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December 2003International Lending of Last Resort and Moral Hazard: A Model of IMF's Catalytic Finance
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Bernardo Guimaraes: w10125
December 2001The Role of Industrial Country Policies in Emerging Market Crises
with Jeffrey A. Frankel: w8634
May 2001The Role of Large Players in Currency Crises
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti: w8303
January 1999Competitive Devaluations: A Welfare-Based Approach
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti, Cedric Tille: w6889
December 1998What Caused the Asian Currency and Financial Crisis? Part I: A Macroeconomic Overview
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti: w6833
What Caused the Asian Currency and Financial Crisis? Part II: The Policy Debate
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti: w6834
November 1998Paper Tigers? A Model of the Asian Crisis
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti: w6783
March 1998Current Account Sustainability in Transition Economies
with Paul Wachtel: w6468
December 1996Optimal Government Spending and Taxation in Endgenous Growth Models
with Giancarlo Corsetti: w5851
October 1995Liquidity Models in Open Economies: Theory and Empirical Evidence
with Vittorio Grilli: w5313
Growth Effects of Income and Consumption Taxes: Positive and Normative Analysis
with Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett: w5317
October 1994Taxation and Endogenous Growth in Open Economies
with Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett: w4881
Optimal Taxation of Human and Physical Capital in Endogenous Capital Models
with Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett: w4882
September 1992Political Instability and Economic Growth
with Alberto Alesina, Sule Ozler, Phillip Swagel: w4173
May 1992A Growth Model of Inflation, Tax Evasion, and Financial Repression
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w4062
October 1991Financial Repression and Economic Growth
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w3876
September 1991Macroeconomic Policy and Elections in OECD Democracies
with Alberto Alesina, Gerald D. Cohen: w3830
May 1991Financial Intermediation and Monetary Policies in the World Economy
with Vittorio Grilli: t0104
March 1991Fiscal Deficits, Public Debt and Government Solvency: Evidence from OECD Countries
with Giancarlo Corsetti: w3658
December 1990Exchange Rate Volatility in Integrating Capital Markets
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Vittorio Grilli: w3570
October 1990Political Cycles in OECD Economies
with Alberto Alesina: w3478
August 1989Financial Integration, Liquidity and Exchange Rates
with Vittorio Grilli: w3088
July 1989Leadership and Cooperation in the European Monetary System: A Simulation Approach
April 1989Government Spending and Budget Deficits in the Industrial Economies
with Jeffrey Sachs: w2919
November 1988Current Account and Budget Deficits in an Intertemporal Model of Consumption and Taxation Smoothing. A Solution to the "Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle"?
Offset and Sterilization Under Fixed Exchange Rates With An Optimizing Central Bank
August 1988Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the IndustrialDemocracies
with Jeffrey Sachs: w2682
August 1987Sources of Macroeconomic Imbalances in the World Economy: A Simulation Approach
with Jeffrey D. Sachs: w2339
April 1987Dynamic Optimization in Two-Party Models
with Warwick J. McKibbin, Jeffrey Sachs: w2213

Contact and additional information for this authorAll publicationsWorking Papers only


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