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August 2013Leaving Boys Behind: Gender Disparities in High Academic Achievement
with Nicole M. Fortin, Shelley Phipps: w19331
May 2013Making College Worth It: A Review of Research on the Returns to Higher Education
with Uros Petronijevic: w19053
November 2012Information and College Access: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
with Ryan Dunn: w18551
September 2011A Community College Instructor Like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom
with Robert Fairlie, Florian Hoffmann: w17381
December 2010When Opportunity Knocks, Who Answers? New Evidence on College Achievement Awards
with Joshua Angrist, Tyler Williams: w16643
September 2009The Role of Simplification and Information in College Decisions: Results from the H&R Block FAFSA Experiment
with Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Terry Long, Lisa Sanbonmatsu: w15361
How large are returns to schooling? Hint: Money isn't everything
with Kjell G. Salvanes: w15339
June 2009Why Do Skilled Immigrants Struggle in the Labor Market? A Field Experiment with Six Thousand Resumes
August 2008Ability, Gender, and Performance Standards: Evidence from Academic Probation
with Jason M. Lindo, Nicholas J. Sanders: w14261
June 2007A Professor Like Me: The Influence of Instructor Gender on College Achievement
with Florian Hoffman: w13182
December 2006Lead Them to Water and Pay Them to Drink: An Experiment with Services and Incentives for College Achievement
with Joshua Angrist, Daniel Lang: w12790
October 2006Professor Qualities and Student Achievement
with Florian Hoffmann: w12596
April 2006The Short- and Long-Term Career Effects of Graduating in a Recession: Hysteresis and Heterogeneity in the Market for College Graduates
with Till von Wachter, Andrew Heisz: w12159
February 2006Short, Medium, and Long Term Consequences of Poor Infant Health: An Analysis using Siblings and Twins
with Mark Stabile, Randy Walld, Leslie Roos: w11998
August 2005The Intergenerational Effect of Worker Displacement
with Marianne Page, Ann Huff Stevens: w11587
December 2003Does Human Capital Transfer from Parent to Child? The Intergenerational Effects of Compulsory Schooling
with Marianne E. Page, Ann Huff Stevens: w10164
Do Dropouts Drop Out Too Soon? International Evidence From Changes in School-Leaving Laws
March 2003Does Education Improve Citizenship? Evidence from the U.S. and the U.K.
with Kevin Milligan, Enrico Moretti: w9584
March 1999Generational Accounting and Immigration in the United States
with Alan J. Auerbach: w7041

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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