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August 2013A Direct Test of the “Explanation” for Incomplete Stratification in Vertical Sorting Models
with Jacob Fishman: w19387
August 2012Measuring Price Elasticities for Residential Water Demand with Limited Information
with H. Allen Klaiber, Michael Kaminsky, Aaron Strong: w18293
June 2012Has Surface Water Quality Improved Since the Clean Water Act?
with Carlos Valcarcel Wolloh: w18192
September 2010The New Economics of Equilibrium Sorting and its Transformational Role for Policy Evaluation
with Nicolai V. Kuminoff, Christopher Timmins: w16349
July 2010Do Citizens Want the Truth about Terrorist Threats Regardless of the Consequences?
with Carol Mansfield, H. Allen Klaiber: w16232
June 2010How Can Policy Encourage Economically Sensible Climate Adaptation?
May 2010Valuing Incremental Highway Capacity in a Network
with H. Allen Klaiber: w15989
March 2010Valuing ecosystem services in general equilibrium
with Jared C. Carbone: w15844
September 2009Measuring How Risk Tradeoffs Adjust With Income
with Mary F. Evans: w15372
Who Counts in Evaluating the Effects of Air Pollution Policies on Households? Non-Market Valuation in the Presence of Dependencies
with Mary F. Evans, Christine Poulos: w15366
May 2009Short Run Constraints and the Increasing Marginal Value of Time in Recreation
with Raymond B. Palmquist, Daniel J. Phaneuf: w14986
Evaluating Rubin's Causal Model for Measuring the Capitalization of Environmental Amenities
with H. Allen Klaiber: w14957
September 2008Valuing a Homeland Security Policy: Countermeasures for the Threats from Shoulder Mounted Missiles
with Carol Mansfield, Laurel Clayton: w14325
Reconsidering the Economics of Demand Analysis with Kinked Budget Constraints
with Aaron Strong: w14304
August 2008Public or Private Production of Food Safety: What Do U.S. Consumers Want?
with Carol Mansfield, Aaron Strong: w14287
March 2008Can Weak Substitution be Rehabilitated?
with Mary F. Evans, H. Spencer Banzhaf, Christine Poulos: w13903
January 2008Complementarity and the Measurement of Individual Risk Tradeoffs: Accounting for Quantity and Quality of Life Effects
with Mary F. Evans: w13722
November 2007Measuring the Values for Time
with Raymond B. Palmquist, Daniel J. Phaneuf: w13594
October 2000Using Locational Equilibrium Models to Evaluate Housing Price Indexes
with Holger Sieg, Spencer Banzhaf, Randy Walsh: w7934
June 2000Estimating the General Equilibrium Benefits of Large Policy Changes: The Clean Air Act Revisited
with Holger Sieg, H. Spencer Banzhaf, Randy Walsh: w7744

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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