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September 2013Exporting Liquidity: Branch Banking and Financial Integration
with Erik Gilje, Elena Loutskina: w19403
July 2011Are All Ratings Created Equal? The Impact of Issuer Size on the Pricing of Mortgage-backed Securities
with Jie (Jack) He, Jun 'QJ' Qian: w17238
September 2009Hedge Funds as Liquidity Providers: Evidence from the Lehman Bankruptcy
with George O. Aragon: w15336
April 2009Do Regulations Based on Credit Ratings Affect a Firm's Cost of Capital?
with Darren J. Kisgen: w14890
February 2008Liquidity Production in 21st Century Banking
Liquidity Risk and Syndicate Structure
with Evan Gatev: w13802
May 2006Managing Bank Liquidity Risk: How Deposit-Loan Synergies Vary with Market Conditions
with Evan Gatev, Til Schuermann: w12234
January 2006Securitization and the Declining Impact of Bank Finance on Loan Supply: Evidence from Mortgage Acceptance Rates
with Elena Loutskina: w11983
January 2005How Law and Institutions Shape Financial Contracts: The Case of Bank Loans
with Jun Qian: w11052
December 2004How do Banks Manage Liquidity Risk? Evidence from Equity and Deposit Markets in the Fall of 1998
with Evan Gatev, Til Schuermann: w10982
October 2004Finance as a Barrier to Entry: Bank Competition and Industry Structure in Local U.S. Markets
with Nicola Cetorelli, Philip E. Strahan: w10832
September 2003Banks' Advantage in Hedging Liquidity Risk: Theory and Evidence from the Commercial Paper Market
with Evan Gatev: w9956
May 2003Bank Integration and State Business Cycles
with Donald Morgan, Bertrand Rime: w9704
Foreign Bank Entry and Business Volatility: Evidence from U.S. States and Other Countries
with Donald Morgan: w9710
December 2001Throwing Good Money After Bad? Board Connections and Conflicts in Bank Lending
with Randall S. Kroszner: w8694
March 2000Obstacles to Optimal Policy: The Interplay of Politics and Economics in Shaping Bank Supervision and Regulation Reforms
with Randall S. Kroszner: w7582
August 1999Bankers on Boards: Monitoring, Conflicts of Interest, and Lender Liability
with Randall S. Kroszner: w7319
January 1999What Will Technology Do to Financial Structure?
with Fredric S. Mishkin: w6892
July 1998What Drives Deregulation? Economics and Politics of the Relaxation of Bank Branching Restrictions
with Randall S. Kroszner: w6637

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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