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July 2007Irreversible Investment, Capital Costs and Productivity Growth: Implications for Telecommunications
with Theofanis P. Mamuneas: w13269
January 1999Factor Adjustment, Quality Change, and Productivity Growth for U.S. Manufacturing
with Theofanis P. Mamuneas, Panos Pashardes: w6877
November 1998Do Endowments Predict the Location of Production? Evidence from National and International Data
with David E. Weinstein: w6815
June 1998Setting the X Factor in Price Cap Regulation Plans
with David E. M. Sappington: w6622
March 1998Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Canadian Life Insurance Industry: 1979-1989
December 1995International R&D Spillovers between Canadian and Japanese Industries
with Xiaoyi Yan: w5401
March 1994International R&D Spillovers Between U.S. and Japanese R&D Intensive Sectors
with Pierre Mohnen: w4682
March 1993Production, Financial Structure and Productivity Growth in U.S. Manufacturing
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w4309
January 1992Information Spillovers, Margins, Scale and Scope: With an Application to Canadian Life Insurance
Price Margins and Capital Adjustment: Canadian Mill Products and Pulp and Paper Industries
February 1991Product Demand, Cost of Production, Spillovers, and the Social Rate of Return to R&D
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w3625
January 1991Price-Cost Margins, Exports and Productivity Growth: With an Application to Canadian Industries
with Pierre A. Mohnen: w3584
April 1988Corporate Taxes and Incentives and the Structure of Production: A Selected Survey
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w2579
Rates Of Return On Physical And R&D Capital And Structure Of The Production Process: Cross Section And Time Series Evidence
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w2570
Investment, Depreciation, And Capital Utilization
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w2571
Interindustry R&D Spillovers, Rates Of Return, and Production In High-Tech Industries
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w2554
August 1986Research and Development and Intraindustry Spillovers: An Empirical Application of Dynamic Duality
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w2002
November 1983Does Knowledge Intensity Matter? A Dynamic Analysis of Research and Development, Capital Utilization and Labor Requirements
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w1238
November 1982Research and Development, Utilization and Labor Requirements: A Dynamic Analysis
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w1016
Financing and Investment in Plant and Equipment and Research and Development
with M. Ishaq Nadiri: w1017

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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