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March 2014Using Social Media to Measure Labor Market Flows
with Dolan Antenucci, Michael Cafarella, Margaret Levenstein, Christopher RĂ©: w20010
February 2013Forecasting the Recovery from the Great Recession: Is This Time Different?
with Kathryn M.E. Dominguez: w18751
July 2010Check in the Mail or More in the Paycheck: Does the Effectiveness of Fiscal Stimulus Depend on How It Is Delivered?
with Claudia R. Sahm, Joel Slemrod: w16246
October 2009Household Response to the 2008 Tax Rebate: Survey Evidence and Aggregate Implications
with Claudia R. Sahm, Joel B. Slemrod: w15421
June 2009Stepping Off the Wage Escalator: The Effects of Wage Growth on Equilibrium Employment
with Michael W. L. Elsby: w15117
February 2009Did the 2008 Tax Rebates Stimulate Spending?
with Joel B. Slemrod: w14753
Risk Preferences in the PSID: Individual Imputations and Family Covariation
with Miles S. Kimball, Claudia R. Sahm: w14754
July 2008Labor Supply: Are the Income and Substitution Effects Both Large or Both Small?
with Miles S. Kimball: w14208
August 2007Imputing Risk Tolerance from Survey Responses
with Miles S. Kimball, Claudia R. Sahm: w13337
September 2006Temporary Investment Tax Incentives: Theory with Evidence from Bonus Depreciation
with Christopher House: w12514
June 2006Monetary Policy When Potential Output is Uncertain: Understanding the Growth Gamble of the 1990s
with Yuriy Gorodnichenko: w12268
October 2004Why Do Computers Depreciate?
with Michael J. Geske, Valerie A. Ramey: w10831
April 2004Phased-In Tax Cuts and Economic Activity
with Christopher L. House: w10415
November 2002Did the 2001 Tax Rebate Stimulate Spending? Evidence from Taxpayer Surveys
with Joel Slemrod: w9308
December 2001Consumer Response to Tax Rebates
with Joel Slemrod: w8672
July 2001Productivity Growth in the 1990s: Technology, Utilization, or Adjustment?
with Susanto Basu, John G. Fernald: w8359
March 2001High-Frequency Substitution and the Measurement of Price Indexes
with Robert C. Feenstra: w8176
April 1999Costly Capital Reallocation and the Effects of Government Spending
with Valerie A. Ramey: w6283
February 1999Quality Improvement in Health Care: A Framework for Price and Output Measurement
with Irving Shapiro, David W. Wilcox: w6971
October 1998Displaced Capital
with Valerie A. Ramey: w6775
May 1997Macroeconomic Implications of Variation in the Workweek of Capital
March 1997Alternative Strategies for Aggregating Prices in the CPI
with David W. Wilcox: w5980
May 1996Generating Non-Standard Multivariate Distributions with an Application to Mismeasurement in the CPI
with David W. Wilcox: t0196
Mismeasurement in the Consumer Price Index: An Evaluation
with David W. Wilcox: w5590
August 1995Preference Parameters and Behavioral Heterogeneity: An Experimental Approach in the Health and Retirement Survey
with Robert B. Barsky, Miles S. Kimball, F. Thomas Juster: w5213
April 1993Federal Reserve Policy: Cause and Effect
Consumer Response to the Timing of Income: Evidence from a Change in Tax Withholding
with Joel Slemrod: w4344
September 1990Fundamental Value and Market Value
with William C. Brainard, John B. Shoven: w3452
December 1989Assessing the Federal Reserve's Measures of Capacity and Utilization
October 1989Stock Market Forecastability and Volatility: A Statistical Appraisal
with N. Gregory Mankiw, David H. Romer: w3154
July 1988The Stabilization of the U.S. Economy Evidence From the Stock Market
May 1988Sources of Business Cycle Fluctuations
with Mark W. Watson: w2589
April 1987Measuring Market Power in U.S. Industry
February 1987Risk and Return: Consumption versus Market Beta
with N. Gregory Mankiw: w1399
Are Cyclical Fluctuations in Productivity Due More to Supply Shocks or Demand Shocks?
1987Supply Shocks in Macroeconomics
December 1986Forecasting the Depression: Harvard Versus Yale
with Ray C. Fair, Kathryn M. Dominguez: w2095
October 1986Investment, Output, adn the Cost of Capital
June 1986News or Noise? An Analysis of GNP Revisions
with N. Gregory Mankiw: w1939
April 1986The Dynamic Demand for Capital and Labor
Capital Utilization and Capital Accumulation: Theory and Evidence
October 1985Do We Reject Too Often? Small Sample Properties of Tests of Rational Expectations Models
with N. Gregory Mankiw: t0051

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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