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March 2013When Is Prevention More Profitable than Cure? The Impact of Time-Varying Consumer Heterogeneity
with Christopher M. Snyder: w18862
March 2012School Governance, Teacher Incentives, and Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Primary Schools
with Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas: w17939
April 2011Education as Liberation?
with Willa Friedman, Edward Miguel, Rebecca Thornton: w16939
August 2009Spring Cleaning: Rural Water Impacts, Valuation and Property Rights Institutions
with Jessica Leino, Edward Miguel, Alix Peterson Zwane: w15280
July 2009Nudging Farmers to Use Fertilizer: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Kenya
with Esther Duflo, Jonathan Robinson: w15131
November 2008Peer Effects, Teacher Incentives, and the Impact of Tracking: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Kenya
with Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas: w14475
October 2007Mosquitoes: The Long-term Effects of Malaria Eradication in India
with David Cutler, Winnie Fung, Monica Singhal, Tom Vogl: w13539
August 2007Many Children Left Behind? Textbooks and Test Scores in Kenya
with Paul Glewwe, Sylvie Moulin: w13300
March 2007What Works in Fighting Diarrheal Diseases in Developing Countries? A Critical Review
December 2006Using Randomization in Development Economics Research: A Toolkit
with Esther Duflo, Rachel Glennerster: t0333
February 2006Economic Transformation, Population Growth and the Long-Run World Income Distribution
with Marcos Chamon: w12038
May 2005Advanced Purchase Commitments for a Malaria Vaccine: Estimating Costs and Effectiveness
with Ernst R. Berndt, Rachel Glennerster, Jean Lee, Ruth Levine, Georg Weizsacker, Heidi Williams: w11288
December 2004Incentives to Learn
with Edward Miguel, Rebecca Thornton: w10971
August 2004Long-Term Consequences of Secondary School Vouchers: Evidence from Administrative Records in Colombia
with Joshua Angrist, Eric Bettinger: w10713
February 2004The Illusion of Sustainability
with Edward Miguel: w10324
July 2003Peer Effects and Alcohol Use Among College Students
with Dan M. Levy: w9876
Why Are Drugs More Profitable Than Vaccines?
with Christopher M. Snyder: w9833
June 2003Incentives in Markets, Firms and Governments
with Daron Acemoglu, Atif Mian: w9802
May 2003Teacher Incentives
with Paul Glewwe, Nauman Ilias: w9671
May 2002Odious Debt
with Seema Jayachandran: w8953
September 2001Worms: Education and Health Externalities in Kenya
with Edward Miguel: w8481
June 2001Vouchers for Private Schooling in Colombia: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment
with Joshua Angrist, Eric Bettinger, Erik Bloom, Elizabeth King: w8343
April 2001Searching for Prosperity
with Alexei Onatski, James Stock: w8250
A Biological Model of Unions
with Benjamin A. Olken: w8257
November 2000Retrospective vs. Prospective Analyses of School Inputs: The Case of Flip Charts in Kenya
with Paul Glewwe, Sylvie Moulin, Eric Zitzewitz: w8018
September 2000Outside Funding of Community Organizations: Benefiting or Displacing the Poor?
with Mary Kay Gugerty: w7896
May 2000Creating Markets for New Vaccines Part I: Rationale
Creating Markets for New Vaccines Part II: Design Issues
March 2000Globalization and International Public Finance
with Paras Mehta: w7575
February 2000Income-distribution Dynamics with Endogenous Fertility
with Daniel Chen: w7530
December 1997Patent Buy-Outs: A Mechanism for Encouraging Innovation
September 1997Does Favorable Tax-Treatment of Housing Reduce Equipment Investment?
with Ben Broadbent: w6161
July 1997Why are Worker Cooperatives So Rare?
August 1996Wage Inequality and Segregation by Skill
with Eric Maskin: w5718
July 1996Elephants
with Charles Morcom: w5674
May 1996How Much Does Sorting Increase Inequality?
January 1996Integrating Behavioral Choice into Epidemiological Models of the AIDS Epidemic
December 1994Can Having Fewer Partners Increase Prevalence of Aids?
August 1994Young Workers, Old Workers, and Convergence
with Jim Thomson: w4827
September 1993Good Policy or Good Luck? Country Growth Performance and Temporary Shocks
with William Easterly, Lant Pritchett, Lawrence H. Summers: w4474

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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