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June 2013Evolving Choice Inconsistencies in Choice of Prescription Drug Insurance
with Jason Abaluck: w19163
June 2012Moral Hazard and Claims Deterrence in Private Disability Insurance
with David Autor, Mark Duggan: w18172
April 2012The Impact of Patient Cost-Sharing on the Poor: Evidence from Massachusetts
with Amitabh Chandra, Robin McKnight: w18023
March 2012Do High-Cost Hospitals Deliver Better Care? Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns
with Joseph J. Doyle, Jr., John A. Graves, Samuel Kleiner: w17936
January 2012Demand and Reimbursement Effects of Healthcare Reform: Health Care Utilization and Infant Mortality in Thailand
with Nathaniel Hendren, Robert Townsend: w17739
July 2011The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from the First Year
with Amy Finkelstein, Sarah Taubman, Bill Wright, Mira Bernstein, Joseph P. Newhouse, Heidi Allen, Katherine Baicker, The Oregon Health Study Group: w17190
June 2011The Impacts of the Affordable Care Act: How Reasonable Are the Projections?
July 2010Medicare Part D and the Financial Protection of the Elderly
with Gary V. Engelhardt: w16155
March 2010Do Strikes Kill? Evidence from New York State
with Samuel A. Kleiner: w15855
February 2010The Tax Exclusion for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
October 2009Cheaper By the Dozen: Using Sibling Discounts at Catholic Schools to Estimate the Price Elasticity of Private School Attendance
with Susan Dynarski, Danielle Li: w15461
February 2009Choice Inconsistencies Among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program
with Jason T. Abaluck: w14759
January 2009Retirement Income Security and Well-Being in Canada
with Michael Baker, Kevin S. Milligan: w14667
Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment, Introduction and Summary
with Kevin Milligan, David A. Wise: w14647
September 2008Does Church Attendance Cause People to Vote? Using Blue Laws' Repeal to Estimate the Effect of Religiosity on Voter Turnout
with Alan Gerber, Daniel M. Hungerman: w14303
January 2008Covering the Uninsured in the U.S.
November 2007How Much Uncompensated Care do Doctors Provide?
with David Rodriguez: w13585
March 2007Patient Cost-Sharing, Hospitalization Offsets, and the Design of Optimal Health Insurance for the Elderly
with Amitabh Chandra, Robin McKnight: w12972
January 2007Crowd-Out Ten Years Later: Have Recent Public Insurance Expansions Crowded Out Private Health Insurance?
with Kosali Simon: w12858
August 2006The Church vs the Mall: What Happens When Religion Faces Increased Secular Competition?
with Daniel M. Hungerman: w12410
July 2006Nursing Home Quality as a Public Good
with David C. Grabowski, Joseph J. Angelelli: w12361
April 2006Abortion and Selection
with Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat, Phillip B. Levine, Douglas Staiger: w12150
January 2006A Tax-Based Estimate of the Elasticity of Intertemporal Substitution
December 2005Universal Childcare, Maternal Labor Supply, and Family Well-Being
with Michael Baker, Kevin Milligan: w11832
October 2005Moral Hazard in Nursing Home Use
with David C. Grabowski: w11723
July 2005Does Falling Smoking Lead to Rising Obesity?
with Michael Frakes: w11483
May 2005Religious Market Structure, Religious Participation, and Outcomes: Is Religion Good for You?
Faith-Based Charity and Crowd Out during the Great Depression
with Daniel M. Hungerman: w11332
Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World: Fiscal Implications, Introduction and Summary
with David Wise: w11290
December 2004Tax Policy for Health Insurance
August 2004Abortion Legalization and Lifecycle Fertility
with Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat, Phillip B. Levine: w10705
May 2004Social Security and the Evolution of Elderly Poverty
with Gary V. Engelhardt: w10466
March 2004Pay or Pray? The Impact of Charitable Subsidies on Religious Attendance
March 2003Subsidies to Employee Health Insurance Premiums and the Health Insurance Market
with Ebonya Washington: w9567
January 2003Simulating the Response to Reform of Canada's Income Security Programs
with Michael Baker, Kevin Milligan: w9455
December 2002Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Micro Estimation
with David A. Wise: w9407
September 2002Health Insurance Coverage and the Disability Insurance Application Decision
with Jeffrey Kubik: w9148
May 2002Estimating Price Elasticities When there is Smuggling: The Sensitivity of Smoking to Price in Canada
with Anindya Sen, Mark Stabile: w8962
April 2002Social Security and Elderly Living Arrangements
with Gary V. Engelhardt, Cynthia D. Perry: w8911
Do Cigarette Taxes Make Smokers Happier?
with Sendhil Mullainathan: w8872
Why Did Employee Health Insurance Contributions Rise?
with Robin McKnight: w8878
February 2002Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Job Mobility: A Critical Review of the Literature
with Brigitte C. Madrian: w8817
A Theory of Government Regulation of Addictive Bads: Optimal Tax Levels and Tax Incidence for Cigarette Excise Taxation
with Botond Koszegi: w8777
December 2001Taxes and Health Insurance
The Retirement Incentive Effects of Canada's Income Security Programs
with Michael Baker, Kevin Milligan: w8658
September 2001Health Policy in the Clinton Era: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
with David Cutler: w8455
January 2001An International Perspective on Policies for an Aging Society
with David Wise: w8103
November 2000How Elastic is the Firm's Demand for Health Insurance?
with Michael Lettau: w8021
October 2000Is Making Divorce Easier Bad for Children? The Long Run Implications of Unilateral Divorce
September 2000Does the Social Security Earnings Test Affect Labor Supply and Benefits Receipt?
with Peter Orszag: w7923
August 2000Medicaid
Social Security and Retirement
with Courtney Coile: w7830
July 2000Youth Smoking in the U.S.: Evidence and Implications
with Jonathan Zinman: w7780
Risky Behavior Among Youths: An Economic Analysis
June 2000The Economic Impacts of the Tobacco Settlement
with David M. Cutler, Raymond S. Hartman, M.B. Landrum, J. Newhouse, Meredith B. Rosenthal: w7760
April 2000Social Security Incentives for Retirement
with Courtney Coile: w7651
February 2000Tax Subsidies for Health Insurance: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits
Does Public Insurance Improve the Efficiency of Medical Care? Medicaid Expansions and Child Hospitalizations
with Leemore Dafny: w7555
January 2000Youth Smoking in the U.S.: Prices and Policies
Is Addiction "Rational"? Theory and Evidence
with Botond Koszegi: w7507
The Elasticity of Taxable Income: Evidence and Implications
with Emmanuel Saez: w7512
September 1999The Wealth of the Unemployed: Adequacy and Implications for Unemployment Insurance
August 1999Delays in Claiming Social Security Benefits
with Courtney Coile, Peter Diamond, Alain Jousten: w7318
October 1998Physician Fees and Procedure Intensity: The Case of Cesarean Delivery
with John Kim, Dina Mayzlin: w6744
Health Insurance and the Labor Market
December 1997Social Security and Retirement in Canada
August 1997A Major Risk Approach to Health Insurance Reform
with Martin Feldstein: w4852
Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Introduction and Summary of Papers by...
with David Wise: w6134
July 1997Physician Fee Policy and Medicaid Program Costs
with Kathleen Adams, Joseph P. Newhouse: w6087
Social Security and Retirement in the U.S.
with Peter Diamond: w6097
May 1997Abortion Legalization and Child Living Circumstances: Who is the "Marginal Child?"
with Phillip Levine, Douglas Staiger: w6034
Insuring Consumption Against Illness
with Paul Gertler: w6035
Public Health Insurance and Private Savings
with Aaron Yelowitz: w6041
April 1997The Technology of Birth: Health Insurance, Medical Interventions, and Infant Health
with Janet Currie: w5985
December 1996Disability Insurance Benefits and Labor Supply
November 1996Health Insurance for Poor Women and Children in the U.S.: Lessons from the Past Decade
September 1996Cash Welfare as a Consumption Smoothing Mechanism for Single Mothers
June 1996Tax Subsidies to Employer-Provided Health Insurance
with James Poterba: w5147
Spousal Labor Supply as Insurance: Does Unemployment Insurance Crowd Outthe Added Worker Effect?
with Julie Berry Cullen: w5608
February 1996Tax Incentives and the Decision to Purchase Health Insurance: Evidence from the Self-Employed
with James M. Poterba: w4435
September 1995Unemployment Insurance and Precautionary Saving
with Eric M. Engen: w5252
August 1995Non-Employment and Health Insurance Coverage
with Brigitte C. Madrian: w5228
April 1995Does Public Insurance Crowd Out Private Insurance?
with David M. Cutler: w5082
March 1995Health Insurance Eligibility, Utilization of Medical care, and Child Health
with Janet Currie: w5052
The Incidence of Payroll Taxation: Evidence from Chile
November 1994Physician Payments and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Medicaid Fee Policy
with Janet Currie, Michael Fischer: w4930
Physician Financial Incentives and Cesarean Section Delivery
with Maria Owings: w4933
Disability Insurance Rejection Rates and the Labor Supply of Older Workers
with Jeffrey D. Kubik: w4941
May 1994The Consumption Smoothing Benefits of Unemployment Insurance
February 1994Saving Babies: The Efficacy and Cost of Recent Expansions of Medicaid Eligibility for Pregnant Women
with Janet Currie: w4644
December 1993The Labor Market Effects of Introducing National Health Insurance: Evidence from Canada
with Maria Hanratty: w4589
Health Insurance and Early Retirement: Evidence from the Availability of Continuation Coverage
with Brigitte Madrian: w4594
September 1993Health Insurance Availability and the Retirement Decision
with Brigitte C. Madrian: w4469
Limited Insurance Portability and Job Mobility: The Effects of Public Policy on Job-Lock
with Brigitte C. Madrian: w4479
December 1992State Mandated Benefits and Employer Provided Health Insurance
October 1992The Effect of Price Shopping in Medical Markets: Hospital Responses to PPOs in California
September 1992The Efficiency of a Group-Specific Mandated Benefit: Evidence From Health Insurance Benefits for Maternity
May 1992Taxation and the Structure of Labor Markets: The Case of Corporatism
with Lawrence H. Summers, Rodrigo Vergara: w4063
December 1990The Incidence of Mandated Employer-Provided Insurance: Lessons from Workers' Compensation Insurance
with Alan B. Krueger: w3557

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