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June 2014Defacto and Deeded Intellectual Property: Knowledge-Driven Co-Evolution of Firm Collaboration Boundaries and IPR Strategy
with Michael R. Darby: w20249
September 2011Communitywide Database Designs for Tracking Innovation Impact: COMETS, STARS and Nanobank
with Michael R. Darby, Jason Fong: w17404
October 2007Star Scientists, Innovation and Regional and National Immigration
with Michael R. Darby: w13547
November 2006Minerva Unbound: Knowledge Stocks, Knowledge Flows and New Knowledge Production
with Michael R. Darby, Jonathan Furner, Robert C. Liu, Hongyan Ma: w12669
April 2006Movement of Star Scientists and Engineers and High-Tech Firm Entry
with Michael R. Darby: w12172
March 2006Innovation, Competition and Welfare-Enhancing Monopoly
with Michael R. Darby: w12094
March 2005Socio-economic Impact of Nanoscale Science: Initial Results and NanoBank
with Michael R. Darby: w11181
July 2003Grilichesian Breakthroughs: Inventions of Methods of Inventing and Firm Entry in Nanotechnology
with Michael R. Darby: w9825
June 2003Measuring Success of Advanced Technology Program Participation Using Archival Data
with Michael R. Darby: w9780
January 2003Universities, Joint Ventures, and Success in the Advanced Technology Program
with Michael R. Darby, Andrew Wang: w9463
May 2002Going Public When You Can in Biotechnology
with Michael R. Darby: w8954
Growing by Leaps and Inches: Creative Destruction, Real Cost Reduction, and Inching Up
with Michael R. Darby: w8947
October 2001Commercializing Knowledge: University Science, Knowledge Capture, and Firm Performance in Biotechnology
with Michael R. Darby, Jeff S. Armstrong: w8499
July 1999Local Academic Science Driving Organizational Change: The Adoption of Biotechnology by Japanese Firms
with Michael R. Darby: w7248
June 1999Stakes and Stars: The Effect of Intellectual Human Capital on the Level and Variability of High-Tech Firms' Market Values
with Michael R. Darby, Qiao Liu: w7201
February 1998Fundamentals or Population Dynamics and the Geographic Distribution of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises, 1976-1989
with Michael R. Darby, Yusheng Peng: w6414
January 1998Capturing Technological Opportunity via Japan's Star Scientists: Evidence from Japanese Firms' Biotech Patents and Products
with Michael R. Darby: w6360
September 1997Chinese Rural Industrial Productivity and Urban Spillovers
with Yusheng Peng, Michael R. Darby: w6202
May 1997Labor Mobility from Academe to Commerce
with Michael R. Darby, Maximo Torero: w6050
October 1996Star Scientists, Institutions, and the Entry of Japanese Biotechnology Enterprises
with Michael R. Darby: w5795
May 1996Costly Information in Firm Transformation, Exit, or Persistent Failure
with Michael R. Darby: w5577
December 1995Social Construction of Trust to Protect Ideas and Data in Space Science and Geophysics
with Michael R. Darby: w5373
November 1995Virtuous Circles of Productivity: Star Bioscientists and the Institutional Transformation of Industry
with Michael R. Darby: w5342
October 1995Social Networks, Learning, and Flexibility: Sourcing Scientific Knowledge in New Biotechnology Firms
with Julia Porter Liebeskind, Amalya Lumerman Oliver, Marilynn B. Brewer: w5320
August 1995Present at the Revolution: Transformation of Technical Identity for a Large Incumbent Pharmaceutical Firm After the Biotechnological Breakthrough
with Michael R. Darby: w5243
July 1995Collaboration Structure and Information Dilemmas in Biotechnology: Organizational Boundaries as Trust Production
with Michael R. Darby, Marilynn B. Brewer, Yusheng Peng: w5199
December 1994Intellectual Capital and the Firm: The Technology of Geographically Localized Knowledge Spillovers
with Michael R. Darby, Jeff Armstrong: w4946
February 1994Intellectual Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises
with Michael R. Darby, Marilynn B. Brewer: w4653

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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