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July 2014International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Lessons from Across Countries
with Claudia M. Buch: w20286
Liquidity Risk and U.S. Bank Lending at Home and Abroad
with Ricardo Correa, Tara Rice: w20285
October 2013Time Variation in Asset Price Responses to Macro Announcements
with Christian Grisse: w19523
Banking Globalization, Transmission, and Monetary Policy Autonomy
April 2013A Bargaining Theory of Trade Invoicing and Pricing
with Cédric Tille: w18985
February 2012Follow the Money: Quantifying Domestic Effects of Foreign Bank Shocks in the Great Recession
with Nicola Cetorelli: w17873
August 2011Liquidity management of U.S. global banks: Internal capital markets in the great recession
with Nicola Cetorelli: w17355
May 2010Global Banks and International Shock Transmission: Evidence from the Crisis
with Nicola Cetorelli: w15974
February 2010Central Bank Dollar Swap Lines and Overseas Dollar Funding Costs
with Craig Kennedy, Jason Miu: w15763
November 2009Micro, Macro, and Strategic Forces in International Trade Invoicing
with Cédric Tille: w15470
June 2008Banking Globalization, Monetary Transmission, and the Lending Channel
with Nicola Cetorelli: w14101
February 2008Macroeconomic Interdependence and the International Role of the Dollar
with Cédric Tille: w13820
October 2006Pass Through of Exchange Rates to Consumption Prices: What has Changed and Why?
with Jose Manuel Campa: w12547
August 2006The International Role of the Dollar and Trade Balance Adjustment
with Cédric Tille: w12495
March 2006Distribution Margins, Imported Inputs, and the Sensitivity of the CPI to Exchange Rates
with José Manuel Campa: w12121
November 2005Establishing Credibility: Evolving Perceptions of the European Central Bank
with Michael W. Klein: w11792
October 2005Trade Invoicing in the Accession Countries: Are They Suited to the Euro?
September 2005Exchange-Rate Pass-Through to Import Prices in the Euro Area
with José Manuel Campa, José M. González-Mínguez: w11632
May 2005The International Exposure of U.S. Banks
February 2005Vehicle Currency Use in International Trade
with Cedric Tille: w11127
April 2004Financial-Sector FDI and Host Countries: New and Old Lessons
May 2002Exchange Rate Pass-Through into Import Prices: A Macro or Micro Phenomenon?
with Jose Manuel Campa: w8934
April 2001When Is U.S. Bank Lending to Emerging Markets Volatile?
February 2001Exchange Rates and Wages
with Joseph Tracy: w8137
May 2000Foreign and Domestic Bank Participation in Emerging Markets: Lessons from Mexico and Argentina
with B. Gerard Dages, Daniel Kinney: w7714
June 1999International Trade and Factor Mobility: An Empirical Investigation
with Michael W. Klein: w7196
February 1999Exchange Rates and Local Labor Markets
with Joseph Tracy: w6985
October 1998Employment versus Wage Adjustment and the US Dollar
with Jose Manuel Campa: w6749
December 1997Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Real Exchange Rate Linkages in Developing Countries.
with Michael W. Klein: w6344
February 1997The Evolving External Orientation of Manufacturing Industries: Evidence from Four Countries
with Jose Campa: w5919
July 1995Strategic Trading in a Two-Sided Foreign Exchange Auction
with Rafael Tenorio: w5187
June 1995Investment, Pass-Through and Exchange Rates: A Cross-Country Comparison
with Jose Campa: w5139
August 1994Foreign Direct Investment, Exchange Rate Variability and Demand Uncertainty
with Charles D. Kolstad: w4815
June 1993Investment in Manufacturing, Exchange-Rates and External Exposure
with Jose Campa: w4378
August 1992Black-Markets for Currency, Hoarding Activity and Currency Reform
with Il'dar Karimov: w4153
March 1992Moscow Black Markets and Official Markets for Foreign Exchange: How Much Flexiblity in Flexible Rates?
February 1991Internal Currency Markets and Production in the Soviet Union
with Il'dar Karimov: w3614
April 1990Predicting Exchange Rate Crises: Mexico Revisited
January 1990Nominal Exchange Rate Patterns: Correlationswith Entry, Exit, and Invesment in U.S. Industry
August 1989Debt Write-Downs and Debt-Equity Swaps in the Two Sector Model
with Mark Spiegel: w3121
September 1988Collapsing Exchange Rate Regimes: Shocks and Biases

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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