owners in ESOP Firms: Human Resource Policies and Company Performance
with Douglas Kruse, Joseph Blasi, Robert Buchele, Adria Scharf: w10177
October 2003Trade Wars: The Exaggerated Impact of Trade in Economic Debate
September 2003What Do Unions Do ... to Voting?
Can a Work Organization Have an Attitude Problem? The Impact of Workplaces on Employee Attitudes and Economic Outcomes
with Ann Bartel, Casey Ichniowski, Morris M. Kleiner: w9987
August 2003What, Me Vote?
October 2002The Labour Market in the New Information Economy
February 2002Marketization of Production and the US-Europe Employment Gap
with Ronald Schettkat: w8797
What Have Two Decades of British Economic Reform Delivered?
with David Card: w8801
September 2001Will Unionism Prosper in Cyber-Space? The Promise of the Internet for Employee Organization
with Wayne J. Diamond: w8483
August 2001Shared Modes of Compensation and Firm Performance: UK Evidence
with Martin J. Conyon: w8448
March 2001The Rising Tide Lifts...?
February 2001Does Inequality in Skills Explain Inequality in Earnings Across Advanced Countries?
with Dan Devroye: w8140
January 2001White Hats or Don Quixotes? Human Rights Vigilantes in the Global Economy
with Kimberly Ann Elliott: w8102
December 2000The Anatomy of Employee Involvement and Its Effects on Firms and Workers
with Morris M. Kleiner, Cheri Ostroff: w8050
The Incentive for Working Hard: Explaining Hours Worked Differences in the U.S. and Germany
with Linda A. Bell: w8051
Wages Around the World: Pay Across Occupations and Countries
with Remco Oostendorp: w8058
June 2000The US Economic Model at Y2K: Lodestar for Advanced Capitalism?
March 2000Skill Compression, Wage Differentials and Employment: Germany vs. the US
with Ronald Schettkat: w7610
Low Wage Services: Interpreting the US - German Difference
with Ronald Schettkat: w7611
February 2000Single Peaked Vs. Diversified Capitalism: The Relation Between Economic Institutions and Outcomes
January 2000The Role of Wage and Skill Differences in US-German Employment Differences
with Ronald Schettkat: w7474
April 1999Area Economic Conditions and the Labor Market Outcomes of Young Men in the 1990s Expansion
with William M. Rodgers III: w7073
February 1999Why Not Africa?
with David L. Lindauer: w6942
October 1998The Last American Shoe Manufacturers: Changing the Method of Pay to Survive Foreign Competition
with Morris M. Kleiner: w6750
July 1998Dunning Delinquent Dads: The Effects of Child Support Enforcement on Child Support Receipt by Never Married Women
with Jane Waldfogel: w6664
April 1997Spurts in Union Growth: Defining Moments and Social Processes
February 1996Why Do So Many Young American Men Commit Crimes and What Might We Do About It?
Searching for the Effect of Immigration on the Labor Market
with George J. Borjas, Lawrence F. Katz: w5454
January 1996Working for Nothing: The Supply of Volunteer Labor
Relational Investing: The Worker's Perspective
with Edward P. Lazear: w5436
December 1994Generating Equality and Eliminating Poverty, The Swedish Way
with Anders Bjorklund: w4945
November 1994An Economic Analysis of Works Councils
with Edward P. Lazear: w4918
October 1994Crime and the Job Market
July 1994Do Unions Make Enterprises Insolvent?
with Morris M. Kleiner: w4797
Why Do Americans and Germans Work Different Hours?
with Linda Bell: w4808
May 1994The Legacy of Communist Labor Relations
with David G. Blanchflower: w4740
September 1993Getting Together and Breaking Apart: The Decline of Centralised Collective Bargaining
with Robert Gibbons: w4464
June 1993Did the Thatcher Reforms Change British Labour Performance?
with David G. Blanchflower: w4384
April 1993Evaluating the Connection Between Social Protection and Economic Flexib ility
with Rebecca M. Blank: w4338
November 1992What Directions for Labor Market Institutions in Eastern and Central Europe?
January 1992The Fall in Private Pension Coverage in the U.S.
with David E. Bloom: w3973
November 1991Changes in Earnings Differentials in the 1980s: Concordance, Convergence, Causes, and Consequences
with McKinley L. Blackburn, David E. Bloom: w3901
October 1991Crime and the Employment of Disadvantaged Youths
September 1991Skill Differentials in Canada in an Era of Rising Labor Market Inequality
with Karen Needels: w3827
August 1991How Much Has De-Unionisation Contributed to the Rise in Male Earnings Inequality?
July 1991What Went Wrong? The Erosion of Relative Earnings and Employment Among Young Black Men in the 1980s
with John Bound: w3778
June 1991Minimum Wages in Puerto Rico: Textbook Case of a Wage Floor?
with Alida Castillo Freeman: w3759
On the Labor Market Effects of Immigration and Trade
with George J. Borjas, Lawrence F. Katz: w3761
September 1990Employment and Earnings of Disadvantaged Young Men in a Labor Shortage Economy
August 1990Jobfinding and Wages when Longrun Unemployment is Really Long: The Case of Spain
with Alfonso Alba-Ramirez: w3409
April 1990The Internationalization of the U.S. Labor Market
with John M. Abowd: w3321
Going Different Ways: Unionism in the U.S. and Other Advanced O.E.C.D. Countries
with David G. Blanchflower: w3342
November 1989The Impact of Industrial Relations Legislation on British Union Density
with Jeffrey Pelletier: w3167
The Declining Economic Position of Less-Skilled American Males
with McKinley L. Blackburn, David E. Bloom: w3186
May 1989Crumbling Pillar? Declining Union Density in Japan
with Marcus E. Rebick: w2963
1989On the Divergence in Unionism among Developed Countries
December 1988Employer Behavior in the Face of Union Organizing Drives
with Morris M. Kleiner: w2805
April 1988Labor Market Institutions, Constraints, and Performance
Evaluating the European View that the US has No Unemployment Problem
The Impact Of New Unionization On Wages And Working Conditions: A Longitudinal Study Of Establishments Under NLRB Elections
with Morris M. Kleiner: w2563
November 1987Economic Development and the Timing and Components of Population Growth
with David E. Bloom: w2448
October 1987Contraction and Expansion: The Divergence of Private Sector and Public Sector Unionism in tht U.S.
June 1987The Effect of Public Sector Labor laws on Collective Bargaining, Wages, and Employment
with Robert G. Valletta: w2284
September 1986Permanent Homelessness in America?
with Brian Hall: w2013
April 1986Bonuses and Employment in Japan
with Martin L. Weitzman: w1878
February 1986The "Youth Problem": Age or Generational Crowding?
with David E. Bloom: w1829
Population Growth, Labor Supply, and Employment in Developing Countries
with David E. Bloom: w1837
October 1985The Effect of the Union Wage Differential on Management Opposition and Union Organizing Success
June 1985Union Maids: Unions and the Female Workforce
with Jonathan S. Leonard: w1652
How do Public Sector Wages and Employment Respond to Economic Conditions
Who Escapes? The Relation of Church-Going & Other Background Factors to the Socio-Economic Performance of Blk. Male Yths. from Inner-City Pvrty Tracts
April 1985Does a Flexible Industry Wage Structure Increase Employment?: The U.S. Experience
with Linda A. Bell: w1604
March 1985Collective Bargaining Laws and Threat Effects of Unionism in the Determination of Police Compenstation
with Casey Ichniowski, Harrison Lauer: w1578
September 1984Unionism Comes to the Public Sector
December 1983Trade Unions and Productivity: Some New Evidence on an Old Issue
with James L. Medoff: w1249
November 1983Unions, Pensions, and Union Pension Funds
September 1983Longitudinal Analyses of the Effects of Trade Unions
July 1983Unionism, Price-Cost Margins, and the Return to Capital
December 1982Elasticities of Demand for Educated Labor and Elasticities of Supply of Educated Labor
November 1982Crime and the Labor Market
August 1982The Youth Labor Market Problem: Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences
with David A. Wise: r0308
July 1982Economic Determinants of Geographic and Individual Variation in the Labor Market Position of Young Persons
Why Does the Rate of Youth Labor Force Activity Differ Across Surveys?
with James L. Medoff: r0276
The Youth Labor Market Problem in the United States: An Overview
with James L. Medoff: r0277
Public Policy and Employment Discrimination in the U.S.
April 1982What! Another Minimum Wage Study?
with Mary Eccles: w0878
1982The Impact of Collective Bargaining: Can the New Facts Be Explained by Monopoly Unionism?
with James L. Medoff: w0837
December 1981Troubled Workers in the Labor Market
The Changing Economic Value of Higher Education in Developed Economies: A Report to the O.E.C.D.
September 1981Career Patterns of College Graduates in a Declining Job Market
Have Black Labor Market Gains Post-1964 Been Permanent or Transitory?
Union Wage Practices and Wage Dispersion within Establishments
Low-Cost Student Labor: The Use and Effects of the Subminimum Wage Provisions for Full-time Students
with Wayne B. Gray, Casey Ichniowski: w0765
August 1981The Impact of Collective Bargaining: Illusion or Reality?
with James L. Medoff: w0735
June 1981Implications of the Changing U.S. Labor Market for Higher Education
November 1980The Exit-Voice Tradeoff in the Labor Market: Unionism, Job Tenure, Quits
September 1980Le Syndicalisme a Deux Visages
with James L. Medoff: r0088
February 1980The Evolution of the American Labor Market 1948-1980
October 1979The Effect of Unionism on Worker Attachment to Firms
June 1979The Two Faces of Unionism
with James L. Medoff: w0364
Why is There A Youth Labor Market Problem?
February 1979An Empirical Analysis of the Fixed Coefficient 'Manpower Requirements' Model, 1960-1970
The Effect of Demographic Factors on Age-Earnings Profiles
1979How Elastic is The Demand for Labor?
with Kim B. Clark: w0309
December 1978The Percent Organized Wage (POW) Relationship for Union and for NonunionWorkers
with James L. Medoff: w0305
November 1978Should We Organize? Effects of Faculty Unionism on Academic Compensation
October 1978Unionism and the Dispersion of Wages
Black Economic Progress after 1964: Who Has Gained and Why?
The Effect of Trade Unionism on Fringe Benefits
September 1978A Fixed Effect Logit Model of the Impact Of Unionism on Quits
August 1978New Estimates of the Industrial Locus of Unionism in the United States
with James L. Medoff: w0273
1978Job Satisfaction as an Economic Variable

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