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December 2000Generalized Solow-Neutral Technical Progress and Postwar Economic Growth
with Lawrence J. Lau: w8023
December 1990Post-War Economic Growth in the Group-of-Five Countries: A New Analysis
with Lawrence J. Lau: w3521
June 1988An Analysis of Postwar U.S. Consumption and Saving: Part I -- The Model and Aggregation
with Lawrence J. Lau: w2605
An Analysis of U.S. Postwar Consumption and Saving: Part II -- Empirical Results
with Lawrence J. Lau: w2606
Issues in the Measurement and Interpretation of Saving and Wealth
1988New Results on the Effects of Tax Policy on the International Location of Investment
with William G. Gale: w1862
August 1987Concepts and Measures of Federal Deficits and Debt and Their Impact on Economic Activity
Government Saving, Capital Formation and Wealth in the United States, 1947-1985
with Marc S. Robinson, Alan M. Huber: w2352
July 1987Concepts and Measures of Earnings Replacement During Retirement
with John B. Shoven: w1360
Social Security: A Financial Appraisal Across and Within Generations
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Douglas J. Puffert, John B. Shoven: w1891
May 1987Future Social Security Financing Alternatives and National Saving
April 1987The Financial Impact of Social Security by Cohort Under Alternative Financing Assumptions
with Douglas J. Puffert: w2225
1987Social Security and the American Family
with Douglas J. Puffert: w2117
New Estimates of State and Local Government Tangible Capital and Net Investment
with Marc S. Robinson, Alan M. Huber: w2131
May 1986New Estimates of the Value of Federal Mineral Rights and Land
with Marc S. Robinson, Terrance O'Reilly, Praveen Kumar: w1447
Poverty Among the Elderly: Where are the Holes in the Safety Net?
with John B. Shoven: w1923
April 1986Pubic Debt and U.S. Saving: A New Test of the Neutrality Hypothesis
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w1646
February 1986Are Inflation Rates Different for the Elderly?
with Michael D. Hurd: w0943
December 1985New Estimates of Federal Government Tangible Capital and Net Investment
with Marc S. Robinson, John M. Roberts: w1774
November 1985Changes in the Age Distribution of Income in the United States, 1968-1984
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Michael Knetter: w1766
February 1985The Effect of Social Security on Retirement in the Early 1970s
with Michael D. Hurd: w0659
March 1984Optimal Tax Treatment of the Family: Married Couples
with Eytan Sheshinski: w0368
October 1983Modeling Alternative Solutions to the Long-Run Social Security Funding Problem
with Marcy Avrin, Kenneth Cone: w0583
1980The Effect of Social Security on Early Retirement
with Michael D. Hurd: w0204
December 1977Taxation and Aggregate Factor Supply: Preliminary Estimates
with Lawrence J. Lau: w0221
October 1976Some Lessons from the New Public Finance
with Joseph E. Stiglitz: w0151
Optimal Tax Theory: Econometric Evidence and Tax Policy
August 1976Optimal Income Redistribution When Individual Welfare Depends Upon Relative Income
with Eytan Sheshinski: w0144
April 1976Taxation, Saving and the Rate of Interest
November 1975Notes on the Tax Treatment of Human Capital
October 1975Social Security and Retirement Decisions

Contact and additional information for this authorAll publicationsWorking Papers only


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