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March 2008The Life Cycle of Scholars and Papers in Economics -- the "Citation Death Tax"
with Joshua Aizenman: w13891
January 2007Economic Growth with Constraints on Tax Revenues and Public Debt: Implications for Fiscal Policy and Cross-Country Differences
with Joshua Aizenman, Brian Pinto: w12750
March 2005The IMF in a World of Private Capital Markets
with Barry Eichengreen, Ashoka Mody: w11198
November 2003Crisis Resolution: Next Steps
with Barry Eichengreen: w10095
September 2002Sargent-Wallace Meets Krugman-Flood-Garber, or: Why Sovereign Debt Swaps Don't Avert Macroeconomic Crises
with Joshua Aizenman, Brian Pinto: w9190
June 2001Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises: Theory and Empirical Evidence from East Asia
with Robert Dekle: w8322
September 2000International Capital Inflows, Domestic Financial Intermediation and Financial Crises under Imperfect Information
with Menzie D. Chinn: w7902
May 1995Capital Mobility, Fiscal Policy and Growth under Self-Financing of Human Capital Formation
with Willem H. Buiter: w5120
July 1994Recent Private Capital Inflows to Developing Countries: Is the Debt Crisis History?
with Michael P. Dooley, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias: w4792
Capital Flight, External Debt and Domestic Policies
with Michael P. Dooley: w4793
November 1992Permanent International Productivity Growth Differentials in an Integrated Global Economy
with Willem H. Buiter: w4220
May 1992Government Solvency, Ponzi Finance and the Redundancy and Usefulness of Public Debt
with Willem H. Buiter: w4076
February 1991The Welfare Economics of Cooperative and Noncooperative Fiscal Policy
with Willem H. Buiter: w3329
Persistent Differences in National Productivity Growth Rates with A Com-mon Technology and Free Capital Mobility: The Roles of Private Thrift, ...
with Willem H. Buiter: w3637
April 1990Fiscal Policy Interdependence and Efficiency
with Willem H. Buiter: w3328
February 1988Tariffs and Saving in a Model with New Families
with Charles Engel: w2521
November 1987Trade Policy under Endogenous Credibility
with Charles Engel: w2449
1987Saving and Investment in an Open Economy with Non-Traded Goods
with Charles Engel: w2141
March 1986International Borrowing to Finance Investment
with Charles Engel: w1865
Tariffs, Saving and the Current Account
with Charles Engel: w1869

Contact and additional information for this authorAll publicationsWorking Papers only


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