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October 2013A Comparison of Micro and Macro Expenditure Measures Across Countries Using Differing Survey Methods
with Garry Barrett, Peter Levell: w19544
March 2013Boy-Girl Differences in Parental Time Investments: Evidence from Three Countries
with Michael Baker: w18893
July 2012Health and Work at Older Ages: Using Mortality to Assess the Capacity to Work across Countries
with David A. Wise: w18229
May 2012How is Economic Hardship Avoided by Those Retiring Before the Social Security Entitlement Age?
June 2011Maternity Leave and Children’s Cognitive and Behavioral Development
with Michael Baker: w17105
January 2011Social Security and Retirement around the World: Historical Trends in Mortality and Health, Employment, and Disability Insurance Participation and Reforms - Introduction and Summary
with David A. Wise: w16719
October 2009O Sister, Where Art Thou? The Role of Son Preference and Sex Choice: Evidence from Immigrants to Canada
with Douglas Almond, Lena Edlund: w15391
January 2009Retirement Income Security and Well-Being in Canada
with Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber: w14667
Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment, Introduction and Summary
with Jonathan Gruber, David A. Wise: w14647
December 2008Do Child Tax Benefits Affect the Wellbeing of Children? Evidence from Canadian Child Benefit Expansions
with Mark Stabile: w14624
February 2008Evidence From Maternity Leave Expansions of the Impact of Maternal Care on Early Child Development
with Michael Baker: w13826
June 2007Maternal employment, breastfeeding, and health: Evidence from maternity leave mandates
with Michael Baker: w13188
July 2006How Household Portfolios Evolve After Retirement: The Effect of Aging and Health Shocks
with Courtney Coile: w12391
December 2005Universal Childcare, Maternal Labor Supply, and Family Well-Being
with Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber: w11832
February 2005How Does Job-Protected Maternity Leave Affect Mothers' Employment and Infant Health?
with Michael Baker: w11135
December 2004The Integration of Child Tax Credits and Welfare: Evidence from the National Child Benefit Program
with Mark Stabile: w10968
October 2004Life-Cycle Asset Accumulation and Allocation in Canada
June 2004Incentive Effects of Social Assistance: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
with Thomas Lemieux: w10541
March 2003Does Education Improve Citizenship? Evidence from the U.S. and the U.K.
with Enrico Moretti, Philip Oreopoulos: w9584
January 2003Simulating the Response to Reform of Canada's Income Security Programs
with Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber: w9455
March 2002Subsidizing the Stork: New Evidence on Tax Incentives and Fertility
December 2001The Retirement Incentive Effects of Canada's Income Security Programs
with Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber: w8658

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