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February 2014Relaxing Occupational Licensing Requirements: Analyzing Wages and Prices for a Medical Service
with Allison Marier, Kyoung Won Park, Coady Wing: w19906
May 2013Wage Effects of Unionization and Occupational Licensing Coverage in the United States
with Maury Gittleman: w19061
December 2010Evaluating the Effectiveness of National Labor Relations Act Remedies: Analysis and Comparison with Other Workplace Penalty Policies
with David Weil: w16626
November 2010Battles Among Licensed Occupations: Analyzing Government Regulations on Labor Market Outcomes for Dentists and Hygienists
with Kyoung Won Park: w16560
Analyzing Compensation Methods in Manufacturing: Piece Rates, Time Rates, or Gain-Sharing?
with Susan Helper, Yingchun Wang: w16540
May 2009Analyzing the Extent and Influence of Occupational Licensing on the Labor Market
with Alan B. Krueger: w14979
September 2008The Prevalence and Effects of Occupational Licensing
with Alan B. Krueger: w14308
December 2007Mortgage Broker Regulations That Matter: Analyzing Earnings, Employment, and Outcomes for Consumers
with Richard M. Todd: w13684
April 2007International Differences in Lean Production, Productivity and Employee Attitudes
with Susan Helper: w13015
January 2007Adoption and Termination of Employee Involvement Programs
with Wei Chi, Richard B. Freeman: w12878
September 2003Can a Work Organization Have an Attitude Problem? The Impact of Workplaces on Employee Attitudes and Economic Outcomes
with Ann Bartel, Richard Freeman, Casey Ichniowski: w9987
January 2002Do Industrial Relations Institutions Impact Economic Outcomes?: International and U.S. State-Level Evidence
with Hwikwon Ham: w8729
December 2000The Anatomy of Employee Involvement and Its Effects on Firms and Workers
with Richard B. Freeman, Cheri Ostroff: w8050
November 1999Do Industrial Relations Affect Plant Performance?: The Case of Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing
with Jonathan S. Leonard, Adam M. Pilarski: w7414
October 1998The Last American Shoe Manufacturers: Changing the Method of Pay to Survive Foreign Competition
with Richard B. Freeman: w6750
January 1997Does Regulation Affect Economic Outcomes?: The Case of Dentistry
with Robert T. Kudrle: w5869
July 1994Do Unions Make Enterprises Insolvent?
with Richard B. Freeman: w4797
February 1992Do Tougher Licensing Provisions Limit Occupational Entry? The Case of Dentistry
with Robert T. Kudrle: w3984
November 1990Employer Behavior in the Face of Union Organizing Drives
with Richard B. Freeman: w2805
May 1990The Impact Of New Unionization On Wages And Working Conditions: A Longitudinal Study Of Establishments Under NLRB Elections
with Richard B. Freeman: w2563

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