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December 2013Awareness Reduces Racial Bias
with Devin G. Pope, Joseph Price: w19765
April 2013Subjective Well-Being and Income: Is There Any Evidence of Satiation?
with Betsey Stevenson: w18992
March 2013Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress
with Betsey Stevenson: w18916
July 2012Prediction Markets for Economic Forecasting
with Erik Snowberg, Eric Zitzewitz: w18222
April 2011How Prediction Markets Can Save Event Studies
with Erik Snowberg, Eric Zitzewitz: w16949
March 2011Trust in Public Institutions over the Business Cycle
with Betsey Stevenson: w16891
October 2010Subjective Well-Being, Income, Economic Development and Growth
with Daniel W. Sacks, Betsey Stevenson: w16441
April 2010Explaining the Favorite-Longshot Bias: Is it Risk-Love or Misperceptions?
with Erik Snowberg: w15923
May 2009The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness
with Betsey Stevenson: w14969
August 2008Economic Growth and Subjective Well-Being: Reassessing the Easterlin Paradox
with Betsey Stevenson: w14282
Happiness Inequality in the United States
with Betsey Stevenson: w14220
June 2007Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees
with Joseph Price: w13206
March 2007Marriage and Divorce: Changes and their Driving Forces
with Betsey Stevenson: w12944
December 2006Party Influence in Congress and the Economy
with Erik Snowberg, Eric Zitzewitz: w12751
October 2006Aggregate Shocks or Aggregate Information? Costly Information and Business Cycle Comovement
with Laura Veldkamp: w12557
May 2006Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities
with Eric Zitzewitz: w12200
March 2006Partisan Impacts on the Economy: Evidence from Prediction Markets and Close Elections
with Erik Snowberg, Eric Zitzewitz: w12073
Prediction Markets in Theory and Practice
with Eric Zitzewitz: w12083
February 2006Competing Approaches to Forecasting Elections: Economic Models, Opinion Polling and Prediction Markets
with Andrew Leigh: w12053
Five Open Questions About Prediction Markets
with Eric Zitzewitz: w12060
January 2006Uses and Abuses of Empirical Evidence in the Death Penalty Debate
with John J. Donohue III: w11982
Diagnosing Discrimination: Stock Returns and CEO Gender
Happiness and the Human Development Index: Australia is Not a Paradox
with Andrew Leigh: w11925
Macroeconomic Derivatives: An Initial Analysis of Market-Based Macro Forecasts, Uncertainty, and Risk
with Refet Gurkaynak: w11929
May 2004Prediction Markets
with Eric Zitzewitz: w10504
December 2003Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: Divorce Laws and Family Distress
with Betsey Stevenson: w10175
October 2003Did Unilateral Divorce Laws Raise Divorce Rates? A Reconciliation and New Results
June 2003Disagreement about Inflation Expectations
with N. Gregory Mankiw, Ricardo Reis: w9796
April 2003Is Business Cycle Volatility Costly? Evidence from Surveys of Subjective Wellbeing
March 2003What Do Financial Markets Think of War in Iraq?
with Andrew Leigh, Eric Zitzewitz: w9587
August 1999The Role of Shocks and Institutions in the Rise of European Unemployment: The Aggregate Evidence
with Olivier Blanchard: w7282

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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