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June 2014"Sticker Shock" in Individual Insurance under Health Reform
with Scott Harrington, Adam Leive: w20223
April 2013Social Impact Bonds in Nonprofit Health Care: New Product or New Package?
with Ashley Swanson: w18991
October 2012Cost Effectiveness Analysis and the Design of Cost-Sharing in Insurance: Solving a Puzzle
June 2008Is There a Market for Voluntary Health Insurance in Developing Countries?
with Fredric E. Blavin, Sudha Meghan: w14095
May 2007End-stage Renal Disease and Economic Incentives: The International Study of Health Care Organization and Financing
with Avi Dor, Margaret A. Eichleay, Philip J. Held: w13125
April 2007Value Based Cost Sharing Meets the Theory of Moral Hazard: Medical Effectiveness in Insurance Benefits Design
with Fredric E. Blavin: w13044
August 2006Rules Rather Than Discretion: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
with Howard Kunreuther: w12503
The Effect of State Community Rating Regulations on Premiums and Coverage in the Individual Health Insurance Market
with Bradley Herring: w12504
October 2005Health Risk, Income, and Employment-Based Health Insurance
with M. Kate Bundorf, Bradley Herring: w11677
July 2004Measuring the Effects of Workloss on Productivity With Team Production
with Sean Nicholson, Daniel Polsky, Claire Sharda, Helena Szrek: w10632
May 2004Death Spiral or Euthanasia? The Demise of Generous Group Health Insurance Coverage
with Olivia Mitchell, Yuhui Zeng: w10464
August 2003Price Elasticity of Demand for Term Life Insurance and Adverse Selection
with Kate H. Withers, Krupa Subramanian-Viswana, Jean Lemaire, John C. Hershey: w9925
Adverse Selection and the Challenges to Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Insurance
with Yuhui Zeng: w9919
Incentive-Compatible Guaranteed Renewable Health Insurance
with Bradley Herring: w9888
October 2002Health Insurance on the Internet and the Economics of Search
with Bradley Herring, David Song: w9299
Is Health Insurance Affordable for the Uninsured?
with M. Kate Bundorf: w9281
September 2001Tax Credits, the Distribution of Subsidized Health Insurance Premiums, and the Uninsured
with Bradley Herring, David Song: w8457
February 1987Alternative Compensation Arrangements and Productive Efficiency in Partnerships: Evidence from Medical Group Practice
with Martin Gaynor: w2170
February 1975The Role of Physicians in the Production of Hospital Output
with Mark A. Satterthwaite: w0073

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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