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February 2012International Trade: Linking Micro and Macro
with Samuel S. Kortum, Sebastian Sotelo: w17864
January 2011Trade and the Global Recession
with Samuel Kortum, Brent Neiman, John Romalis: w16666
December 2008An Anatomy of International Trade: Evidence from French Firms
with Samuel Kortum, Francis Kramarz: w14610
March 2008Global Rebalancing with Gravity: Measuring the Burden of Adjustment
with Robert Dekle, Samuel Kortum: w13846
October 2007Export Dynamics in Colombia: Firm-Level Evidence
with Marcela Eslava, Maurice Kugler, James Tybout: w13531
April 2007Unbalanced Trade
with Robert Dekle, Samuel Kortum: w13035
July 2006Innovation, Diffusion, and Trade
with Samuel Kortum: w12385
March 2004Dissecting Trade: Firms, Industries, and Export Destinations
with Samuel Kortum, Francis Kramarz: w10344
January 2001Trade in Capital Goods
with Samuel Kortum: w8070
May 2000Plants and Productivity in International Trade
with Andrew B. Bernard, J. Bradford Jenson, Samuel Kortum: w7688
December 1998European Technology Policy
with Eva Gutierrez, Samuel Kortum: w6827
November 1997Technology and Bilateral Trade
with Samuel Kortum: w6253
February 1996Japanese and U.S. Exports and Investment as Conduits of Growth
with Akiko Tamura: w5457
August 1995Engines of Growth: Domestic and Foreign Sources of Innovation
with Samuel Kortum: w5207
May 1995Sovereign Debt
with Raquel Fernandez: w5131
March 1995Bilateralism and Regionalism in Japanese and U.S. Trade and Direct Foreign Investment Patterns
with Akiko Tamura: w4758
Trade in Ideas: Patenting and Productivity in the OECD
with Samuel Kortum: w5049
November 1994International Patenting and Technology Diffusion
with Samuel Kortum: w4931
September 1994Threats and Promises
with Maxim Engers: w4849
June 1994Agglomeration and the Price of Land: Evidence from the Prefectures
with Robert Dekle: w4781
March 1994Cross-Border Banking
January 1994Cities and Growth: Theory and Evidence from France and Japan
with Zvi Eckstein: w4612
August 1990Sovereign Debt, Reputation, and Credit Terms
July 1990Sanctions
with Maxim Engers: w3399
1988Monopoly Wealth and International Debt
August 1987A Dynamic Specific-Factors Model of International Trade
March 1987Public Debt Guarantees and Private Capital Flight
Country Risk and the Organization of International Capital Transfer
with Mark Gersovitz: w2204
December 1986The Pure Theory of Country Risk
with Mark Gersovitz, Joseph E. Stiglitz: w1894
September 1985Lending with Costly Enforcement of Repayment and Potential Fraud
December 1984Foreign-Owned Land
November 1983Optimal Trade and Industrial Policy Under Oligopoly
with Gene M. Grossman: w1236
August 1983Optimal and Time Consistent Exchange Rate Management in an Overlapping Generations Economy
June 1983The Forward Exchange Market, Speculation, and Exchange Market Intervention
with Stephen J. Turnovsky: w1138
May 1983International Balance of Payments Financing and Adjustment
with Willem H. Buiter: w1120
November 1982On the Adequacy or Inadequacy of Keynesian Balance-of-Payments Theory: A Rejoinder
with Willem H. Buiter: w1032
September 1982Covered Interest Parity, Uncovered Interest Parity, and Exchange Rate Dynamics
with Stephen J. Turnovsky: w0984
August 1982A Theory of Expropriation and Deviations From Perfect Capital Mobility
with Mark Gersovitz: w0972
December 1981Keynesian Balance of Payments Models: Comment
with Willem H. Buiter: r0225
November 1981Tariffs as Insurance: Optimal Commercial Policy When Domestic Markets Are Incomplete
with Gene M. Grossman: w0797
October 1981Agency, Delayed Compensation, and the Structure of Executive Remuneration
with Harvey S. Rosen: w0777
October 1980Taxation, Human Capital, and Uncertainty
with Harvey S. Rosen: r0097
August 1980Policy Decentralization and Exchange Rate Management in Interdependent Economies
with Willem H. Buiter: w0531
August 1979Notes on Optimal Wage Taxation and Uncertainty
with Harvey S. Rosen: w0388

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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