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May 2014Human Capital Effects of Anti-Poverty Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Housing Voucher Lottery
with Brian Jacob, Max Kapustin: w20164
January 2014The (Surprising) Efficacy of Academic and Behavioral Intervention with Disadvantaged Youth: Results from a Randomized Experiment in Chicago
with Philip J. Cook, Kenneth Dodge, George Farkas, Roland G. Fryer, Jr, Jonathan Guryan, Susan Mayer, Harold Pollack, Laurence Steinberg: w19862
May 2013Preventing Youth Violence and Dropout: A Randomized Field Experiment
with Sara Heller, Harold A. Pollack, Roseanna Ander: w19014
February 2013Long-Term Neighborhood Effects on Low-Income Families: Evidence from Moving to Opportunity
with Greg J. Duncan, Lisa A. Gennetian, Lawrence F. Katz, Ronald C. Kessler, Jeffrey R. Kling, Lisa Sanbonmatsu: w18772
September 2011Does Head Start Do Any Lasting Good?
with Chloe Gibbs, Douglas L. Miller: w17452
August 2011The Effects of Housing and Neighborhood Conditions on Child Mortality
with Brian A. Jacob, Douglas L. Miller: w17369
May 2011Mechanism Experiments and Policy Evaluations
with Jeffrey R. Kling, Sendhil Mullainathan: w17062
November 2010Economical Crime Control
with Philip J. Cook: w16513
October 2009Gun Control after Heller: Litigating against Regulation
with Philip J. Cook, Adam Samaha: w15431
September 2009The Effects of School Desegregation on Crime
with David A. Weiner, Byron F. Lutz: w15380
December 2008Improving Educational Outcomes for Poor Children
with Brian Jacob: w14550
The Effects of Housing Assistance on Labor Supply: Evidence from a Voucher Lottery
with Brian A. Jacob: w14570
March 2007Segregation and the Black-White Test Score Gap
with Jacob Vigdor: w12988
The Benefits and Costs of Head Start
with Deborah A. Phillips: w12973
February 2007Anti-depressants and Suicide
with Dave E. Marcotte, Karen Norberg: w12906
August 2006Is Crime Contagious?
with Jeffrey R. Kling: w12409
November 2005Underground Gun Markets
with Philip J. Cook, Sudhir Venkatesh, Anthony A. Braga: w11737
October 2005Does Head Start Improve Children's Life Chances? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design
with Douglas L. Miller: w11702
June 2005Assigning Deviant Youths to Minimize Total Harm
with Philip J. Cook: w11390
September 2004Neighborhood Effects on Crime for Female and Male Youth: Evidence from a Randomized Housing Voucher Experiment
with Jeffrey R. Kling, Lawrence F. Katz: w10777
The Social Costs of Gun Ownership
with Phillip J. Cook: w10736
May 2002The Effects of Gun Prevalence on Burglary: Deterrence vs Inducement
with Philip J. Cook: w8926
November 2000Sex, Drugs, and Catholic Schools: Private Schooling and Non-Market Adolescent Behaviors
with David Figlio: w7990
June 1999The Benefits of Reducing Gun Violence: Evidence from Contingent-Valuation Survey Data
with Philip J. Cook: w7166

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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