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November 2013Multiple Dimensions of Private Information in Life Insurance Markets
with Xi Wu: w19629
October 2013Market Thickness and the Impact of Unemployment on Housing Market Outcomes
with Qinghua Zhang: w19564
Do People Overreact? Evidence from the Housing Market After the Wenchuan Earthquake
with Guoying Deng, Manuel A. Hernandez: w19515
February 2013Group Lending with Heterogeneous Types
with Manuel A. Hernandez, Yanyan Liu: w18847
Does Sorting Students Improve Scores? An Analysis of Class Composition
with Courtney A. Collins: w18848
January 2011A Simple Test of Private Information in the Insurance Markets with Heterogeneous Insurance Demand
with Feng Huang, Adalbert Mayer: w16738
Making friends with your neighbors? Agglomeration and tacit collusion in the lodging industry
with Manuel A. Hernandez: w16739
March 2008An Empirical Study of the Credit Market with Unobserved Consumer Typers
with Roberto Mosquera: w13873
May 2007Price Dispersion under Costly Capacity and Demand Uncertainty
with Diego Escobari: w13075
January 2007Estimating Interdependence Between Health and Education in a Dynamic Model
with Guan Gong: w12830
November 2006Health Shocks, Village Elections, and Long-Term Income: Evidence from Rural China
with Lixin Colin Xu, Yang Yao: w12686
April 2006The Thick Market Effect on Housing Markets Transactions
with Qinghua Zhang: w12134
November 2005A Simple Test of Adverse Events and Strategic Timing Theories of Consumer Bankruptcy
with Tarun Sabarwal: w11763
August 2005Vehicle Choices, Miles Driven, and Pollution Policies
with Ye Feng, Don Fullerton: w11553
April 2005The Thick Market Effect on Local Unemployment Rate Fluctuations
with Qinghua Zhang: w11248
March 2005Cost-Effective Policies to Reduce Vehicle Emissions
with Don Fullerton: w11174
October 2004Efficiency of Thin and Thick Markets
with Qi Li: w10815
September 2004Subjective Mortality Risk and Bequests
with Guan Gong, Michael Hurd, Daniel McFadden: w10789
May 2004A Simple Model of Optimal Hate Crime Legislation
with Roberton C. Williams III, Thomas Wiseman: w10463
March 2004Mortality Risk and Educational Attainment of Black and White Men
with Guan Gong: w10381
December 2003A Simulation-Based Welfare Loss Calculation for Labor Taxes with Piecewise-Linear Budgets
with Don Fullerton: w10139
February 2003Individual Subjective Survival Curves
with Michael Hurd, Daniel McFadden: w9480

Contact and additional information for this authorAll publicationsWorking Papers only


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