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February 2014Are Chinese Markets for Manufactured Products More Competitive than in the US?: A Comparison of China –US Industrial Concentration Ratios
with Jun Wang: w19898
January 2014China’s Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements
with Chunding Li, Jing Wang: w19853
June 2013Intergenerational Transfer, Human Capital and Long-term Growth in China under the One Child Policy
with Xi Zhu, Xiliang Zhao: w19160
Capital-Labor-Energy Substitution in Nested CES Production Functions for China
with Keting Shen: w19104
May 2013The 1991 Reforms, Indian Economic Growth, and Social Progress
with Manmohan Agarwal: w19024
China and India: Reforms and the Response: How Differently have the Economies Behaved
with Manmohan Agarwal: w19006
Offshore jurisdictions (including Cyprus), corruption money laundering and Russian round-trip investment
with Svetlana Ledyaeva, Päivi Karhunen: w19019
October 2012Cross Country Fairness Considerations and Country Implications of Alternative Approaches to a Global Emission Reduction Regime
with Huifang Tian, Xiaojun Shi : w18443
June 2012Water Availability as a Constraint on China's Future Growth
with Dana Medianu: w18124
May 2012China and the TPP: A Numerical Simulation Assessment of the Effects Involved
with Chunding Li: w18090
March 2012Indirect Tax Initiatives and Global Rebalancing
with Chunding Li: w17919
February 2012China's Potential Future Growth and Gains from Trade Policy Bargaining: Some Numerical Simulation Results
with Chunding Li: w17826
December 2011The Contribution of China, India and Brazil to Narrowing North-South Differences in GDP/capita, World Trade Shares, and Market Capitalization
with Jing Wang, Dana Medianu: w17681
Linking External Sector Imbalances and Changing Financial Instability before the 2008 Financial Crisis
with Manmohan Agarwal, Jing Wang, Sean Walsh, Chen Yan: w17645
November 2011Ownership Characteristics, Real Exchange Rate Movements and Labor Market Adjustment in China
with Risheng Mao: w17565
October 2011The Contribution of Chinese FDI to Africa’s Pre Crisis Growth Surge
with Aaron Weisbrod: w17544
What Role for Trade in a Post 2012 Global Climate Policy Regime
August 2011The WTO Government Procurement Agreement and Its Impacts on Trade
with Hejing Chen: w17365
Gains and Losses from Potential Bilateral US-China Trade Retaliation
with Yan Dong: w17366
March 2011The Possibilities For Global Poverty Reduction Using Revenues From Global Carbon Pricing
with James B. Davies, Xiaojun Shi: w16878
January 2011Rebalancing and the Chinese VAT: Some Numerical Simulation Results
with Chunding Li: w16686
December 2010The Contribution of Human Capital to China’s Economic Growth
with Xiliang Zhao: w16592
The Regional Distribution of Skill Premia in Urban China
with Chunbing Xing: w16575
October 2010Chinese Firm and Industry Reactions to Antidumping Initiations and Measures
with Chunding Li: w16446
August 2010Foreign Affiliate Sales and Trade in Both Goods and Services
with Chunding Li, Yan Chen: w16273
June 2010The Trade Performance of Asian Economies During and Following the 2008 Financial Crisis
with Jing Wang: w16142
The Potential Global and Developing Country Impacts of Alternative Emission Cuts and Accompanying Mechanisms for the Post Copenhagen Process
with Huifang Tian: w16090
Monetary Theory from a Chinese Historical Perspective
with Zheng Xueyi, Yaguang Zhang: w16092
December 2009Recent Russian Debate on Moving from VAT to Sales Taxes and Its Global Implications
with Vera Kononova: w15615
How Large are the Impacts of Carbon Motivated Border Tax Adjustments
with Yan Dong: w15613
October 2009Unilateral Measures and Emissions Mitigation
with Shurojit Chatterji, Sayantan Ghosal, Sean Walsh: w15441
September 2009Level versus Equivalent Intensity Carbon Mitigation Commitments
with Huifang Tian: w15370
Model Structure and the Combined Welfare and Trade Effects of China's Trade Related Policies
with Yan Dong: w15363
April 2009Carbon Motivated Regional Trade Arrangements: Analytics and Simulations
with Yan Dong: w14880
Global Financial Structure and Climate Change
with Yufei Yuan: w14888
February 2009International Trade and the Negotiability of Global Climate Change Agreements
with Yuezhou Cai, Raymond Riezman: w14711
October 2008China's Participation in Global Environmental Negotiations
with Huifang Tian: w14460
Carbon, Trade Policy, and Carbon Free Trade Areas
with Yan Dong: w14431
May 2008Carbon Motivated Border Tax Adjustments: Old Wine in Green Bottles?
with Ben Lockwood: w14025
China's Growing Economic Activity in Africa
with Hany Besada, Yang Wang: w14024
March 2008The Higher Educational Transformation of China and Its Global Implications
with Yao Li, Shunming Zhang, Xiliang Zhao: w13849
November 2007Evaluating the Impure Chinese VAT Relative to a Pure Form in a Simple Monetary Trade Model with an Endogenous Trade Surplus
with Li Wang: w13581
The Impacts of Renminbi Appreciation on Trades Flows and Reserve Accumulation in a Monetary Trade Model
with Li Wang: w13586
October 2007Income Tax Design and the Desirability of Subsidies to Secondary Workers in a Household Model with Joint and Non-Joint Time
with Edgar Cudmore, John Piggott: w13503
April 2007Regionalization, Changes in Home Bias, and the Growth of World Trade
with Xian Xin: w13023
February 2007The Unified Enterprise Tax and SOEs in China
with Li Wang: w12899
December 2006Rural Income Volatility and Inequality in China
with Ximing Yue: w12779
State-Owned Enterprise Behaviour Responses to Trade Reforms: Some Analytics and Numerical Simulation Results Using Chinese Data
with Shunming Zhang: w12780
August 2006Home and Regional Biases and Border Effects in Armington Type Models
with Xian Xin: w12439
June 2006Baumol-Tobin and the Welfare Costs of National Security Border Delays
with Hui Huang: w12296
May 2006China's FDI and Non-FDI Economies and the Sustainability of Future High Chinese Growth
with Xian Xin: w12249
The Post MFA Performance of Developing Asia
March 2006Recent Chinese Buyout Activity and the Implications for Global Architecture
with Agata Antkiewicz: w12072
March 2005Beyond Goods and Services: Competition Policy, Investment, Mutual Recognition, Movement of Persons, and Broader Cooperation Provisions of Recent FTAs involving ASEAN Countries
with O G Dayaratna Banda: w11232
December 2004China's New Regional Trade Agreements
with Agata Antkiewicz: w10992
September 2004Social Networks and Trade Liberalization
with Manish Pandey: w10769
August 2004Inequality Change in China and (Hukou) Labour Mobility Restrictions
with Shunming Zhang: w10683
July 2004China's Post Accession WTO Stance
with Glenda Mallon: w10649
December 2003Assessing the Benefits to Developing Countries of Liberalization in Services Trade
Competitive Liberalization and a US-SACU FTA
with J. Clark Leith: w10168
Liberalization in China's Key Service Sectors Following WTO Accession: Some Scenarios and Issues of Measurement
Regeneration, Labour Supply and the Welfare Costs of Taxes
with Edgar Cudmore: w10138
The Use of Literature Based Elasticity Estimates in Calibrated Models of Trade-Wage Decompositions: A Calibmetric Approach
with Hui Huang: w10137
February 2003Border Delays and Trade Liberalization
with Edgar Cudmore: w9485
October 2002Short and Long Run Decompositions of OECD Wage Inequality Changes
with T. Huw Edwards: w9265
September 2002Decomposing Wage Inequality Change Using General Equilibrium Models
with Lisandro Abrego: w9184
December 2001Puzzles Over International Taxation of Cross Border Flows of Capital Income
May 2001Ownership and Use Taxes as Congestion Correcting Instruments
with Ngee-Choon Chia, Albert K C Tsui: w8278
How Often Are Propositions on the Effects of Customs Unions Theoretical Curiosa and When Should They Guide Policy?
with Lisandro Abrego, Raymond Riezman: w8304
March 2001How Reasonable Are Assumptions Used in Theoretical Models?: Computational Evidence on the Likelihood of Trade Pattern Changes
with Lisandro Abrego, Raymond Riezman: w8169
May 2000State-Owned Enterprises, Shirking and Trade Liberalization
with Madanmohan Ghosh: w7696
April 2000Demand Side Considerations and the Trade and Wages Debate
with Lisandro Abrego: w7674
August 1999The Environmental Regime in Developing Countries
with Raghbendra Jha: w7305
The Choice of Structural Model in Trade-Wages Decompositions
with Lisandro Abrego: w7312
August 1998The Division and Size of Gains from Liberalization of Service Networks
with Keshab Bhattarai: w6712
July 1998Meals on Wheels: Restaurant and Home Meal Production and the Exemption of Food from Sales and Value Added Taxes
with Aled Ab Iorwerth: w6653
March 1998The Value of MFN Treatment
with Madanmohan Ghosh, Carlo Perroni: w6461
January 1998VAT Base Broadening, Self Supply, and The Informal Sector
with John Piggott: w6349
November 1997Discreteness and the Welfare Cost of Labor Supply Tax Distortions
with Keshab Bhattarai: w6280
The Redistributive Effects of Transfers
with Keshab Bhattarai: w6281
October 1997Trade and Environment: Bargaining Outcomes from Linked Negotiations
with Lisandro Abrego, Carlo Perroni, Randall M. Wigle: w6216
September 1996Trade and Environment Beyond Singapore
April 1996Why Do Countries Seek Regional Trade Agreements?
August 1994Reference Point Dependence for Specification Bias from Quality Upgrading
with Eric Hutton: w4816
The Tax Unit and Household Production
with John Piggott: w4820
January 1994The New Regionalism: Trade Liberalization or Insurance?
with Carlo Perroni: w4626
Evaluating Labour Adjustment Costs from Trade Shocks: Illustrations for the U.S. Economy Using an Applied General Equilibrium Model With Transactions
with Ramon L. Clarete, Irene Trela: w4628
May 1993Rents, Regulation, and Indirect Tax Design
with Carlo Perroni: w4358
February 1991Internal Quota Allocation Schemes and the Costs of the MFA
with Irene Trela: w3627
Decomposing the Welfare Costs of Capital Tax Distortions: The Importance of Risk Assumptions
with Bob Hamilton, Jack Mintz: w3628
June 1990An Alternative View of Tax Incidence Analysis for Developing Countries
with Anwar Shah: w3375
Taxes, Outward Orientation, and Growth Performance in Korea
with Irene Trela: w3377
August 1989Recent Trade Liberalization in the Developing World: What is Behind It, and Where is it Headed?
March 1989Taxes and Capital Formation: How Important is Human Capital?
with James Davies: w2899
October 1988Coalitions in the Uruguay Round: The Extent, Pros and Cons of Developing Country Participation 1,2
with Colleen Hamilton: w2751
June 1988Do Developing Countries Lose From the MFA?
with Irene Trela: w2618
May 1988Endogenous Participation in Agricultural Support Programs and Ad ValoremEquivalent Modelling
with Randall M. Wigle: w2583
1987Incentive Effects of Price Rises and Payment-System Changes on Chinese Agricultural Productivity Growth
with John McMillan, Zhu Li Jing: w2148
December 1986Regional Effects of Taxes in Canada: An Applied General Equilibrium Approach
with Rich Jones: w2107
December 1982The Welfare Cost of Distortions in the United States Tax System: A General Equilibrium Approach
with Charles L. Ballard, John B. Shoven: w1043
June 1982Domestic Tax Policy and the Foreign Sector: The Importance of Alternative Foreign Sector Formulations to Results from a General Equilibrium
with Lawrence H. Goulder, John B. Shoven: w0919
May 1982Replacing the U.S. Income Tax with a Progressive Consumption Tax: A Sequenced General Equilibrium Approach
with Don Fullerton, John B. Shoven: w0892
March 1980Static and Dynamic Resource Allocation Effects of Corporate and PersonalTax Integration in the U.S.: A General Equilibrium Approach(Rev)
with Don Fullerton, A. Thomas King, John B. Shoven: w0337

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