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May 2014In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Mezzogiorno
with Erich Battistin, Daniela Vuri: w20173
December 2013The Perils of Peer Effects
August 2013Semiparametric Estimates of Monetary Policy Effects: String Theory Revisited
with Òscar Jordà, Guido Kuersteiner: w19355
July 2013Stand and Deliver: Effects of Boston's Charter High Schools on College Preparation, Entry, and Choice
with Sarah R. Cohodes, Susan M. Dynarski, Parag A. Pathak, Christopher R. Walters: w19275
December 2012Wanna Get Away? RD Identification Away from the Cutoff
with Miikka Rokkanen: w18662
August 2011Explaining Charter School Effectiveness
with Parag A. Pathak, Christopher R. Walters: w17332
July 2011The Elite Illusion: Achievement Effects at Boston and New York Exam Schools
with Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Parag A. Pathak: w17264
December 2010When Opportunity Knocks, Who Answers? New Evidence on College Achievement Awards
with Philip Oreopoulos, Tyler Williams: w16643
ExtrapoLATE-ing: External Validity and Overidentification in the LATE Framework
with Ivan Fernandez-Val: w16566
March 2010The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design is Taking the Con out of Econometrics
with Jörn-Steffen Pischke: w15794
February 2010Who Benefits from KIPP?
with Susan M. Dynarski, Thomas J. Kane, Parag A. Pathak, Christopher R. Walters: w15740
November 2009Accountability and Flexibility in Public Schools: Evidence from Boston's Charters and Pilots
with Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Susan Dynarski, Thomas J. Kane, Parag Pathak: w15549
March 2009Did Vietnam Veterans Get Sicker in the 1990s? The Complicated Effects of Military Service on Self-Reported Health
with Stacey H. Chen, Brigham R. Frandsen: w14781
September 2007Long-term consequences of vietnam-era conscription: schooling, experience, and earnings
with Stacey H. Chen: w13411
December 2006Lead Them to Water and Pay Them to Drink: An Experiment with Services and Incentives for College Achievement
with Daniel Lang, Philip Oreopoulos: w12790
February 2006Is Spanish-Only Schooling Responsible for the Puerto Rican Language Gap?
with Aimee Chin, Ricardo Godoy: w12005
December 2005New Evidence on the Causal Link Between the Quantity and Quality of Children
with Victor Lavy, Analia Schlosser: w11835
September 2005Instrumental Variables Methods in Experimental Criminological Research: What, Why, and How?
March 2005Rural Windfall or a New Resource Curse? Coca, Income, and Civil Conflict in Colombia
with Adriana Kugler: w11219
December 2004Semiparametric Causality Tests Using the Policy Propensity Score
with Guido M. Kuersteiner: w10975
August 2004Long-Term Consequences of Secondary School Vouchers: Evidence from Administrative Records in Colombia
with Eric Bettinger, Michael Kremer: w10713
April 2004Quantile Regression under Misspecification, with an Application to the U.S. Wage Structure
with Victor Chernozhukov, Ivan Fernandez-Val: w10428
May 2003Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Theory and Practice
March 2003Does Teacher Testing Raise Teacher Quality? Evidence from State Certification Requirements
with Jonathan Guryan: w9545
December 2002The Effect of High School Matriculation Awards: Evidence from Randomized Trials
with Victor Lavy: w9389
October 2002How Important are Classroom Peer Effects? Evidence from Boston's Metco Program
with Kevin Lang: w9263
December 2001Protective or Counter-Productive? European Labor Market Institutions and the Effect of Immigrants on EU Natives
with Adriana Kugler: w8660
September 2001Instrumental Variables and the Search for Identification: From Supply and Demand to Natural Experiments
with Alan B. Krueger: w8456
June 2001Vouchers for Private Schooling in Colombia: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment
with Eric Bettinger, Erik Bloom, Elizabeth King, Michael Kremer: w8343
December 2000Consequences of Imbalanced Sex Ratios: Evidence from America's Second Generation
January 2000Estimation of Limited-Dependent Variable Models with Dummy Endogenous Regressors: Simple Strategies for Empirical Practice
December 1999How Large are the Social Returns to Education? Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Laws
with Daron Acemoglu: w7444
November 1999New Evidence on Classroom Computers and Pupil Learning
with Victor Lavy: w7424
May 1999When to Control for Covariates? Panel-Asymptotic Results for Estimates of Treatment Effects
with Jinyong Hahn: t0241
November 1998Does Teacher Training Affect Pupil Learning? Evidence from Matched Comparisons in Jerusalem Public Schools
with Victor Lavy: w6781
August 1998Effects of Work-Related Absences on Families: Evidence from the Gulf War
with John H. Johnson, IV: w6679
July 1998Consequences of Employment Protection? The Case of the Americans with Disabilities Act
with Daron Acemoglu: w6670
March 1998Instrumental Variables Estimation of Quantile Treatment Effects
with Alberto Abadie, Guido W. Imbens: t0229
January 1997Using Maimonides' Rule to Estimate the Effect of Class Size on Student Achievement
with Victor Lavy: w5888
October 1996The Effect of Teen Childbearing and Single Parenthood on Childhood Disabilities and Progress in School
with Victor Lavy: w5807
September 1996Children and Their Parents' Labor Supply: Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Family Size
with William N. Evans: w5778
January 1996Schooling and Labor Market Consequences of the 1970 State Abortion Reforms
with William N. Evans: w5406
July 1995Estimating the Labor Market Impact of Voluntary Military Service Using Social Security Data on Military Applicants
June 1995Average Causal Response with Variable Treatment Intensity
with Guido W. Imbens: t0127
Split Sample Instrumental Variables
with Alan B. Krueger: t0150
Conditioning on the Probability of Selection to Control Selection Bias
April 1995Non-Parametric Demand Analysis with an Application to the Demand for Fish
with Kathryn Graddy, Guido W. Imbens: t0178
February 1995Identification and Estimation of Local Average Treatment Effects
with Guido W. Imbens: t0118
Jackknife Instrumental Variables Estimation
with Guido W. Imbens, Alan Krueger: t0172
June 1993Identification of Causal Effects Using Instrumental Variables
with Guido W. Imbens, D.B. Rubin: t0136
May 1992Estimating the Payoff to Schooling Using the Vietnam-Era Draft Lottery
with Alan B. Krueger: w4067
December 1991Sources of Identifying Information in Evaluation Models
with Guido W. Imbens: t0117
November 1991Instrumental Variables Estimation of Average Treatment Effects in Econometrics and Epidemiology
December 1990The Effect of Age at School Entry on Educational Attainment: An Application of Instrumental Variables with Moments from Two Samples
with Alan B. Krueger: w3571
Does Compulsory School Attendance Affect Schooling and Earnings?
with Alan B. Krueger: w3572
November 1990The Draft Lottery and Voluntary Enlistment in the Vietnam Era
October 1990The Effect of Veterans Benefits on Veterans' Education and Earnings
March 1990Does Labor Supply Explain Fluctuations in Average Hours Worked?
May 1989Why do World War II Veterans Earn More Than Nonveterans?
with Alan B. Krueger: w2991

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