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December 2013Simulating the Elimination of the U.S. Corporate Income Tax
with Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch, Ashwin Kambhampati: w19757
November 2013Russia’s Fiscal Gap
with Eugene Goryunov, Maria Kazakova, Arseny Mamedov, Kristina Nesterova, Vladimir Nazarov, Elena Grishina, Pavel Trunin, Alexey Shpenev: w19608
June 2013Generational Risk – Is It a Big Deal?: Simulating an 80-Period OLG Model with Aggregate Shocks
with Jasmina Hasanhodzic: w19179
December 2012Smart Machines and Long-Term Misery
with Jeffrey D. Sachs: w18629
March 2012Game Over: Simulating Unsustainable Fiscal Policy
with Richard W. Evans, Kerk L. Phillips: w17917
July 2010What Does the Corporate Income Tax Tax? A Simple Model without Capital
with Jianjun Miao: w16199
December 2008Why Aren't Developed Countries Saving?
with Loretti I. Dobrescu, Alberto F. Motta: w14580
Dynamic Globalization and Its Potentially Alarming Prospects for Low-Wage Workers
with Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch: w14527
October 2008The True Cost of Social Security
with Alexander W. Blocker, Stephen A. Ross: w14427
April 2008Optimal Life-Cycle Investing with Flexible Labor Supply: A Welfare Analysis of Life-Cycle Funds
with Francisco J. Gomes, Luis M. Viceira: w13966
January 2008To Roth or Not? -- That is the Question
with Ben Marx, David Rapson: w13763
January 2007The Excess Burden of Government Indecision
with Francisco J. Gomes, Luis M. Viceira: w12859
December 2006Taxing Sales Under the FairTax: What Rate Works?
with Paul Bachman, Jonathan Haughton, Alfonso Sanchez-Penalver, David G. Tuerck: w12732
November 2006Americans' Dependency on Social Security
with Ben Marx, Pietro Rizza: w12696
September 2006Does It Pay, at the Margin, to Work and Save? -- Measuring Effective Marginal Taxes on Americans' Labor Supply and Saving
with David Rapson: w12533
June 2006On the General Relativity of Fiscal Language
with Jerry Green: w12344
December 2005Who's Going Broke? Comparing Growth in Healthcare Costs in Ten OECD Countries
with Christian Hagist: w11833
Simulating the Dynamic Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Effects of the FairTax
with Sabine Jokisch: w11858
Comparing Average and Marginal Tax Rates Under the FairTax and the Current System of Federal Taxation
with David Rapson: w11831
October 2005Will China Eat Our Lunch or Take Us Out to Dinner? Simulating the Transition Paths of the U.S., EU, Japan, and China
with Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch: w11668
May 2004The Role of Immigration in Dealing with the Developed World's Demographic Transition
with Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch: w10512
Assessing the Economic Gains from Telecom Competition
with Richard N. Clarke, Kevin A. Hassett, Zoya Ivanova: w10482
November 2003The Developed World's Demographic Transition - The Roles of Capital Flows, Immigration, and Policy
with Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch: w10096
The Impact on Consumption and Saving of Current and Future Fiscal Policies
with Katherine Grace Carman, Jagadeesh Gokhale: w10085
August 2002Does It Pay to Work?
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, Alexi Sluchynsky: w9096
July 2002Intertemporal State Budgeting
with Bruce Baker, Daniel Besendorfer: w9067
October 2001The Mismatch Between Life Insurance Holdings and Financial Vulnerabilities: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances
with B. Douglas Bernheim, Katherine Grace Carman, Jagadeesh Gokhale: w8544
June 2001Does Participating in a 401(k) Raise Your Lifetime Taxes?
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, Todd Neumann: w8341
April 2001Finding a Way Out of America's Demographic Dilemma
with Kent Smetters, Jan Walliser: w8258
March 2001Generational Policy
Life-Cycle Saving, Limits on Contributions to DC Pension Plans, and Lifetime Tax Benefits
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, Mark J. Warshawsky: w8170
October 1999The Adequacy of Life Insurance: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Survey
with B. Douglas Bernheim, Lorenzo Forni, Jagadeesh Gokhale: w7372
September 1999Social Security's Treatment of Postwar Americans: How Bad Can It Get?
with Jagadeesh Gokhale: w7362
August 1999Comparing the Economic and Conventional Approaches to Financial Planning
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, Mark J. Warshawsky: w7321
June 1999Simulating the Transmission of Wealth Inequity via Bequests
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, James Sefton, Martin Weale: w7183
August 1998The A-K Model: It's Past, Present, and Future
June 1998Medicare from the Perspective of Generational Accounting
with Jagadeesh Gokhale: w6596
March 1998An International Comparison of Generational Accounts
with Willi Leibfritz: w6447
February 1998Social Security: Privatization and Progressivity
with Kent A. Smetters, Jan Walliser: w6428
Opting Out of Social Security and Adverse Selection
with Kent A. Smetters, Jan Walliser: w6430
October 1997Simulating U.S. Tax Reform
with David Altig, Alan J. Auerbach, Kent A. Smetters, Jan Walliser: w6248
September 1996Simulating the Privatization of Social Security in General Equilibrium
May 1996Understanding the Postwar Decline in U.S. Saving: A Cohort Analysis
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, John Sabelhaus: w5571
April 1996The Effects of Income and Wealth on Time and Money Transfers between Parents and Children
with Joseph G. Altonji, Fumio Hayashi: w5522
December 1995Parental Altruism and Inter Vivos Transfers: Theory and Evidence
with Joseph G. Altonji, Fumio Hayashi: w5378
October 1995Privatization of Social Security: How It Works and Why It Matters
April 1995The Annuitization of Americans' Resources: A Cohort Analysis
with Alan J. Auerbach, Jagadeesh Gokhale, John Sabelhaus, David N. Weil: w5089
Generational Accounting in General Equilibrium
with Hans Fehr: w5090
March 1993The Equity of Social Services Provided to Children and Senior Citizens
with Jagadeesh Gokhale: w4305
October 1992The Increasing Annuitization of the Elderly- Estimates and Implications for Intergenerational Tranfers, Inequality, and National Saving
with Alan J. Auerbach, David N. Weil: w4182
May 1992Economic Exchange and Support Within U.S. Families
November 1991Social Security and Medicare Policy From the Perspective of Generational Accounting
with Alan J. Auerbach, Jagadeesh Gokhale: w3915
September 1991Risk-Sharing, Altruism, and the Factor Structure of Consumption
with Fumio Hayashi, Joseph Altonji: w3834
July 1991Life Insurance Inadequacy - Evidence From a Sample of Older Widows
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3765
January 1991Generational Accounts - A Meaningful Alternative to Deficit Accounting
with Alan J. Auerbach, Jagadeesh Gokhale: w3589
How Regional Differences in Taxes and Public Goods Distort Life Cycle Location Choices
with Bernd Raffelhueschen: w3598
July 1990U.S. Demographics and Saving: Predictions of Three Saving Models
with Alan J. Auerbach, Jinyong Cai: w3404
Tax Aspects of Policy Towards Aging Populations: Canada and the United States
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3405
May 1990Some Inefficiency Implication of Generational Politics and Exchange
with Robert W. Rosenthal: w3354
The Provision of Time to the Elderly by Their Children
with Axel Borsch-Supan, Jagadeesh Gokhale, John N. Morris: w3363
April 1990Health, Children, and Elderly Living Arrangements: A Multiperiod-Multinomial Probit Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity and Autocorrelated Errors
with Axel Borsch-Supan, Vassilis Hajivassiliou, John N. Morris: w3343
October 1989Corporate Taxation and the Efficiency Gains of the 1986 Tax Reform Act
with Jane G. Gravelle: w3142
Demographics, Fiscal Policy, and U.S. Saving in the 1980s and Beyond
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3150
August 1989How Rational Is the Purchase of Life Insurance?
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3063
July 1989Is the Extended Family Altruistically Linked? Direct Tests Using Micro Data
with Joseph G. Altonji, Fumio Hayashi: w3046
February 1989The Dynamics of an Aging Population: The Case of Four OECD Countries
with Alan J. Auerbach, Robert Hagemann, Giuseppe Nicoletti: w2797
From Deficit Delusion to the Fiscal Balance Rule: Looking For an Economically Meaningful Way to Assess Fiscal Policy
December 1988The Dynamics of Living Arrangements of the Elderly
with Axel Borsch-Supan, John N. Morris: w2787
Estimating The Age-Productivity Profile Using Lifetime Earnings
October 1988Why Don't the Elderly Live With Their Children? A New Look
with John Morris: w2734
Making Bequests Without Spoiling Children: Bequests as an Implicit Optimal Tax Structure and the Possibility That Altruistic Bequests are not Equaliz
with Assaf Razin: w2735
Does the Harberger Model Greatly Understate the Excess Burden of the Corporate Tax? - Another Model Says Yes
with Jane G. Gravelle: w2742
September 1988A Strategic Altruism Model In Which Ricardian Equivalence Does Not Hold
with Assaf Razin, Robert W. Rosenthal: w2699
1988Does the Consumption of Different Age Groups Move Together? A New Nonparametric Test of Intergenerational Altruism
with Andrew B. Abel: w2490
December 1987The Incidence and Efficiency Costs of Corporate Taxation when Corporate and Noncorporate Firms Produce the Same Good
with Jane G. Gravelle: w2462
Pension Backloading, Wage Taxes, and Work Disincentives
with David A. Wise: w2463
September 1987How Much Care Do the Aged Receive from Their Children? A Bimodal Picture of Contact and Assistance
with John N. Morris: w2391
August 1987The Incentive Effects of Private Pension Plans
with David A. Wise: w1510
July 1987Social Security: A Financial Appraisal Across and Within Generations
with Michael J. Boskin, Douglas J. Puffert, John B. Shoven: w1891
Employee Retirement and a Firm's Pension Plan
with David A. Wise: w2323
May 1987Empirical Tests of Alternative Models of International Growth
with Edward E. Leamer: w1414
Intergenerational Transfers and Savings
April 1987Labor Compensation and the Structure of Private Pension Plans: Evidence for Contractual Versus Spot Labor Markets
with David A. Wise: w1290
March 1987Can People Compute? An Experimental Test of the Life Cycle Consumption Model
with Stephen Johnson, William Samuelson: w2183
November 1986Laws as Assets: A Possible Solution to the Time Consistency Problem
with Torsten Persson, Lars E.O. Svensson: w2068
October 1986Is Debt Neutral in the Life Cycle Model?
August 1986Health Expenditures and Precautionary Savings
March 1986Tax Incidence
with Lawrence H. Summers: w1864
February 1986The Contribution of Intergenerational Transfers to Total Wealth: A Reply
with Lawrence H. Summers: w1827
October 1985Life Insurance of the Elderly: Adequacy and Determinants
with Alan J. Auerbach: w1737
Changes in the Age Distribution of Income in the United States, 1968-1984
with Michael J. Boskin, Michael Knetter: w1766
June 1985The Efficiency Gains from Social Security Benefit - Tax Linkage
with Alan J. Auerbach: w1645
Pubic Debt and U.S. Saving: A New Test of the Neutrality Hypothesis
with Michael J. Boskin: w1646
April 1985Taxation and Savings - A Neoclassical Perspective
November 1984Looking for the News in the Noise - Additional Stochastic Implications of Optimal Consumption Choice
with Ariel Pakes: w1492
July 1984The Impact of Annuity Insurance on Savings and Inequality
with John B. Shoven, Avia Spivak: w1403
March 1984Simulating Alternative Social Security Responses to the Demographic Transition
with Alan J. Auerbach: w1308
December 1983Annuity Markets, Savings, and the Capital Stock
with John B. Shoven, Avia Spivak: w1250
November 1982Investment versus Savings Incentives: The Size of the Bang for the Buck and the Potential for Self-Financing Business Tax Cuts
with Alan J. Auerbach: w1027
August 1982The Economic Effects of Government Expenditures
December 1981The Efficiency Gains from Dynamic Tax Reform
with Alan J. Auerbach, Jonathan Skinner: w0819
September 1981The International Economics of Transitional Growth: The Case of the United States
with Edward E. Leamer, Jeffrey Sachs: w0773
August 1981National Savings, Economic Welfare, and the Structure of Taxation
with Alan J. Auerbach: w0729
An Examination of Empirical Tests of Social Security and Savings
with Alan J. Auerbach: w0730
February 1981The Adequacy of Savings
with Lawrence H. Summers: w0627
February 1980The Role of Intergenerational Transfers in Aggregate Capital Accumulation
with Lawrence H. Summers: w0445
June 1979The Family as an Incomplete Annuities Market
with Avia Spivak: w0362

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