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September 2012The Effects of Reconstruction Finance Corporation Assistance on Michigan’s Banks’ Survival in the 1930s
with Charles W. Calomiris, Joseph R. Mason, Katherine Bobroff: w18427
June 2011Irving Fisher and Price-Level Targeting in Austria: Was Silver the Answer?
with Richard C.K. Burdekin, Kris James Mitchener: w17123
January 2010Searching for Irving Fisher
with Kris James Mitchener: w15670
October 2009Are Hard Pegs Ever Credible in Emerging Markets? Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard
with Kris James Mitchener: w15401
July 2009Why did Countries Adopt the Gold Standard? Lessons from Japan
with Kris James Mitchener, Masato Shizume: w15195
October 2008Can a Lender of Last Resort Stabilize Financial Markets? Lessons from the Founding of the Fed
with Asaf Bernstein, Eric Hughson: w14422
Is Sugar Sweeter at the Pump? The Macroeconomic Impact of Brazil's Alternative Energy Program
with Joseph H. Davis, Roger Aliaga-Diaz: w14362
January 2008Trade and Empire
with Kris James Mitchener: w13765
November 2007Victory or Repudiation? The Probability of the Southern Confederacy Winning the Civil War
with Kim Oosterlinck: w13567
September 2007The Baring Crisis and the Great Latin American Meltdown of the 1890s
with Kris James Mitchener: w13403
June 2006Competing With the NYSE
with William O. Brown, Jr., J. Harold Mulherin: w12343
Currency Mismatches, Default Risk, and Exchange Rate Depreciation: Evidence from the End of Bimetallism
with Michael D. Bordo, Christopher M. Meissner: w12299
July 2005Supersanctions and Sovereign Debt Repayment
with Kris James Mitchener: w11472
May 2005Volatility in an Era of Reduced Uncertainty: Lessons from Pax Britannica
with William O. Brown, Richard C. K. Burdekin: w11319
December 2004Gunboats, Reputation, and Sovereign Repayment: Lessons from the Southern Confederacy
Covered Interest Arbitrage: Then vs. Now
with Ted Juhl, William Miles: w10961
September 2004Empire, Public Goods, and the Roosevelt Corollary
with Kris James Mitchener: w10729
September 2002Suppressing Asset Price Inflation: The Confederate Experience, 1861-1865
with Richard C.K. Burdekin: w9230
Crises in the Global Economy from Tulips to Today: Contagion and Consequences
with Larry Neal: w9147
Real Shock, Monetary Aftershock: The San Francisco Earthquake and the Panic of 1907
with Kerry A. Odell: w9176

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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