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April 2012Stock Price Expectations and Stock Trading
with Susann Rohwedder: w17973
Measuring Total Household Spending in a Monthly Internet Survey: Evidence from the American Life Panel
with Susann Rohwedder: w17974
July 2011Economic Preparation for Retirement
with Susann Rohwedder: w17203
October 2010Stock Market Expectations of Dutch Households
with Maarten van Rooij, Joachim Winter: w16464
September 2010Effects of the Financial Crisis and Great Recession on American Households
with Susann Rohwedder: w16407
April 2008The Retirement Consumption Puzzle: Actual Spending Change in Panel Data
with Susann Rohwedder: w13929
November 2006Economic Well-Being at Older Ages: Income- and Consumption-Based Poverty Measures in the HRS
with Susann Rohwedder: w12680
February 2006Some Answers to the Retirement-Consumption Puzzle
with Susann Rohwedder: w12057
November 2004Increases in Wealth among the Elderly in the Early 1990s: How Much is Due to Survey Design?
with Susann Rohwedder, Steven J. Haider: w10862
September 2004Subjective Mortality Risk and Bequests
with Li Gan, Guan Gong, Daniel McFadden: w10789
May 2004Models for Anchoring and Acquiescence Bias in Consumption Data
with Arthur van Soest: w10461
A Test for Anchoring and Yea-Saying in Experimental Consumption Data
with Arthur van Soest: w10462
August 2003Healthy, Wealthy, and Knowing Where to Live: Predicted Trajectories of Health, Wealth and Living Arrangements Among the Oldest Old
with Florian Heiss, Axel Borsch-Supan: w9897
March 2003The Retirement-Consumption Puzzle: Anticipated and Actual Declines in Spending at Retirement
with Susann Rohwedder: w9586
February 2003Individual Subjective Survival Curves
with Li Gan, Daniel McFadden: w9480
September 2002The Effects of Subjective Survival on Retirement and Social Security Claiming
with James P. Smith, Julie M. Zissimopoulos: w9140
Expected Bequests and Their Distribution
with James P. Smith: w9142
December 1999Predictors of Mortality Among the Elderly
with Daniel McFadden, Angela Merrill: w7440
October 1999Anticipated and Actual Bequests
with James P. Smith: w7380
March 1999Mortality Risk and Consumption by Couples
February 1998Anchoring Effects in the HRS: Experimental and Nonexperimental Evidence
September 1997The Predictive Validity of Subjective Probabilities of Survival
with Kathleen McGarry: w6193
December 1993The Relationship Between Job Characteristics and Retirement
with Kathleen McGarry: w4558
Evaluation of Subjective Probability Distributions in the HRS
with Kathleen McGarry: w4560
The Effects of Demographic Trends on Consumption, Saving and Government Expenditures in the U.S.
September 1993The Effect of Labor Market Rigidities on the Labor Force Behavior of Older Workers
September 1991Changing Social Security Survivorship Benefits and the Poverty of Widows
with David A. Wise: w3843
October 1990Wealth Depletion and Life Cycle Consumption by the Elderly
June 1989Issues and Results from Research on the Elderly I: Economic Status (Part I of III Parts)
December 1988The Joint Retirement Decision of Husbands and Wives
October 1987The Marginal Value of Social Security
The Importance of Gifts and Inheritances Among the Affluent
with B. Gabriela Mundaca: w2415
July 1987The Wealth and Poverty of Widows: Assets Before and After the Husband's Death
with David A. Wise: w2325
The Poverty of Widows: Future Prospects
February 1986Inflation Vulnerability, Income, and Wealth of the Elderly, 1969-1979
with John B. Shoven: r0680
1986Savings and Bequests
June 1983The Distributional Impact of Social Security
with John B. Shoven: w1155
July 1982Are Inflation Rates Different for the Elderly?
with Michael J. Boskin: w0943
June 1982The Economic Status of the Elderly
with John B. Shoven: w0914
April 1981The Effect of Social Security on Retirement in the Early 1970s
with Michael J. Boskin: w0659
1978Estimating the Family Labor Supply Functions Derived from the Stone-Geary Utility Function
September 1977The Effect of Social Security on Early Retirement
with Michael J. Boskin: w0204

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