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June 2014Will Divestment from Employment-Based Health Insurance Save Employers Money? The Case of State and Local Governments
with Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, David M. Studdert, Monica S. Farid: w20222
December 2012The Gorbachev Anti-Alcohol Campaign and Russia's Mortality Crisis
with Christina Gathmann, Grant Miller: w18589
October 2012Words in Patents: Research Inputs and the Value of Innovativeness in Invention
with Mikko Packalen: w18494
February 2010Public Avoidance and the Epidemiology of novel H1N1 Influenza A
with Byung-Kwang Yoo, Megumi Kasajima: w15752
July 2009Does Health Insurance Make You Fat?
with Kate Bundorf, Noemi Pace, Neeraj Sood: w15163
March 2009Coping with Chronic Disease? Chronic Disease and Disability in Elderly American Population 1982-1999
with Gabriel Aranovich, Alan M. Garber, Thomas E. MaCurdy: w14811
Changes in U.S. Hospitalization and Mortality Rates Following Smoking Bans
with Kanaka D. Shetty, Thomas DeLeire, Chapin White: w14790
December 2008Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Quality and Regulation: Evidence from US and Italy
with Vincenzo Atella, Lorenzo Carbonari: w14567
March 2008Is Medicine an Ivory Tower? Induced Innovation, Technological Opportunity, and For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Innovation
with Mikko Packalen: w13862
The Other Ex-Ante Moral Hazard in Health
with Mikko Packalen: w13863
On Inferring Demand for Health Care in the Presence of Anchoring, Acquiescence, and Selection Biases
with Adam Isen: w13865
September 2007Do Instrumental Variables Belong in Propensity Scores?
with William B. Vogt: t0343
August 2006Employment and Adverse Selection in Health Insurance
with William B. Vogt: w12430
August 2005Health Insurance and the Obesity Externality
with Neeraj Sood: w11529
May 2005The Incidence of the Healthcare Costs of Obesity
with M. Kate Bundorf: w11303
April 2005Treatment Effect Bounds: An Application to Swan-Ganz Catheterization
with Azeem Shaikh, Edward Vytlacil: w11263
March 2005Technology, Monopoly, and the Decline of the Viatical Settlements Industry
with Neeraj Sood, Abby Alpert: w11164
July 2004Breakfast of Champions? The School Breakfast Program and the Nutrition of Children and Families
with Janet Currie, Steven Haider: w10608
March 2004Time-Inconsistency and Welfare
with Darius Lakdawalla: w10345
July 2003Market Evidence of Misperceived Prices and Mistaken Mortality Risks
with Dana Goldman, Neeraj Sood: w9863
November 2002The Link Between Public and Private Insurance and HIV-Related Mortality
with Dana Goldman, Neeraj Sood: w9346
October 2002Does Medicare Benefit the Poor? New Answers to an Old Question
with Darius Lakdawalla: w9280
April 2001Are the Young Becoming More Disabled?
with Darius Lakdawalla, Dana Goldman: w8247
May 2000Youths at Nutritional Risk: Malnourished or Misnourished?
with Janet Currie: w7686
January 1996Cause-Specific Mortality among Medicare Enrollees
with Alan M. Garber, Thomas MaCurdy: w5409

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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