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October 2013Upstream Product Market Regulations, ICT, R&D and Productivity
with Gilbert Cette, Jimmy Lopez: w19488
May 2013Dynamic Models of R&D, Innovation and Productivity: Panel Data Evidence for Dutch and French Manufacturing
with Wladimir Raymond, Pierre Mohnen, Franz Palm: w19074
The R&D Tax Credit in France: Assessment and Ex-Ante Evaluation of the 2008 Reform
with Benoît Mulkay: w19073
Product and labor market imperfections and scale economies: Micro-evidence on France, Japan and the Netherlands
with Sabien Dobbelaere, Kozo Kiyota: w19059
May 2012Evidence on the Impact of R&D and ICT Investment on Innovation and Productivity in Italian Firms
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Francesca Lotti: w18053
November 2010Do Product Market Regulations in Upstream Sectors Curb Productivity Growth? Panel Data Evidence for OECD Countries
with Renaud Bourlès, Gilbert Cette, Jimmy Lopez, Giuseppe Nicoletti: w16520
September 2010Scientific Productivity and Academic Promotion: A Study on French and Italian Physicists
with Francesco Lissoni, Fabio Montobbio, Michele Pezzoni: w16341
July 2010Micro-evidence on Rent Sharing from Different Perspectives
with Sabien Dobbelaere: w16220
Innovation and Welfare: Results from Joint Estimation of Production and Demand Functions
with Jordi Jaumandreu: w16221
April 2010Using Innovations Surveys for Econometric Analysis
with Pierre Mohnen: w15857
December 2009Measuring the Returns to R&D
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Pierre Mohnen: w15622
Productivity Growth and Levels in France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States in the Twentieth Century
with Gilbert Cette, Yusuf Kocoglu: w15577
December 2008Innovation and Productivity in SMEs: Empirical Evidence for Italy
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Francesca Lotti: w14594
An Exploration of Local R&D Spillovers in France
with Benoit Mulkay: w14552
August 2008Does Innovation Stimulate Employment? A Firm-Level Analysis Using Comparable Micro-Data from Four European Countries
with Rupert Harrison, Jordi Jaumandreu, Bettina Peters: w14216
June 2008Intangible Capital and Productivity: An Exploration on a Panel of Italian Manufacturing Firms
with Maria Elena Bontempi: w14108
May 2008Panel Data Estimates Of The Production Function And Product And Labor Market Imperfections
with Sabien Dobbelaere: w13975
August 2007Employment, Innovation, and Productivity: Evidence from Italian Microdata
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Francesca Lotti: w13296
December 2006Innovation and Productivity across Four European Countries
with Rachel Griffith, Elena Huergo, Bettina Peters: w12722
June 2006Empirical Studies of Innovation in the Knowledge Driven Economy
with Bronwyn H. Hall: w12320
Innovativity: A Comparison Across Seven European Countries
with Pierre Mohnen, Marcel Dagenais: w12280
November 2005Identifying Age, Cohort and Period Effects in Scientific Research Productivity: Discussion and Illustration Using Simulated and Actual Data on French Physicists
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Laure Turner: w11739
March 2005Measurement and Explanation of the Intensity of Co-publication in Scientific Research: An Analysis at the Laboratory Level
with Laure Turner: w11172
November 2004The Importance of R&D for Innovation: A Reassessment Using French Survey Data
with Pierre Mohnen: w10897
January 2004Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Productivity: A Firm Level Exploration Based on French Manufacturing CIS3 Data
with Elisabeth Kremp: w10237
December 2001To Be or Not To Be Innovative: An Exercise in Measurement
with Pierre Mohnen: w8644
January 2001Information Technology and Research and Development Impacts on Productivity and Skills: Looking for Correlations on French Firm Level Data
with Nathalie Greenan, Agnes Topiol-Bensaid: w8075
December 2000Firm Level Investment and R&D in France and the United States: A Comparison
with Benoit Mulkay, Bronwyn H. Hall: w8038
December 1999Firm-Level Investment in France and the United States: An Exploration of What We Have Learned in Twenty Years
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Benoit Mulkay: w7437
August 1999Organizational Change in French Manufacturing: What Do We Learn From Firm Representatives and From Their Employees?
with Nathalie Greenan: w7285
March 1999Using Employee Level Data in a Firm Level Econometric Study
with Nathalie Greenan: w7028
August 1998Research, Innovation, and Productivity: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level
with Bruno Crepon, Emmanuel Duguet: w6696
January 1997Financial Factors and Investment in Belgium, France, Germany and the UK:A Comparison Using Company Panel Data
with Stephen Bond, Julie Elston, Benoit Mulkay: w5900
November 1996Computers and Productivity in France: Some Evidence
with Nathalie Greenan: w5836
March 1996Estimating the Productivity of Research and Development: An Exploration of GMM Methods Using Data on French & United States Manufacturing Firms
with Bronwyn H. Hall: w5501
March 1995Production Functions: The Search for Identification
with Zvi Griliches: w5067
January 1992Exploring the Relationship Between R&D and Productivity in French Manufacturing Firms
with Bronwyn H. Hall: w3956
March 1991Dispersion and Heterogeneity of Firm Performances in Nine French Service Industries, 1984-1987
with Elizabeth Kremp: w3665
R&D Productivity: A Survey of Econometric Studies at the Firm Level
with Mohamed Sassenou: w3666
June 1988Heterogeneity in Panel Data: Are There Stable Production Functions?
with Zvi Griliches: w2619
December 1985R&D and Productivity Growth: Comparing Japanese and U.S. Manufacturing Firms
with Zvi Griliches: w1778
February 1985Labor and Investment Demand at the Firm Level: A Comparison of French, German and U.S. Manufacturing, 1970-79
with Brigitte Dormont: w1554
1983Productivity and R&D at the Firm Level in French Manufacturing
with Philippe Cuneo: w1068
August 1982Comparing Productivity Growth: An Exploration of French and U.S. Industrial and Firm Data
with Zvi Griliches: w0961
An Extended Accelerator Model of R&D and Physical Investment
with Alan K. Siu: w0968
December 1981Productivity and R and D at the Firm Level
with Zvi Griliches: w0826

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