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April 2012Heterogeneity in Human Capital Investments: High School Curriculum, College Major, and Careers
with Erica Blom, Costas Meghir: w17985
December 2010Estimating the Cream Skimming Effect of School Choice
with Ching-I Huang, Christopher R. Taber: w16579
October 2010Identifying Sibling Influence on Teenage Substance Use
with Sarah Cattan, Iain Ware: w16508
February 2009Modeling Earnings Dynamics
with Anthony Smith, Ivan Vidangos: w14743
July 2008Estimating Derivatives in Nonseparable Models with Limited Dependent Variables
with Hidehiko Ichimura, Taisuke Otsu: w14161
March 2008Changes in the Characteristics of American Youth: Implications for Adult Outcomes
with Prashant Bharadwaj, Fabian Lange: w13883
October 2005Work Hours, Wages, and Vacation Leave
with Emiko Usui: w11693
July 2003The Marginal Propensity to Spend on Adult Children
with Ernesto Villanueva: w9811
December 2002An Evaluation of Instrumental Variable Strategies for Estimating the Effects of Catholic Schools
with Todd E. Elder, Christopher R. Taber: w9358
September 2001The Role of Permanent Income and Demographics in Black/White Differences in Wealth
with Ulrich Doraszelski: w8473
March 2001Panel Data Estimators for Nonseparable Models with Endogenous Regressors
with Rosa L. Matzkin: t0267
August 2000Selection on Observed and Unobserved Variables: Assessing the Effectiveness of Catholic Schools
with Todd E. Elder, Christopher R. Taber: w7831
July 1999The Extent and Consequences of Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity
with Paul J. Devereux: w7236
November 1997Employer Learning and Statistical Discrimination
with Charles R. Pierret: w6279
April 1997Do Wages Rise with Job Seniority? A Reassessment
with Nicolas Williams: w6010
April 1996The Effects of Income and Wealth on Time and Money Transfers between Parents and Children
with Fumio Hayashi, Laurence Kotlikoff: w5522
January 1996Employer Learning and the Signaling Value of Education
with Charles R. Pierret: w5438
December 1995Parental Altruism and Inter Vivos Transfers: Theory and Evidence
with Fumio Hayashi, Laurence Kotlikoff: w5378
March 1995The Effects of School and Family Characteristics on the Return to Education
with Thomas A. Dunn: w5072
December 1994An Intergenerational Model of Wages, Hours and Earnings
with Thomas A. Dunn: w4950
June 1994Small Sample Bias in GMM Estimation of Covariance Structures
with Lewis M. Segal: t0156
August 1992The Effects of Labor Market Experience, Job Seniority, and Job Mobility on Wage Growth
with Nicolas Williams: w4133
The Effects of High School Curriculum on Education and Labor Market Outcomes
September 1991Risk-Sharing, Altruism, and the Factor Structure of Consumption
with Fumio Hayashi, Laurence Kotlikoff: w3834
June 1991Relationships Among the Family Incomes and Labor Market Outcomes of Relatives
with Thomas A. Dunn: w3724
May 1991The Demand for and Return to Education When Education Outcomes are Uncertain
October 1990Labor Supply, Hours Constraints and Job Mobility
with Christina H. Paxson: w3474
September 1989The Effects of Immigration on the Labor Market Outcomes of Natives
with David Card: w3123
July 1989Is the Extended Family Altruistically Linked? Direct Tests Using Micro Data
with Fumio Hayashi, Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w3046
1987Labor Supply Preferences, Hours Constraints, and Hours-Wage Tradeoffs
with Christina H. Paxson: w2121
Dynamic Factor Models of Consumption, Hours, and Income
with Ana Paula Martins, Aloysius Siow: w2155
August 1986Testing the Response of Consumption to Income Changes with (Noisy) PanelData
with Aloysius Siow: w2012
April 1986Job Characteristics and Hours of Work
with Christina H. Paxson: w1895
1986Variation in Employment Growth in Canada: The Role of External, National, Regional and Industrial Factors
with John C. Ham: w1816
May 1985Do Wages Rise With Job Seniority?
with Robert A. Shakotko: w1616

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