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March 2014The Sad Truth About Happiness Scales
with Timothy N. Bond: w19950
November 2013The Consequences of Teenage Childbearing Before Roe v Wade
with Russell Weinstein: w19627
July 2013The Black-White Education-Scaled Test-Score Gap in Grades K-7
with Timothy N. Bond: w19243
June 2013The Effect of High School Exit Exams on Graduation, Employment, Wages and Incarceration
with Olesya Baker: w19182
The Wage Effects of Not-for-Profit and For-Profit Certifications: Better Data, Somewhat Different Results
with Russell Weinstein: w19135
June 2012Evaluating Student Outcomes at For-Profit Colleges
with Russell Weinstein: w18201
March 2012The Evolution of the Black-White Test Score Gap in Grades K-3: The Fragility of Results
with Timothy N. Bond: w17960
November 2011A Theory of Monitoring and Internal Labor Markets
with Gautam Bose: w17623
September 2011Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market: Theory and Empirics
with Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann: w17450
January 2011Why Is an Elite Undergraduate Education Valuable? Evidence from Israel
with Erez Siniver: w16730
August 2009School Entry, Educational Attainment and Quarter of Birth: A Cautionary Tale of LATE
with Rashmi Barua: w15236
July 2009Social Ties and the Job Search of Recent Immigrants
with Deepti Goel: w15186
April 2007Worker Sorting, Taxes and Health Insurance Coverage
with Hong Kang: w13066
August 2006The Consequences of Teenage Childbearing
with Adam Ashcraft: w12485
The Return to English in a Non-English Speaking Country: Russian Immigrants and Native Israelis in Israel
with Erez Siniver: w12464
May 2006Education and Labor-Market Discrimination
with Michael Manove: w12257
August 2003The Pricing of Job Characteristics When Markets Do Not Clear: Theory and Implications
with Sumon Majumdar: w9911
March 2003The Effect of the Payroll Tax on Earnings: A Test of Competing Models of Wage Determination
October 2002How Important are Classroom Peer Effects? Evidence from Boston's Metco Program
with Joshua D. Angrist: w9263
June 2000Language-Skill Complementarity: Returns to Immigrant Language Acquisition
with Eli Berman, Erez Siniver: w7737
September 1993Bilateral Search as an Explanation for Labor Market Segmentation and Other Anomalies
with William T. Dickens: w4461
June 1992Labor Market Segmentation Theory: Reconsidering the Evidence
with William T. Dickens: w4087
May 1992Labor Market Segmentation, Wage Dispersion and Unemployment
with William T. Dickens: w4073
April 1992Does the Human-Capital/Educational-Sorting Debate Matter for Development Policy?
July 1991An Analysis of the Nature of Unemployment in Sri Lanka
with William T. Dickens: w3777
November 1989Employee Crime, Monitoring, and the Efficiency Wage Hypothesis
with William T. Dickens, Lawrence F. Katz, Lawrence H. Summers: w2356
July 1988The Effects of Hours Constraints on Labor Supply Estimates
with Shulamit Kahn: w2647
August 1987A Goodness of Fit Test of Dual Labor Market Theory
with William T. Dickens: w2350
May 1987Constraints on the Choice of Work Hours: Agency vs. Specific-Capital
with Shulamit Kahn: w2238
March 1987Why Was there Mandatory Retirement? or the Impossibility of Efficient Bonding Contracts
1987Neoclassical and Sociological Perspectives on Segmented Labor Markets
with William T. Dickens: w2127
May 1986Are Efficiency Wages Efficient?
with William T. Dickens, Lawrence F. Katz: w1935
March 1986Labor Market Segmentation and the Union Wage Premium
with William T. Dickens: w1883
October 1985A Test of Dual Labor Market Theory
with William T. Dickens: w1314
July 1985Testing Dual Labor Market Theory: A Reconsideration of the Evidence
with William T. Dickens: w1670

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