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October 2013Development, Structure, and Transformation: Some Evidence on Comparative Economic Growth
with Gordon C. McCord: w19512
December 2012Smart Machines and Long-Term Misery
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w18629
December 2007Scaling Up Malaria Control in Africa: An Economic and Epidemiological Assessment
with Awash Teklehaimanot, Gordon C. McCord: w13664
February 2007Africa's Lagging Demographic Transition: Evidence from Exogenous Impacts of Malaria Ecology and Agricultural Technology
with Dalton Conley, Gordon C. McCord: w12892
February 2003Institutions Don't Rule: Direct Effects of Geography on Per Capita Income
April 2002Geography, Economic Policy, and Regional Development in China
with Sylvie Demurger, Wing Thye Woo, Shuming Bao, Gene Chang, Andrew Mellinger: w8897
February 2001Institutions and Geography: Comment on Acemoglu, Johnson and Robinson (2000)
with John W. McArthur: w8114
Tropical Underdevelopment
December 1998Geography and Economic Development
with John Luke Gallup, Andrew D. Mellinger: w6849
August 1998The Onset of the East Asian Financial Crisis
with Steven Radelet: w6680
February 1997Understanding China's Economic Performance
with Wing Thye Woo: w5935
May 1996The Mexican Peso Crisis: Sudden Death or Death Foretold?
with Aaron Tornell, Andres Velasco: w5563
Financial Crises in Emerging Markets: The Lessons from 1995
with Aaron Tornell, Andres Velasco: w5576
January 1996Reforms in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in Light of the East Asian Experiences
Trends in Regional Inequality in China
with Tianlun Jian, Andrew M. Warner: w5412
December 1995Natural Resource Abundance and Economic Growth
with Andrew M. Warner: w5398
June 1995The Collapse of the Mexican Peso: What Have We Learned?
with Aaron Tornell, Andres Velasco: w5142
February 1995Economic Convergence and Economic Policies
with Andrew M. Warner: w5039
October 1991Fiscal Federalism and Optimum Currency Areas: Evidence for Europe From the United States
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w3855
September 1989The McKibbin-Sachs Global Model: Theory and Specifications
with Warwick J. McKibbin: w3100
April 1989Government Spending and Budget Deficits in the Industrial Economies
with Nouriel Roubini: w2919
March 1989Social Conflict and Populist Policies in Latin America
August 1988Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the IndustrialDemocracies
with Nouriel Roubini: w2682
July 1988Conditionality, Debt Relief, and the Developing Country Debt Crisis
June 1988Bolivia's Economic Crisis
with Juan Antonio Morales: w2620
The Debt Crisis: Structural Explanations of Country Performance
with Andrew Berg: w2607
Japanese Structural Adjustment and the Balance of Payments
with Peter Boone: w2614
Default and Renegotiation of Latin American Foreign Bonds in the Interwar Period
with Erika Jorgensen: w2636
December 1987U.S. Commercial Banks and the Developing Country Debt Crisis
with Harry Huizinga: w2455
August 1987Sources of Macroeconomic Imbalances in the World Economy: A Simulation Approach
with Nouriel Roubini: w2339
June 1987International Policy Coordination: The Case of the Developing Country Debt Crisis
May 1987Institutional Aspects of High Unemployment in the Federal Republic of Germany
with Michael C. Burda: w2241
Capital Controls and the Timing of Exchange Regime Collapse
with Daekuen Park: w2250
April 1987Dynamic Optimization in Two-Party Models
with Warwick J. McKibbin, Nouriel Roubini: w2213
Trade and Exchange Rate Policies in Growth-Oriented Adjustment Programs
November 1986The Bolivian Hyperinflation and Stabilization
Contractionary Devaluation, and Dynamic Adjustment of Exports and Wages
with Felipe Larrain: w2078
September 1986Comparing the Performance of Alternative Exchange Arrangements
with Warwick J. McKibbin: w2024
May 1986Political Parties and the Business Cycle in the United States, 1948-1984
with Alberto Alesina: w1940
February 1986High Unemployment in Europe: Diagnosis and Policy Implications
1986Coordination of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in the OECD
with Warwick J. McKibbin: w1800
September 1985Growth and External Debt Under Risk of Debt Repudiation
with Daniel Cohen: w1703
June 1985The Dollar and the Policy Mix: 1985
Macroeconomic Interdependence of Japan and the United States: Some Simulation Results
with Naoko Ishii, Warwick J. McKibbin: w1637
1985Macroeconomic Policies in the OECD and LDC External Adjustmemt
with Warwick J. McKibbin: w1534
November 1984Exchange Rates and Economic Recovery in the 1930s
with Barry J. Eichengreen: w1498
September 1984Developing Country Debt and the Market Value of Large Commercial Banks
with Steven C. Kyle: w1470
August 1984International Policy Coordination in Dynamic Macroeconomic Models
with Gilles Oudiz: w1417
Borrowing Abroad: The Debtor's Perspective
with Richard N. Cooper: w1427
1984Real Exchange Rate Effects of Fiscal Policy
with Charles Wyplosz: w1255
August 1983Theoretical Issues in International Borrowing
July 1983International Policy Coordination in a Dynamic Macroeconomic Model
June 1983Multiple Shooting in Rational Expectations Models
with David Lipton, James M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers: t0003
August 1982Anticipations, Recessions and Policy: An Intertemporal Disequilibrium Model
with Olivier J. Blanchard: w0971
July 1982LDC Borrowing with Default Risk
with Daniel Cohen: w0925
February 1982Input Price Shocks and the Slowdown in Economic Growth: The Case of U.K.Manufacturing
with Michael Bruno: w0851
Energy and Resource Allocation: A Dynamic Model of the "Dutch Disease"
with Michael Bruno: w0852
Aspects of the Current Account Behavior of OECD Economies
LDC Debt in the 1980s: Risk and Reforms
Stabilization Policies in the World Economy: Scope and Skepticism
November 1981The Current Account in the Eacroeconomic Adjustment Process
September 1981The International Economics of Transitional Growth: The Case of the United States
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Edward E. Leamer: w0773
November 1980Energy and Growth under Flexible Exchange Rates: A Simulation Study
October 1980Accumulation and Growth in a Two-Country Model: A Simulation Approach
with David Lipton: w0572
August 1980Wages, Profits, and Macroeconomic Adjustment: A Comparative Study
August 1979Supply vs. Demand Approaches to the Problem of Stagflation
with Michael Bruno: w0382
April 1979Macro-Economic Adjustment With Import Price Shocks: Real and Monetary Aspects
with Michael Bruno: w0340
December 1978The Changing Cyclical Behavior of Wages and Prices: 1890-1976

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