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February 2014Particulate Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers
with Tom Chang, Tal Gross, Matthew Neidell: w19944
October 2013What Do We Know About Short and Long Term Effects of Early Life Exposure to Pollution?
with Janet Currie, Jamie Mullins, Matthew J. Neidell: w19571
Dynamic Salience with Intermittent Billing: Evidence from Smart Electricity Meters
with Ben Gilbert: w19510
April 2013Environment, Health, and Human Capital
with Matthew Neidell: w18935
March 2013Something in the Water: Contaminated Drinking Water and Infant Health
with Janet Currie, Katherine Meckel, Matthew J. Neidell, Wolfram Schlenker: w18876
October 2012Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Marginal Emissions: Implications for Electric Cars and Other Electricity-Shifting Policies
with Matthew Kotchen, Erin T. Mansur: w18462
June 2012NIH Peer Review: Challenges and Avenues for Reform
with Pierre Azoulay, Gustavo Manso: w18116
July 2011Understanding the Solar Home Price Premium: Electricity Generation and “Green” Social Status
with Samuel Dastrup, Dora L. Costa, Matthew E. Kahn: w17200
April 2011The Impact of Pollution on Worker Productivity
with Matthew J. Neidell: w17004
January 2011The Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge Across Time and Space: Evidence from Professional Transitions for the Superstars of Medicine
with Pierre Azoulay, Bhaven N. Sampat: w16683
Water Quality Violations and Avoidance Behavior: Evidence from Bottled Water Consumption
with Matthew Neidell, Wolfram Schlenker: w16695
December 2010Health Shocks and Natural Resource Management: Evidence from Western Kenya
with Maria Damon, Harsha Thirumurthy: w16594
February 2010Temperature and the Allocation of Time: Implications for Climate Change
with Matthew J. Neidell: w15717
October 2009Incentives and Creativity: Evidence from the Academic Life Sciences
with Pierre Azoulay, Gustavo Manso: w15466
December 2008Superstar Extinction
with Pierre Azoulay, Jialan Wang: w14577
August 2008Days of Haze: Environmental Information Disclosure and Intertemporal Avoidance Behavior
with Matthew Neidell: w14271
November 2006AIDS Treatment and Intrahousehold Resource Allocations: Children's Nutrition and Schooling in Kenya
with Harsha Thirumurthy, Markus Goldstein: w12689
February 2006PublicationHarvester: An Open-Source Software Tool for Science Policy Research
with Pierre Azoulay, Andrew Stellman: w12039
December 2005The Economic Impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor Supply in Western Kenya
with Harsha Thirumurthy, Markus Goldstein: w11871
June 2003Outcome Versus Service Based Payment in Health Care: Lessons from African Traditional Healers
with Kenneth Leonard: w9797
May 2003Risk Aversion, Liability Rules, and Safety
with Richard Just, David Zilberman: w9678
August 2002Modeling Health Insurance Expansions: Effects of Alternate Approaches
with Dahlia K. Remler, Sherry A. Glied: w9130

Contact and additional information for this authorAll publicationsWorking Papers only


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