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December 2013Is This Time Different? The Slowdown in Healthcare Spending
with Amitabh Chandra, Jonathan Holmes: w19700
August 2013Physician Beliefs and Patient Preferences: A New Look at Regional Variation in Health Care Spending
with David Cutler, Ariel Dora Stern, David Wennberg: w19320
April 2011The Pragmatist’s Guide to Comparative Effectiveness Research
with Amitabh Chandra, Anupam B. Jena: w16990
Technology Growth and Expenditure Growth in Health Care
with Amitabh Chandra: w16953
February 2011Health Care Spending Growth and the Future of U.S. Tax Rates
with Katherine Baicker: w16772
July 2010The Risk of Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenditure at End of Life
with Samuel Marshall, Kathleen M. McGarry: w16170
May 2009Education and the Prevalence of Pain
with Steven J. Atlas: w14964
April 2009Technology Diffusion and Productivity Growth in Health Care
with Douglas Staiger: w14865
August 2008Is American Health Care Uniquely Inefficient?
with Alan M. Garber: w14257
March 2007Are You Sure You're Saving Enough for Retirement?
April 2005Technology Adoption From Hybrid Corn to Beta Blockers
with Douglas Staiger: w11251
October 2004The Measurement and Evolution of Health Inequality: Evidence from the U.S. Medicare Population
with Weiping Zhou: w10842
February 2003Geography and Racial Health Disparities
with Amitabh Chandra: w9513
December 2001Area Differences in Utilization of Medical Care and Mortality Among U.S. Elderly
with Victor R. Fuchs, Mark McClellan: w8628
July 2001The Efficiency of Medicare
with Elliott Fisher, John E. Wennberg: w8395
April 2001Saving Puzzles and Saving Policies in the United States
with Annamaria Lusardi, Steven Venti: w8237
February 2001Are For-Profit Hospitals Really Different? Medicare Upcoding and Market Structure
with Elaine Silverman: w8133
September 2000Do the Rich Save More?
with Karen E. Dynan, Stephen P. Zeldes: w7906
January 1999The Distributional Effects of Medicare
with Julie Lee, Mark McClellan: w6910
July 1998How Will Defined Contribution Pension Plans Affect Retirement Income?
with Andrew A. Samwick: w6645
April 1998How Much is Enough? Efficiency and Medicare Spending in the Last Six Months of Life
with John E. Wennberg: w6513
October 1997What Accounts for the Variation in Retirement Wealth Among U.S. Households?
with B. Douglas Bernheim, Steven Weinberg: w6227
April 1997The Incidence of Medicare
with Mark McClellan: w6013
November 1996Taxation and Economic Growth
with Eric M. Engen: w5826
July 1996Assessing the Effectiveness of Saving Incentives
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w5686
May 1996Abandoning the Nest Egg? 401(k) Plans and Inadequate Pension Saving
with Andrew A. Samwick: w5568
October 1994Precautionary Saving and Social Insurance
with R. Glenn Hubbard, Stephen P. Zeldes: w4884
November 1993The Importance of Precautionary Motives in Explaining Individual and Aggregate Saving
with R. Glenn Hubbard, Stephen P. Zeldes: w4516
Is Housing Wealth a Sideshow?
December 1992Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth
with Eric M. Engen: w4223
August 1992The Risk and Duration of Catastrophic Health Care Expenditures
with Daniel Feenberg: w4147
December 1991Individual Retirement Accounts: A Review of the Evidence
October 1991Housing and Saving in the United States
September 1990The Dynamic Efficiency Cost of Not taxing Housing
February 1990The Impact of the 1986 Tax Reform Act on Personal Saving
with Daniel Feenberg: w3257
February 1989Housing Wealth and Aggregate Saving
Sources of IRA Saving
with Daniel Feenberg: w2845
August 1987Taxation and Output Growth: Evidence from African Countries
Risky Income, Life Cycle Consumption, and Precautionary Savings
June 1986The Welfare Cost of Uncertain Tax Policy
November 1984The Resolution of the Labor Scarcity Paradox
with John A. James: w1504
December 1981The Efficiency Gains from Dynamic Tax Reform
with Alan J. Auerbach, Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w0819

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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