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September 2013Wages, Pensions, and Public-Private Sector Compensation Differentials for Older Workers
with Philipp Bewerunge: w19454
June 2013Donative Behavior at the End of Life
with Jonathan Meer: w19145
April 2013Fraud in the Workplace? Evidence from a Dependent Verification Program
with Michael Geruso: w18947
February 2012Does Generosity Beget Generosity? Alumni Giving and Undergraduate Financial Aid
with Jonathan Meer: w17861
November 2009Family Bonding with Universities
with Jonathan Meer: w15493
June 2009The ABCs of Charitable Solicitation
with Jonathan Meer: w15037
April 2008The Impact of Athletic Performance on Alumni Giving: An Analysis of Micro Data
with Jonathan Meer: w13937
June 2007Altruism and the Child-Cycle of Alumni Giving
with Jonathan Meer: w13152
March 2007Do Households Benefit from Financial Deregulation and Innovation? The Case of the Mortgage Market
with Kristopher Gerardi, Paul Willen: w12967
July 2003Insurance and the Utilization of Medical Services
with Jonathan Meer: w9812
March 2003Exploring the Health-Wealth Nexus
with Jonathan Meer, Douglas L. Miller: w9554
January 2003Portfolio Choice and Health Status
with Stephen Wu: w9453
September 2002Financial Aid Packages and College Enrollment Decisions: An Econometric Case Study
with David M. Linsenmeier, Cecilia Elena Rouse: w9228
September 2001Insurance and the Utilization of Medical Services Among the Self-Employed
with Craig William Perry: w8490
June 2001The Self-Employed are Less Likely to Have Health Insurance Than Wage Earners. So What?
with Craig William Perry: w8316
October 2000Personal Income Taxes and the Growth of Small Firms
with Robert Carroll, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Mark Rider: w7980
May 2000Income Taxes and Entrepreneurs' Use of Labor
with Robert Carroll, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Mark Rider: w6578
March 2000Horatio Alger Meets the Mobility Tables
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Robert Weathers: w7619
September 1999Self-Employment, Family Background, and Race
with Michael Hout: w7344
Estate Taxes, Life Insurance, and Small Business
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, John W. Phillips: w7360
March 1999Vertical Externalities in Tax Setting: Evidence from Gasoline and Cigarettes
with Timothy J. Besley: w6517
July 1998Sales Taxes and Prices: An Empirical Analysis
with Timothy J. Besley: w6667
February 1998The Way We Were (And Are): Changes in Public Finance and Its Textbooks
January 1998Entrepreneurs, Income Taxes, and Investment
with Robert Carroll, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Mark Rider: w6374
October 1996Turning Points in the Civil War: Views from the Greenback Market
with Kristen L. Willard, Timothy W. Guinnane: w5381
May 1995Following in Her Footsteps? Women's Choices of College Majors and Faculty Gender Composition
with Brandice J. Canes: w4874
April 1995Recent Developments in the Marriage Tax
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w4705
October 1994Health Insurance and the Supply of Entrepreneurs
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, John R. Penrod: w4880
June 1994Entrepreneurial Decisions and Liquidity Constraints
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, David Joulfaian: w4526
May 1994Intertemporal Analysis of State and Local Government Spending: Theory ad Tests
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Schuyler Tilly: w4261
January 1994Copycatting: Fiscal Policies of States and Their Neighbors
with Anne C. Case, James R. Hines, Jr.: w3032
October 1993Sticking it Out: Entrepreneurial Survival and Liquidity Constraints
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, David Joulfaian: w4494
June 1993The Carnegie Conjecture: Some Empirical Evidence
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, David Joulfaian: w4118
April 1993Municipal Construction Spending: An Empirical Examination
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin: w2989
October 1991Municipal Labor Demand in the Presence of Uncertainty: An Econometric Approach
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin: w3516
December 1990Federal Deductibility and Local Property Tax Rates
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin: w2427
November 1989Testing the Rationality of State Revenue Forecasts
with Daniel R. Feenberg, William Gentry, David Gilroy: w2628
October 1989Promises, Promises: The States' Experience With Income Tax Indexing
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w2712
July 1989The Revenues-Expenditures Nexus: Evidence from Local Government Data
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Whitney K. Newey: w2180
March 1989Implementing Causality Tests with Panel Data, with an Example from LocalPublic Finance
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Whitney K. Newey: t0048
Recent Trends in Housing Conditions Among the Urban Poor
with Rebecca M. Blank: w2886
1989Endogenous Output in an Aggregate Model of the Labor Market
with R)chard E. Quandt: t0074
December 1988Taxation, Wage Variation, and Job Choice
with James N. Brown: w1284
July 1988A Note on Revenue Forecasting During the Dukakis Administration
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w2667
June 1988The Marriage Tax is Down But Not Out
October 1987Tax Structure and Public Sector Growth
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w2020
July 1987State Personal Income and Sales Taxes: 1977-1983
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w1631
April 1987Tax Deductibility and Municipal Budget Structure
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin: w2224
December 1986Unemployment, Disequilibrium, and the Short Run Phillips Curve: An Econometric Approach
with Richard E. Quandt: w1648
September 1986The Deductibility of State and Local Taxes: Impact Effects by State and Income Class
with Daniel R. Feenberg: r0755
July 1986The Deductibility of State and Local Taxes: Impact Effects by State and Income Class
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w1768
September 1985Notches
with Alan S. Blinder: w1416
July 1985Tax Analysis in an Oligopoly Model
with Michael L. Katz: w1088
Housing Subsidies: Effects on Housing Decisions, Efficiency, and Equity
May 1985Housing Behavior and the Experimental Housing Allowance Program: What Have We Learned?
April 1985Is There Chronic Excess Supply of Labor? Designing a Statistical Test
with Richard E. Quandt: t0046
November 1984Housing Tenure, Uncertainty, and Taxation
with Kenneth T. Rosen, Douglas Holtz-Eakin: w1168
February 1984Agency, Delayed Compensation, and the Structure of Executive Remuneration
with Jonathan Eaton: w0777
1984Taxation and Excess Burden: A Life-Cycle Perspective
with E. John Driffill: w0698
September 1982Taxation and On-the-job Training Decisions
May 1982On the Estimation of Structural Hedonic Price Models
with James N. Brown: t0018
May 1981Applied Welfare Economics with Discrete Choice Models
with Kenneth A. Small: w0319
February 1981Notes on Optimal Wage Taxation and Uncertainty
with Jonathan Eaton: w0388
October 1980Taxation, Human Capital, and Uncertainty
with Jonathan Eaton: r0097
July 1980Alternative Tax Treatments of the Family: Simulation Methodology and Results
with Daniel R. Feenberg: w0497
June 1980Will the Real Excess Burden Please Stand Up? (Or, Seven Measures in Search of a Concept)
with Alan J. Auerbach: w0495
May 1980Federal Taxes and Home Ownership: Evidence from Time Series
with Kenneth T. Rosen: r0061
1980Housing Decisions and the U.S. Income Tax: An Econometric Analysis
November 1979What is Labor Supply and Do Taxes Affect It?

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