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January 2014American Colonial Incomes, 1650-1774
with Peter H. Lindert: w19861
September 2012American Incomes 1774-1860
with Peter H. Lindert: w18396
July 2012The Spread of Manufacturing to the Poor Periphery 1870-­2007
with Agustín S. Bénétrix, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w18221
July 2011American Incomes before and after the Revolution
with Peter H. Lindert: w17211
February 2011Industrial Catching Up in the Poor Periphery 1870-1975
September 2010When, Where, and Why? Early Industrialization in the Poor Periphery 1870-1940
January 2010Latin American Growth-Inequality Trade-Offs: The Impact of Insurgence and Independence
August 2009Five Centuries of Latin American Inequality
March 2009Vanishing Third World Emigrants?
with Timothy J. Hatton: w14785
Ottoman De-Industrialization 1800-1913: Assessing the Shock, Its Impact and the Response
with Sevket Pamuk: w14763
History without Evidence: Latin American Inequality since 1491
February 2009Commodity Price Volatility and World Market Integration since 1700
with David S. Jacks, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w14748
January 2009Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation
with Sambit Bhattacharyya: w14694
May 2008Was It Prices, Productivity or Policy? The Timing and Pace of Latin American Industrialization after 1870
with Aurora Gómez Galvarriato: w13990
March 2008Globalization and the Great Divergence: Terms of Trade Booms and Volatility in the Poor Periphery 1782-1913
October 2007Measuring Ancient Inequality
with Branko Milanovic, Peter H. Lindert: w13550
April 2007Globalization, Growth and Distribution in Spain 1500-1913
with Joan R. Rosés, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w13055
October 2006Lost Decades: Lessons from Post-Independence Latin America for Today's Africa
with Robert H. Bates, John H. Coatsworth: w12610
Poverty Traps, Distance, and Diversity: The Migration Connection
Inequality and Schooling Responses to Globalization Forces: Lessons from History
August 2006What Determines Immigration's Impact? Comparing Two Global Centuries
with Timothy J. Hatton: w12414
June 2006Globalization, De-Industrialization and Mexican Exceptionalism 1750-1879
with Rafael Dobado González, Aurora Gómez Galvarriato: w12316
December 2005A Dual Policy Paradox: Why Have Trade and Immigration Policies Always Differed in Labor-Scarce Economies
with Timothy J. Hatton: w11866
Did Vasco da Gama Matter for European Markets? Testing Frederick Lane's Hypotheses Fifty Years Later
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w11884
November 2005Mughal Decline, Climate Change, and Britain's Industrial Ascent: An Integrated Perspective on India's 18th and 19th Century Deindustrialization
with David Clingingsmith: w11730
August 2004Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Policy in Europe
with Timothy J. Hatton: w10680
July 2004The Impact of the Terms of Trade on Economic Development in the Periphery, 1870-1939: Volatility and Secular Change
with Christopher Blattman, Jason Hwang: w10600
June 2004India's De-Industrialization Under British Rule: New Ideas, New Evidence
with David Clingingsmith: w10586
May 2004International Migration in the Long-Run: Positive Selection, Negative Selection and Policy
with Timothy J. Hatton: w10529
September 2003The Terms of Trade and Economic Growth in the Periphery 1870-1938
with Christopher Blattman, Jason Hwang: w9940
May 2003Globalization in Latin America Before 1940
with Luis Bertola: w9687
April 2003Was It Stolper-Samuelson, Infant Industry or Something Else? World Trade Tariffs 1789-1938
March 2003Freight Rates and Productivity Gains in British Tramp Shipping 1869-1950
with Saif I. Shah Mohammed: w9531
December 2002Closed Jaguar, Open Dragon: Comparing Tariffs in Latin America and Asia before World War II
with Michael A. Clemens: w9401
September 2002What Fundamentals Drive World Migration?
with Timothy J. Hatton: w9159
Winners and Losers Over Two Centuries of Globalization
Why Did the Tariff-Growth Correlation Reverse After 1950?
with Michael A. Clemens: w9181
June 2002Where Do U.S. Immigrants Come From, and Why?
with Ximena Clark, Timothy J. Hatton: w8998
The Roots of Latin American Protectionism: Looking Before the Great Depression
with John H. Coatsworth: w8999
May 2002From Malthus to Ohlin: Trade, Growth and Distribution Since 1500
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w8955
September 2001A Tariff-Growth Paradox? Protection's Impact the World Around 1875-1997
with Michael A. Clemens: w8459
April 2001Does Globalization Make the World More Unequal?
with Peter H. Lindert: w8228
March 2001After Columbus: Explaining the Global Trade Boom 1500-1800
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w8186
Terms of Trade Shocks and Economic Performance 1870-1940: Prebisch and Singer Revisited
with Yael S. Hadass: w8188
February 2001Demographic and Economic Pressure on Emigration Out of Africa
with Timothy J. Hatton: w8124
December 2000Where did British Foreign Capital Go? Fundamentals, Failures and the Lucas Paradox: 1870-1913
with Michael A. Clemens: w8028
July 2000Land, Labor and Globalization in the Pre-Industrial Third World
April 2000When Did Globalization Begin?
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w7632
November 1999The Heckscher-Ohlin Model Between 1400 and 2000: When It Explained Factor Price Convergence, When It Did Not, and Why
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w7411
July 1999Explaining Inequality the World Round: Cohort Size, Kuznets Curves, andOpenness
with Matthew Higgins: w7224
May 1999Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation: 1870-1950
with William J. Collins: w7145
The Impact of Globalization on Pre-Industrial, Technologically Quiescent Economies
February 1999The Impact of Globalization on Pre-Industrial, Technologically Quiescent Economies
Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation, 1870-1950
with William J. Collins: h0116
November 1997Demographic Transitions and Economic Miracles in Emerging Asia
with David E. Bloom: w6268
October 1997Growth, Distribution and Demography: Some Lessons from History
June 1997Were Trade and Factor Mobility Substitutes in History?
with William J. Collins, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w6059
December 1996Racism, Xenophobia or Markets? The Political Economy of Immigration Policy Prior to the Thirties
with Ashley S. Timmer: w5867
November 1996Land, Labor and the Wage-Rental Ratio: Factor Price Convergence in the Late Nineteenth Century
with Kevin O'Rourke, Alan M. Taylor: h0046
May 1996Asian Demography and Foreign Capital Dependence
with Matthew Higgins: w5560
March 1996"Globalization and Inequality Past and Present"
December 1995"Around the European Periphery 1870-1913: Globalization, Schooling and Growth"
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w5392
September 1995Globalization, Convergence and History
July 1995The Impact of Imigration on American Labor Markets Prior to the Quotas
with Timothy J. Hutton: w5185
May 1995Open Economy Forces and Late 19th Century Scandinavian Catch-Up
with Kevin O'Rourke: w5112
April 1994"Convergence in the Age of Mass Migration"
with Alan M. Taylor: w4711
June 1993Late-Comers to Mass Emigration: The Latin Experience
with Timothy J. Hatton: h0047
Mass Migration, Commodity Market Integration and Real Wage Convergence: The Late Nineteenth Century Atlantic Economy
with Kevin O'Rourke, Timothy J. Hatton: h0048
November 1992What Drove the Mass Migrations from Europe in the Late Nineteenth Century?
with Timothy J. Hatton: h0043
September 1992International Migration and World Development: A Historical Perspective
with Timothy J. Hatton: h0041
June 1992Were Heckscher and Ohlin Right? Putting the Factor-Price-Equalization Theorem Back into History
with Kevin O'Rourke: h0037
February 1992The Evolution of Global Labor Markets Since 1830 Background Evidence and Hypotheses
December 1991Capital Flows to the New World as an Intergenerational Transfer
with Alan M. Taylor: h0032

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