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May 2014Costs and Benefits to Phasing Out Paper Currency
January 2014Recovery from Financial Crises: Evidence from 100 Episodes
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w19823
March 2013Shifting Mandates: The Federal Reserve’s First Centennial
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w18888
April 2012Debt Overhangs: Past and Present
with Carmen M. Reinhart, Vincent R. Reinhart: w18015
Can Oil Prices Forecast Exchange Rates?
with Domenico Ferraro, Barbara Rossi: w17998
February 2011A Decade of Debt
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w16827
Capital Controls: Myth and Reality - A Portfolio Balance Approach
with Nicolas E. Magud, Carmen M. Reinhart: w16805
July 2010On Graduation from Default, Inflation and Banking Crisis: Elusive or Illusion?
with Rong Qian, Carmen M. Reinhart: w16168
March 2010From Financial Crash to Debt Crisis
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w15795
January 2010Growth in a Time of Debt
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w15639
April 2009Three Epochs of Oil
with Eyal Dvir: w14927
January 2009The Aftermath of Financial Crises
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w14656
December 2008Banking Crises: An Equal Opportunity Menace
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w14587
June 2008The Continuing Puzzle of Short Horizon Exchange Rate Forecasting
with Vania Stavrakeva: w14071
April 2008The Forgotten History of Domestic Debt
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w13946
March 2008Can Exchange Rates Forecast Commodity Prices?
with Yu-Chin Chen, Barbara Rossi: w13901
This Time is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crises
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w13882
January 2008Is the 2007 U.S. Sub-Prime Financial Crisis So Different? An International Historical Comparison
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w13761
August 2006Financial Globalization: A Reappraisal
with M. Ayhan Kose, Eswar Prasad, Shang-Jin Wei: w12484
May 2006Exchange Rate Volatility and Productivity Growth: The Role of Financial Development
with Philippe Aghion, Philippe Bacchetta, Romain Ranciere: w12117
December 2004Financial Globalization, Growth and Volatility in Developing Countries
with Eswar S. Prasad, Shang-Jin Wei, M. Ayhan Kose: w10942
November 2004The Unsustainable US Current Account Position Revisited
with Maurice Obstfeld: w10869
August 2004Exchange Rate Regime Durability and Performance in Developing Countries Versus Advanced Economies
with Aasim M. Husain, Ashoka Mody: w10673
February 2004Serial Default and the "Paradox" of Rich to Poor Capital Flows
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w10296
October 2003Addicted to Dollars
with Carmen M. Reinhart, Miguel A. Savastano: w10015
August 2003Debt Intolerance
with Carmen M. Reinhart, Miguel A. Savastano: w9908
May 2002The Modern History of Exchange Rate Arrangements: A Reinterpretation
with Carmen M. Reinhart: w8963
August 2000Do We Really Need a New International Monetary Compact?
with Maurice Obstfeld: w7864
July 2000The Six Major Puzzles in International Macroeconomics: Is There a Common Cause?
with Maurice Obstfeld: w7777
August 1999New Directions for Stochastic Open Economy Models
with Maurice Obstfeld: w7313
July 1999International Institutions for Reducing Global Financial Instability
August 1998Risk and Exchange Rates
with Maurice Obstfeld: w6694
July 1995The Mirage of Fixed Exchange Rates
with Maurice Obstfeld: w5191
May 1995The Law of One Price Over 700 Years
with Kenneth A. Froot, Michael Kim: w5132
December 1994Perspectives on PPP and Long-Run Real Exchange Rates
with Kenneth A. Froot: w4952
October 1994The Intertemporal Approach to the Current Account
with Maurice Obstfeld: w4893
April 1994Exchange Rate Dynamics Redux
with Maurice Obstfeld: w4693
August 1992Global Versus Country-Specific Productivity Shocks and the Current Account
with Reuven Glick: w4140
July 1992Traded Goods Consumption Smoothing and the Random Walk Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate
April 1991The EMS, the EMU, and the Transition to a Common Currency
with Kenneth A. Froot: w3684
March 1989Developing Country Borrowing and Domestic Wealth
with Mark Gertler: w2887
February 1989Sovereign Debt Repurchases: No Cure for Overhang
with Jeremy Bulow: w2850
June 1988Sovereign Debt: Is To Forgive To Forget?
with Jeremy I. Bulow: w2623
Sovereign Debt Restructurings: Panacea or Pangloss?
with Jeremy I. Bulow: w2637
November 1987Equilibrium Political Budget Cycles
February 1987A Constant Recontracting Model of Sovereign Debt
with Jeremy I. Bulow: w2088
July 1986Reputational Constraints on Monetary Policy
February 1986Elections and Macroeconomic Policy Cycles
with Anne Sibert: w1838
October 1985Was it Real? The Exchange Rate-Interest Differential Relation, 1973-1984
with Richard Meese: w1732
April 1985Ruling Out Nonstationary Speculative Bubbles
with Maurice Obstfeld: w1601
August 1983Exchange Rate Dynamics With Sluggish Prices Under Alternative Price-Adjustment Rules
with Maurice Obstfeld: w1173
February 1982Speculative Hyperinflations in Maximizing Models: Can We Rule Them Out?
with Maurice Obstfeld: w0855

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