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May 2014Reconciling Hayek's and Keynes Views of Recessions
with Dana Galizia, Franck Portier: w20101
September 2013News Driven Business Cycles: Insights and Challenges
with Franck Portier: w19411
June 2013Spatial Equilibrium with Unemployment and Wage Bargaining: Theory and Estimation
with David A. Green, Benjamin M. Sand: w19118
March 2013The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks
with David A. Green, Benjamin M. Sand: w18901
June 2012Do Male-Female Wage Di fferentials Reflect Diff erences in the Return to Skill? Cross-City Evidence From 1980-2000
with Ethan Lewis: w18159
December 2011Do Mood Swings Drive Business Cycles and is it Rational?
with Deokwoo Nam, Jian Wang: w17651
August 2011A Gains from Trade Perspective on Macroeconomic Fluctuations
with Franck Portier: w17291
February 2010How Much Is Employment Increased by Cutting Labor Costs? Estimating the Elasticity of Job Creation
with David A. Green, Benjamin M. Sand: w15790
June 2009Risk Allocation, Debt Fueled Expansion and Financial Crisis
with Amartya Lahiri: w15110
May 2009Letting Different Views about Business Cycles Compete
with Bernd Lucke: w14950
October 2007The Economics of Inefficient Technology Use
with Patrick Francois: w13500
April 2007Spill-Overs from Good Jobs
with David A. Green, Benjamin Sand: w13006
November 2006Gold Rush Fever in Business Cycles
with Fabrice Collard, Franck Portier: w12710
September 2006Endogenous Skill Bias in Technology Adoption: City-Level Evidence from the IT Revolution
with Mark Doms, Ethan Lewis: w12521
August 2005The "News" View of Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from Aggregate Japanese Data and Sectoral U.S. Data
with Franck Portier: w11496
July 2005Managerial Skill Acquisition and the Theory of Economic Development
with Patrick Francois: w11451
September 2004When Can Changes in Expectations Cause Business Cycle Fluctuations in Neo-Classical Settings?
with Franck Portier: w10776
June 2004Globalization, Returns to Accumulationa and the World Distribution of Output
with Fabrice Collard: w10565
Stock Prices, News and Economic Fluctuations
with Franck Portier: w10548
September 2002Decomposing the Twin-peaks in the World Distribution of Output-per-worker
with Fabrice Collard, David A. Green: w9240
February 2002Changes in U.S. Wages 1976-2000: Ongoing Skill Bias or Major Technological Change?
with David A. Green: w8787
January 2002Why has the Employment-Productivity Tradeoff among Industrialized Countries been so strong?
with Fabrice Collard: w8754
March 2001Population Growth, Technological Adoption and Economic Outcomes: A Theory of Cross-Country Differences for the Information Era
with David Green: w8149
May 2000The Changing Structure of Wages in the US and Germany: What Explains the Differences?
with David Green: w7697
December 1998What is Driving US and Canadian Wages: Exogenous Technical Change or Endogenous Choice of Technique?
with David Green: w6853
January 1998Taxes and Employment Subsidies in Optimal Redistribution Programs
with Charles Blackorby: w6355
August 1997Cohort Patterns in Canadian Earnings: Assessing the Role of Skill Premia in Inequality Trends
with David Green: w6132

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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