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June 2010Distributional Impacts in a Comprehensive Climate Policy Package
with Gilbert E. Metcalf, Aparna Mathur: w16101
October 2007The Incidence of a U.S. Carbon Tax: A Lifetime and Regional Analysis
with Aparna Mathur, Gilbert E. Metcalf: w13554
January 2006Dividend Taxes and Firm Valuation: New Evidence
with Alan J. Auerbach: w11959
July 2005The 2003 Dividend Tax Cuts and the Value of the Firm: An Event Study
with Alan J. Auerbach: w11449
May 2004Assessing the Economic Gains from Telecom Competition
with Richard N. Clarke, Zoya Ivanova, Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w10482
August 2002Optimal Long-Run Fiscal Policy: Constraints, Preferences and the Resolution of Uncertainty
with Alan J. Auerbach: w9132
August 2000On the Marginal Source of Investment Funds
with Alan J. Auerbach: w7821
June 1999Are Investment Incentives Blunted by Changes in Prices of Capital Goods?
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w6676
March 1999A New Measure of Horizontal Equity
with Alan J. Auerbach: w7035
Uncertainty and the Design of Long-Run Fiscal Policy
with Alan J. Auerbach: w7036
June 1997Measuring the Energy Savings from Home Improvement Investments: Evidence from Monthly Billing Data
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w6074
May 1997Inflation and the User Cost of Capital: Does Inflation Still Matter?
with Darrel Cohen, R. Glenn Hubbard: w6046
July 1996Tax Policy and Investment
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w5683
August 1995Tax Reforms and Investment: A Cross-Country Comparison
with Jason G. Cummins, R. Glenn Hubbard: w5232
July 1995Taxation and Corporate Investment: The Impact of the 1991 Swedish Tax Reform
with Alan J. Auerbach, Jan Sodersten: w5189
March 1995Investment Under Alternative Return Assumptions: Comparing Random Walks and Mean Reversion
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: t0175
February 1995A Reconsideration of Investment Behavior Using Tax Reforms as Natural Experiments
with Jason G. Cummins, R. Glenn Hubbard: r1946
June 1994Investment with Uncertain Tax Policy: Does Random Tax Policy Discourage Investment?
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w4780
March 1994Accounting Standards, Information Flow, and Firm Investment Behavior
with Jason G. Cummins, Trevor S. Harris: w4685
July 1993Reassessing the Social Returns to Equipment Investment
with Alan J. Auerbach, Stephen D. Oliner: w4405
March 1992Energy Tax Credits and Residential Conservation Investment
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w4020
November 1991Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: A Reconsideration of the Evidence
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3895
February 1991Tax Policy and Business Fixed Investment in the United States
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3619
Recent U.S. Investment Behavior and the Tax Reform Act of 1986: A Disaggregate View
with Alan J. Auerbach: w3626
June 1989Corporate Savings and Shareholder Consumption
with Alan J. Auerbach: w2994

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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