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March 2014Trapped Factors and China's Impact on Global Growth
with Paul M. Romer, Stephen J. Terry, John Van Reenen: w19951
January 2014Why Has U.S. Policy Uncertainty Risen Since 1960?
with Scott R. Baker, Brandice Canes-Wrone, Steven J. Davis, Jonathan A. Rodden: w19826
December 2013Fluctuations in Uncertainty
September 2013Does Uncertainty Reduce Growth? Using Disasters as Natural Experiments
with Scott R. Baker: w19475
April 2013Innovation, Reallocation and Growth
with Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, William R. Kerr: w18993
March 2013Does Working from Home Work? Evidence from a Chinese Experiment
with James Liang, John Roberts, Zhichun Jenny Ying: w18871
February 2013Incomplete Contracts and the Internal Organization of Firms
with Philippe Aghion, John Van Reenen: w18842
July 2012Really Uncertain Business Cycles
with Max Floetotto, Nir Jaimovich, Itay Saporta-Eksten, Stephen J. Terry: w18245
February 2012Management Practices Across Firms and Countries
with Christos Genakos, Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen: w17850
July 2011The Land that Lean Manufacturing Forgot? Management Practices in Transition Countries
with Helena Schweiger, John Van Reenen: w17231
January 2011Trade Induced Technical Change? The Impact of Chinese Imports on Innovation, IT and Productivity
with Mirko Draca, John Van Reenen: w16717
Does Management Matter? Evidence from India
with Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie, John Roberts: w16658
May 2010The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals
with Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler, John Van Reenen: w16032
Human Resource Management and Productivity
with John Van Reenen: w16019
July 2009The organization of firms across countries
with Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen: w15129
May 2009The distinct effects of Information Technology and Communication Technology on firm organization
with Luis Garicano, Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen: w14975
October 2008Modern Management: Good for the Environment or just Hot Air?
with Christos Genakos, Ralf Martin, Raffaella Sadun: w14394
September 2007The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks
May 2007Americans Do I.T. Better: US Multinationals and the Productivity Miracle
with Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen: w13085
April 2007Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry
with Mark Schankerman, John Van Reenen: w13060
January 2007Uncertainty and the Dynamics of R&D
July 2006Uncertainty and Investment Dynamics
with John Van Reenen, Stephen Bond: w12383
May 2006Measuring and Explaining Management Practices Across Firms and Countries
with John Van Reenen: w12216
October 2002Competition and Innovation: An Inverted U Relationship
with Philippe Aghion, Richard Blundell, Rachel Griffith, Peter Howitt: w9269

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