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January 2014The Industrial Organization of Health Care Markets
with Kate Ho, Robert Town: w19800
November 2012Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
with Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler: w18574
November 2011Can Governments Do It Better? Merger Mania and Hospital Outcomes in the English NHS
with Mauro Laudicella, Carol Propper: w17608
July 2011Competition in Health Care Markets
with Robert J. Town: w17208
January 2011A Structural Approach to Market Definition With an Application to the Hospital Industry
with Samuel A. Kleiner, William B. Vogt: w16656
July 2010Death by Market Power: Reform, Competition and Patient Outcomes in the National Health Service
with Rodrigo Moreno-Serra, Carol Propper: w16164
June 2010The Effect of Hospital Nurse Staffing on Patient Health Outcomes: Evidence from California's Minimum Staffing Regulation
with Andrew Cook, Melvin Stephens, Jr., Lowell Taylor: w16077
July 2009A Bargain at Twice the Price? California Hospital Prices in the New Millennium
with Yaa Akosa Antwi, William B. Vogt: w15134
December 2006Is Drug Coverage a Free Lunch? Cross-Price Elasticities and the Design of Prescription Drug Benefits
with Jian Li, William B. Vogt: w12758
June 2006What Do We Know About Competition and Quality in Health Care Markets?
October 2005Does the Profit Motive Make Jack Nimble? Ownership Form and the Evolution of the U.S. Hospital Industry
with Sujoy Chakravarty, Steven Klepper, William B. Vogt: w11705
Entry and Competition in Local Hospital Markets
with Jean M. Abraham, William B. Vogt: w11649
February 2003Competition Among Hospitals
with William B. Vogt: w9471
September 2002Household Demand for Employer-Based Health Insurance
with Jean Marie Abraham, William B. Vogt: w9144
October 2001Incentives in HMOs
with James B. Rebitzer, Lowell J. Taylor: w8522
October 1999Enter at Your Own Risk: HMO Participation and Enrollment in the MedicareRisk Market
with Jean Abraham, Ashish Arora, Douglas Wholey: w7385
May 1999Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets
with William B. Vogt: w7112
December 1998Are Invisible Hands Good Hands? Moral Hazard, Competition, and the Second Best in Health Care Markets
with Deborah Haas-Wilson, William B. Vogt: w6865
August 1998Change, Consolidation, and Competition in Health Care Markets
with Deborah Haas-Wilson: w6701
March 1997The Sociology of Groups and the Economics of Incentives: Theory and Evidence on Compensation Systems
with William E. Encinosa III, James B. Rebitzer: w5953
April 1994Issues in the Industrial Organization of the Market for Physician Services
September 1993Uncertain Demand, The Structure of Hospital Costs, and the Cost of EmptyHospital Beds
with Gerard F. Anderson: w4460
December 1991Organizational Failure and Government Transfers: Evidence From an Experiment in the Financing of Mental Health Care
with Richard G. Frank: w3923
October 1991Hospital Costs and the Cost of Empty Hospital Beds
with Gerard F. Anderson: w3872
May 1991Incentives, Optimality, and Publicly Provided Goods: The Case of Mental Health Services
with Richard Frank: w3700
September 1990Measuring Ignorance in the Market: A New Method with an Application to Physician Services
with Solomon Polachek: w3430
June 1990Moral Hazard in Partnerships
with Paul Gertler: w3373
May 1987Misperceptions, Moral Hazard, and Incentives in Groups
February 1987Alternative Compensation Arrangements and Productive Efficiency in Partnerships: Evidence from Medical Group Practice
with Mark Pauly: w2170
March 1986Internal Non-Price Competition, Pricing, and Incentive Systems in the Cooperative Service Firm: The Case of US Medical Group Practice

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