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May 2014Dominated Choices and Medicare Advantage Enrollment
with Christopher Afendulis, Anna Sinaiko: w20181
November 2013Enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plans in Miami-Dade County: Evidence of Status Quo Bias?
with Anna D. Sinaiko, Christopher C. Afendulis: w19639
October 2013The Regulation of Prescription Drug Competition and Market Responses: Patterns in Prices and Sales Following Loss of Exclusivity
with Murray L. Aitken, Ernst R. Berndt, Barry Bosworth, Iain M. Cockburn, Michael Kleinrock, Bradley T. Shapiro: w19487
April 2010Mental Health Treatment and Criminal Justice Outcomes
with Thomas G. McGuire: w15858
September 2009The Effect of Maternal Depression and Substance Abuse on Child Human Capital Development
with Ellen Meara: w15314
April 2009Can You Get What You Pay For? Pay-For-Performance and the Quality of Healthcare Providers
with Kathleen J. Mullen, Meredith B. Rosenthal: w14886
February 2008Choice, Price Competition and Complexity in Markets for Health Insurance
with Karine Lamiraud: w13817
September 2007Custom Made Versus Ready to Wear Treatments; Behavioral Propensities in Physician's Choices
with Richard J. Zeckhauser: w13445
October 2006Cost-Offsets of New Medications for Treatment of Schizophrenia
with Thomas G. McGuire, Sharon-Lise Normand: w12643
August 2006Welfare Reform, Work Requirements, and Employment Barriers
with Ellen Meara: w12480
May 2006Early Retirement and Public Disability Insurance Applications: Exploring the Impact of Depression
with Rena M. Conti, Ernst R. Berndt: w12237
August 2005Real Output in Mental Health Care During the 1990s
with Ernst R. Berndt, Alisa B. Busch, Sharon-Lise Normand: w11557
November 2004Behavioral Economics and Health Economics
October 2003Quality-Constant Price Indexes for the Ongoing Treatment of Schizophrenia: An Exploratory Study
with Ernst R. Berndt, Alisa B. Busch: w10022
July 2000The Medical Treatment of Depression, 1991-1996: Productive Inefficiency, Expected Outcome Variations, and Price Indexes
with Ernst R. Berndt, Anupa Bir, Susan H. Busch, Sharon-Lise T. Normand: w7816
June 2000How Good a Deal Was the Tobacco Settlement?: Assessing Payments to Massachusetts
with David M. Cutler, Arnold M. Epstein, Raymond Hartman, Charles King III, Joseph P. Newhouse, Meredith B. Rosenthal, Elizabeth Richardson Vigdor: w7747
March 1999Economics and Mental Health
with Thomas G. McGuire: w7052
December 1998Parity for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care Under Managed Care
with Thomas G. McGuire: w6838
Measuring Adverse Selection in Managed Health Care
with Jacob Glazer, Thomas G. McGuire: w6825
November 1998Price Indexes for Acute Phase Treatment of Depression
with Ernst R. Berndt, Susan H. Busch: w6799
Price Indexes for Medical Care Goods and Services: An Overview of Measurement Issues
with Ernst R. Berndt, David M. Cutler, Zvi Griliches, Joseph P. Newhouse: w6817
February 1998Price Indexes for the Treatment of Depression
with Ernst R. Berndt, Susan H. Busch: w6417
October 1997Impact of a Managed Behavioral Health Care Carve-Out: A Case Study of One HMO
with Anne E. Brisson, Elizabeth S. Notman, Julie A. Gazmararian: w6242
April 1997The Impact of Psychiatric Disorders on Labor Market Outcomes
with Susan L. Ettner, Ronald C. Kessler: w5989
November 1996Alternate Insurance Arrangements and the Treatment of Depression: What Are the Facts?
with Ernst R. Berndt, Thomas G. McGuire: w5813
October 1995"Generic Entry and the Pricing of Pharmaceuticals"
with David S. Salkever: w5306
September 1995Economic Issues in Vaccine Purchase Arrangements
with David S. Salkever: w5248
December 1991Organizational Failure and Government Transfers: Evidence From an Experiment in the Financing of Mental Health Care
with Martin Gaynor: w3923
August 1991Pricing, Patent Loss and the Market For Pharmaceuticals
with David S. Salkever: w3803
May 1991Incentives, Optimality, and Publicly Provided Goods: The Case of Mental Health Services
with Martin Gaynor: w3700
February 1991Updated Estimates of the Impact of Prenatal Care on Birthweight Outcomes by Race
with Donna Strobino, David S. Salkever, Catherine A. Jackson: w3624
December 1989Poverty Programs, Initiation Of Prenatal Care And The Rate Of Low Birthweight Births
with Donna Strobino, David S. Salkever, Catherine Jackson: w3215
October 1989Market Forces and the Public Good: Competition Among Hospitals and Provision of Indigent Care
with David S. Salkever, Jean Mitchell: w3136
October 1988Altruism, Rivalry and Crowding-Out in the Nonprofit Firm's Supply of Charity Services: The Case of Hospitals
with David S. Salkever: w2753
November 1987The Effect of Mental Distress on Income: Results from a Community Survey
with Paul J. Gertler: w2433
April 1987Economic Rents Derived from Hospital Privileges in the Market for Podiatric Services
with Jonathan P. Weiner, Donald M. Steinwachs, David S. Salkever: w2207
September 1986The Impact of Medicare's Prospective Payment System on Psychiatric Patients Treated in Scatterbeds
with Judith R. Lave, Carl A. Taube, Agnes Rupp, Howard H. Goldman: w2030
December 1984Pricing and Location of Physician Services in Mental Health

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