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March 2009Exploring Differences in Employment between Household and Establishment Data
with John C. Haltiwanger, Kristin Sandusky, James Spletzer: w14805
June 2008How Social Processes Distort Measurement: The Impact of Survey Nonresponse on Estimates of Volunteer Work
with Sara E. Helms, Stanley Presser: w14076
September 2006Non-response in the American Time Use Survey: Who Is Missing from the Data and How Much Does It Matter?
with Aaron Maitland, Suzanne M. Bianchi: t0328
November 2003Financial Aid and Students' College Decisions: Evidence from the District of Columbia's Tuition Assistance Grant Program
with Melissa A. Clark: w10112
October 2001Changes in Unemployment Duration and Labor Force Attachment
with Robert Shimer: w8513
November 1993Earnings Inequality in Germany
with Susan N. Houseman: w4541
Labor Adjustment Under Different Institutional Structures: A Case Study of Germany and The United States
with Susan N. Houseman: w4548
September 1993Firms' Use of Outside Contractors: Theory and Evidence
with Susan K. Taylor: w4468
June 1993Does Employment Protection Inhibit Labor Market Flexibility? Lessons from Germany, France, and Belgium
with Susan N. Houseman: w4390
June 1990Job Security and Work Force Adjustment: How Different are U.S. and Japanese Practices?
with Susan N. Houseman: w3155
June 1988Flexible Staffing Arrangements and Employers' Short-Term Adjustment Strategies
August 1987Returns to Seniority in Union and Nonunion Jobs: A New Look at the Evidence
with Henry S. Farber: w2368
1987Cyclical Unemployment: Sectoral Shifts or Aggregate Disturbances?
with Lawrence F. Katz: w1410
1986Job Duration, Seniority, and Earnings
with Henry S. Farber: w1819
August 1983Years of Service and Probability of Promotion
with James L. Medoff: w1191
March 1983Length of Service and the Operation of Internal Labor Markets
with James L. Medoff: w1085
Length of Service, Terminations and the Nature of the Employment Relationship
with James L. Medoff: w1086
October 1981Unemployment, Unsatisfied Demand for Labor, and Compensation Growth in the United States, 1956-1980
with James L. Medoff: w0781
February 1981Involuntary Terminations under Explicit and Implicit Employment Contracts
with James L. Medoff: w0634
1981The Role of Seniority at U.S. Work Places: A Report on Some New Evidence
with James L. Medoff: w0618
December 1980Experience, Performance, and Earnings
with James L. Medoff: w0278
June 1979Can Productive Capacity Differentials Really Explain Earnings Differentials Associated with Demographic Characteristics? Case of Experience
with James L. Medoff: w0363

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