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March 2013The Effect of Deceptive Advertising on Consumption of the Advertised Good and its Substitutes: The Case of Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Products
with Rosemary Avery, Matthew Eisenberg: w18863
February 2013The Demand for Cigarettes as Derived from the Demand for Weight Control
with Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder: w18805
August 2012The Impact of Physical Education on Obesity among Elementary School Children
with David Frisvold, Chad Meyerhoefer: w18341
November 2011The Impact of the Macroeconomy on Health Insurance Coverage: Evidence from the Great Recession
with Asako S. Moriya, Kosali I. Simon: w17600
May 2011The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors
with Christopher Ruhm: w17081
October 2010The Medical Care Costs of Obesity: An Instrumental Variables Approach
with Chad Meyerhoefer: w16467
September 2010Unfit for Service: The Implications of Rising Obesity for U.S. Military Recruitment
with Johanna Catherine Maclean: w16408
May 2009Differences in the U.S. Trends in the Prevalence of Obesity Based on Body Mass Index and Skinfold Thickness
with Richard V. Burkhauser, Maximilian D. Schmeiser: w15005
Outcomes in a Program that Offers Financial Rewards for Weight Loss
with Joshua A. Price: w14987
June 2008The Impact of Income on the Weight of Elderly Americans
with John R. Moran, Kosali I. Simon: w14104
May 2008Obesity and Skill Attainment in Early Childhood
with C. Katharina Spiess: w13997
November 2007Mechanisms for the Association Between Maternal Employment and Child Cognitive Development
with Feng Liu: w13609
Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: A Search for Mechanisms in Time Use Data
with Feng Liu: w13600
September 2006Contingent Valuation Analysis of Willingness to Pay To Reduce Childhood Obesity
June 2006Beyond BMI: The Value of More Accurate Measures of Fatness and Obesity in Social Science Research
with Richard V. Burkhauser: w12291
January 2006Nutrition Labels and Obesity
with Jayachandran N. Variyam: w11956
June 2005The Impact of State Physical Education Requirements on Youth Physical Activity and Overweight
with Chad D. Meyerhoefer, David Newhouse: w11411
March 2005The Competitive Effects of Drug Withdrawals
with John A. Rizzo: w11223
May 2004Obesity as a Barrier to the Transition from Welfare to Work
with Sheldon Danziger: w10508
Factor Substitution and Unobserved Factor Quality in Nursing Homes
with David C. Grabowski, Richard A. Hirth: w10465
November 2003Health Insurance Coverage and the Macroeconomy
with Kosali I. Simon: w10092
March 2003Lighting Up and Slimming Down: The Effects of Body Weight and Cigarette Prices on Adolescent Smoking Initiation
with Sara Markowitz, John Tauras: w9561
August 2000Body Weight and Women's Labor Market Outcomes
March 1998Meritocracy in America: An Examination of Wages Within and Across Occupations
with James Heckman, Edward Vytlacil: w6446
January 1998Understanding the Role of Cognitive Ability in Accounting for the Recent Rise in the Economic Return to Education
with James Heckman, Edward Vytlacil: w6388
July 1996Cognitive Ability, Wages, and Meritocracy
with Karen Conneely, James Heckman, Edward Vytlacil: w5645
An Empirical Examination of Information Barriers to Trade in Insurance
with Tomas Philipson: w5669

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