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January 2009How Globalization Affects Tax Design
with James R. Hines, Jr.: w14664
September 2008Policymaking for Posterity
with Richard J. Zeckhauser: w14359
September 1993Good Policy or Good Luck? Country Growth Performance and Temporary Shocks
with William Easterly, Michael Kremer, Lant Pritchett: w4474
August 1993Unemployment Benefits, Labor Market Transitions, and Spurious Flows: A Multinational Logit Model with Errors in Classification
with James M. Poterba: w4434
May 1992Taxation and the Structure of Labor Markets: The Case of Corporatism
with Jonathan Gruber, Rodrigo Vergara: w4063
April 1991An Aging Society: Opportunity or Challenge?
with David M. Cutler, James M. Poterba, Louise M. Sheiner: r1559
Japan's High Saving Rate Reaffirmed
with Robert Dekle: w3690
November 1990Equipment Investment and Economic Growth
with J. Bradford De Long: w3515
May 1990The Stock Market, Profit and Investment
with Olivier Blanchard, Changyong Rhee: w3370
April 1990Estimating the Long-Run Relationship Between Interest Rates and Inflation: A Response to McCallum
Recent Evidence on Budget Deficits and National Savings
with James M. Poterba: w2144
January 1990Speculative Dynamics
with David M. Cutler, James M. Poterba: w3242
Speculative Dynamics and the Role of Feedback Traders
with David M. Cutler, James M. Poterba: w3243
December 1989The Size and Incidence of the Losses from Noise Trading
with J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Robert J. Waldmann: w2875
November 1989Employee Crime, Monitoring, and the Efficiency Wage Hypothesis
with William T. Dickens, Lawrence F. Katz, Kevin Lang: w2356
September 1989Consumption Growth Parallels Income Growth: Some New Evidence
with Chris Carroll: w3090
March 1989Positive Feedback Investment Strategies and Destabilizing Rational Speculation
with J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Robert J. Waldmann: w2880
1989Should Nations Learn to Live With Inflation?
with Stanley Fischer: w2815
October 1988Can Inter-Industry Wage Differentials Justify Strategic Trade Policy?
with Lawrence F. Katz: w2739
September 1988The Survival of Noise Traders in Financial Markets
with J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Robert J. Waldmann: w2715
On the Existence and Interpretation of the "Unit Root" in U.S. GNP
with J. Bradford De Long: w2716
May 1988Labor Hoarding, Inflexible Prices, and Procyclical Productivity
with Julio J. Rotemberg: w2591
Relative Wages, Efficiency Wages, and Keynesian Unemployment
March 1988What Moves Stock Prices?
with David M. Cutler, James M. Poterba: w2538
November 1987Public Policy Implications of Declining Old-Age Mortality
with James M. Poterba: r0934
October 1987The Economic Consequences of Noise Traders
with J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Robert J. Waldmann: w2395
The Costs of Conflict Resolution and Financial Distress: Evidence from the Texaco-Pennzoil Litigation
with David M. Cutler: w2418
August 1987Breach of Trust in Hostile Takeovers
with Andrei Shleifer: w2342
Mean Reversion in Stock Prices: Evidence and Implications
with James M. Poterba: w2343
July 1987Why Have Private Saving Rates in the United States and Canada Diverged?
with Chris Carroll: w2319
May 1987Why is the Unemployment Rate So Very High Near Full Employment?"
Some Skeptical Observations on Real Business Cycle Theory
March 1987Do Long-Term Interest Rates Overreact to Short-Term Interest Rates?
with N. Gregory Mankiw: w1345
1987Are Tax Cuts Really Expansionary?
with N. Gregory Mankiw: w1443
Tax Policy, Asset Prices, and Growth: A General Equilibrium Analysis
with Lawrence H. Goulder: w2128
Should Tax Reform Level the Playing Field?
December 1986Assessing Dynamic Efficiency: Theory and Evidence
with Andrew B. Abel, N. Gregory Mankiw, Richard J. Zeckhauser: w2097
Did Henry Ford Pay Efficiency Wages?
with Daniel M.G. Raff: w2101
November 1986Are Business Cycles Symmetric?
with J. Bradford De Long: w1444
October 1986Fiscal Increasing Returns, Hysteresis, Real Wages and Unemployment
with Olivier J. Blanchard: w2034
Hysteresis in Unemployment
with Olivier J. Blanchard: w2035
Debt Problems and Macroeconomic Policies
August 1986Tax Policy and International Competitiveness
June 1986Perspectives on High World Real Interest Rates
with Olivier J. Blanchard: r0720
Investment Incentives and the Discounting of Depreciation Allowances
Hysteresis and the European Unemployment Problem
with Olivier J. Blanchard: w1950
Efficiency Wages and the Wage Structure
with Alan B. Krueger: w1952
Finite Lifetimes and the Crowding Out Effects of Budget Deficits
with James M. Poterba: w1955
Reflections on the Inter-Industry Wage Structure
with Alan B. Krueger: w1968
April 1986Notes on the Tax Treatment of Structures
with Roger H. Gordon, James R. Hines Jr.: w1896
March 1986Bequests as a Means of Payment
with B. Douglas Bernheim, Andrei Shleifer: w1303
Tax Incidence
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w1864
February 1986The Contribution of Intergenerational Transfers to Total Wealth: A Reply
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w1827
October 1985Poverty in America: Is Welfare the Answer or the Problem?
with David T. Ellwood: w1711
September 1985Taxation and the Size and Composition of the Capital Stock: An Asset Price Approach
Issues in National Savings Policy
August 1985Gibson's Paradox and the Gold Standard
with Robert B. Barsky: w1680
Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing?
with J. Bradford De Long: w1686
July 1985A Theory of Dual Labor Markets with Application to Industrial Policy, Discrimination and Keynesian Unemployment
with Jeremy I. Bulow: w1666
June 1985The Economic Effects of Dividend Taxation
with James M. Poterba: w1353
A Tax-Based Test for Nominal Rigidities
with James M. Poterba, Julio J. Rotemberg: w1627
April 1985How Does the Market Value Unfunded Pension Liabilities?
with Jeremy I. Bulow, Randall Morck: w1602
February 1985New Evidence that Taxes Affect the Valuation of Dividends
with James M. Poterba: w1288
September 1984The Changing Cyclical Variability of Economic Activity in the United States
with J. Bradford De Long: w1450
The Persistence of Volatility and Stock Market Fluctuations
with James M. Poterba: w1462
August 1984Tax Reform and Corporate Investment: A Microeconometric Simulation Study
with Michael A. Salinger: w0757
The After Tax Rate of Return Affects Private Savings
Adjusting the Gross Changes Data: Implications for Labor Market Dynamics
with James M. Poterba: w1436
May 1984The Asset Price Approach to the Analysis of Capital Income Taxation
June 1983Multiple Shooting in Rational Expectations Models
with David Lipton, James M. Poterba, Jeffrey Sachs: t0003
April 1983Survey Response Variation in the Current Population Survey
with James M. Poterba: w1109
November 1982Observations on the Indexation of Old Age Pensions
September 1982Labor Force Participation: Timing and Persistence
with Kim B. Clark: w0977
Do We Really Know That Financial Markets Are Efficient?
Tax Policy, the Rate of Return, and Savings
August 1982Measuring Unemployment
June 1982The Taxation of Risky Assets
with Jeremy I. Bulow: w0897
Intertemporal Substitution in Macroeconomics
with N. Gregory Mankiw, Julio J. Rotemberg: w0898
Unemployment Insurance and Labor Force Transitions
with Kim B. Clark: w0920
1982The Nonadjustment of Nominal Interest Rates: A Study of the Fisher Effect
December 1981Inflation and the Valuation of Corporate Equities
Dividend Taxes, Corporate Investment, and "Q"
with James M. Poterba: w0829
September 1981Tax Policy in a Life Cycle Model
February 1981The Adequacy of Savings
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w0627
December 1980Inflation, Taxation, and Corporate Investment: A q-Theory Approach
Tax Policy and Corporate Investment
Inflation, the Stock Market, and Owner-Occupied Housing
July 1980Demographic Differences in Cyclical Employment Variation
with Kim B. Clark: w0514
February 1980The Role of Intergenerational Transfers in Aggregate Capital Accumulation
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w0445
November 1979The Investment Tax Credit: An Evaluation
with Alan J. Auerbach: w0404
August 1979Labor Market Dynamics and Unemployment: A Reconsideration
with Kim B. Clark: r0019
May 1979Optimal Inflation Policy
April 1979Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Long Term Interest Rates
with Martin Feldstein: w0232
1979Inflation and the Taxation of Capital Income in the Corporate Sector
with Martin Feldstein: w0312
August 1978The Dynamics of Youth Unemployment
with Kim B. Clark: w0274
Labor Force Transitions and Unemployment
with Kim B. Clark: w0277

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